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Twin XL Dimensions: What Size Is a Twin XL Bed?

You’re probably familiar with the standard twin size mattress – but what about its cousin, the twin XL? It’s the same width as a twin, but 5 inches longer. The twin XL mattress offers some significant benefits, especially for taller sleepers. Below are some fun facts about the dimensions and benefits of the twin XL bed.

Two people resting on twin size beds

Twin XL Dimensions

  • Twin XL mattress dimensions are 38 x 80 inches
  • The twin XL bed is exactly the same width as its standard twin size counterpart, but offers 5 extra inches in length
  • The twin XL mattress is an ideal option for taller sleepers
  • The twin XL bed is great for single sleepers with narrow sleeping spaces
  • Buying a twin XL mattress will cost you less than larger sizes like a queen-size mattress
  • Two twin XL beds can be combined to make a king size bed

If you’ve encountered a twin XL mattress before, it may have been in a college dorm room or small apartment, since its mattress dimensions make it easy to fit into smaller sleeping spaces while still being able to accommodate taller children and adult sleepers. Measuring 38 inches x 80 inches, the twin XL bed is the same width as a traditional twin size mattress, while offering 5 extra inches of length. In fact, its 80-inch length lands it at exactly the same length as the larger queen and king mattress sizes.

Benefits of Twin XL Beds

You’ll find that the twin XL bed has some pretty handy benefits. To start, it’s one of the most flexible and versatile of all mattress sizes. It’s a great choice if you are tall but have a fairly small or narrow sleeping space. It’s also a great bed for older children who are heading into their teen years. You can feel confident knowing a child will be able to sleep on it comfortably for many years to come.

Extra Leg Room

The extra length of the twin XL mattress is a definite plus. It’s ideal mattress dimensions for single adults, which is part of the reason you see so many in college dorm rooms. If you’re 6 feet tall or taller, a traditional twin size mattress can leave you curled in the fetal position or with your feet hanging off the end, out in the cold.

The extra 5 inches of sleeping length the XL twin bed provides can be a game-changer – giving you the flexibility and comfort you need to stretch out completely. In fact, the twin XL mattress can comfortably sleep children or adults up to 6 feet 7 inches tall. For extremely tall people, the only better option is the California king mattress, which is the longest mattress on the market at 72 inches. But with the California king bed size, you also have to accommodate the extra width, which can be difficult if you’re dealing with a small bedroom or other limited sleeping space.

Make a Split King

If you’re furnishing a room with beds, you can’t go wrong with two twin XL mattresses. When you need to have two separate beds, you can set them up as such, but when you want to have one larger mattress size, you can push the two twin XL mattresses together to make a king size bed. Voila!

Using two twin XL mattresses is also an ideal solution for couples who can’t agree on a mattress. Maybe you lean toward a softer mattress, while your partner wants firm mattress support. If that’s the case, you can still use a king size bed frame but use individual twin XL mattresses — each tailored to individual preferences. The standard king size mattress is 76 inches wide, which is the same as two twin XL mattresses pushed together. You can top your pushed-together twin XL beds with a king mattress pad, sheets, duvet, etc. So you get two bed sizes for the price of one!

And if you’re looking for an economical choice as you furnish a guest room or child’s room, the XL twin mattress once again comes in for the win. You have plenty of space for growing children and plenty of comfortable sleeping space for an adult guest — at a lower price than larger mattress sizes, such as king, queen, or full-size mattress.

What You Need to Know About Twin XL Size Beds

Two men on twin size beds

Twin vs Twin XL Mattresses

A standard size twin mattress – also known as a single bed – is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long It is the smallest of the standard mattress types available on the market. The twin XL is the same width but provides an additional 5 inches of length, making it a great fit for taller sleepers. While standard twin mattresses are ideal options for smaller children transitioning out of cribs or baby beds, they often don’t serve your growing teenager very well.

That’s where the twin XL mattress has the advantage, by being better able to accommodate kiddos who grow up – and grow tall. Those 5 inches can make a real difference helping a taller sleeper get a good night’s sleep.

Room Size

Twin XL beds are great for narrow sleeping spaces. The room should be at least eight feet by 10 feet in order to be comfortable. You want to have enough room to walk all the way around your bed, and you should leave room for other bedroom furniture, especially if you like having a nightstand, dresser, or bookshelf as part of your bedroom décor.

If you’re furnishing a room with two twin XL mattresses, you have multiple options. You can position them parallel to each other or even place them at right angles with a nightstand or small table in between. Two twin Xl mattresses can also make great bunk beds. If you’re working with a small space, the twin XL mattress dimensions are a good choice for maximizing the area of your bedroom.


man sleeping on money to save money for his budget

Twin XL mattresses are some of the best values you’ll find. They’re budget-friendly and future-proof for growing children. After all, you can pretty much guarantee that larger mattresses will cost more than smaller ones. In general, you’ll find a twin XL mattress offered for several hundred dollars less than a queen mattress of the same model.

Seasonal Deals

Twin XL beds are extremely popular for college dorm rooms, so you’re likely to see deals and savings on bedding for this size mattress in late summer as students prepare to go to college. Keep your eyes open for back-to-school sales that feature bedding as well. You can make a point to stock up every year as new sales and new fashions appear.

Twin XL Bedding

You will need to purchase bedding specifically for the twin XL mattress size. Regular twin size bedding won’t do the trick, and the twin XL bedding is typically a little more expensive than traditional twin size bedding. However, the difference is slight, and you can usually find great deals on twin XL bedding if you keep an eye out for a seasonal sale.

Twin XL Beds Are Best for One Person

While the twin XL mattress offers you the same length as a queen-size mattress or king size bed, it’s still the same width as a traditional twin size mattress. This means it’s going to get pretty cramped if you try to squeeze in more than one person — or even try to accommodate pets.

Twin XL Mattresses – Consider Your Sleeping Position

It’s possible that a twin XL may not work for every sleeping position. Do you like to spread out like a starfish? If so, you may prefer a wider mattress. But if you’re a single sleeper who doesn’t move around a lot, twin XL is a great choice. Back sleepers usually stay put within a narrow space, but those who are side or stomach sleepers may need more room to spread out for a better night’s sleep.

If you suffer from sciatic pain during the night, sleeping on a twin XL bed can help train yourself to sleep comfortably on your back, which will help reduce pain. In fact, this may be the best mattress for sciatica for that reason — as long as your twin XL mattress offers an appropriate level of firmness.

Twin XL Mattresses Are Portable

Compared to larger bed sizes, twin xl mattresses are usually fairly lightweight and portable when they need to be transported. This is especially good if you tend to move a lot or if you just enjoy rearranging your bedroom furniture.

History of the Twin XL Size Bed

Old fashioned couple on two twin XL size beds

The twin XL mattress may have made its college dormitory debut sometime around the mid-1970s. Although the origin of the twin XL is not entirely clear, it is known largely as a dorm bed because it’s such a popular mattress among college students. A popular theory is that the extra-long size was first introduced on college campuses to better accommodate student athletes, while remaining narrow enough to fit small dorm spaces. Eventually, parents and single adults caught on and have now made it a popular choice for home bedrooms and guest rooms, too.

Twin XL Dimensions

twin bed sizes

When it comes to picking a mattress, size really does matter. Luckily, the twin XL can give you a little bit of everything you need for a good night’s sleep — comfort, versatility, budget-friendliness, and the knowledge that you’ve made a good investment. If you’re looking for the ideal mattress size for growing children, the twin XL may be your best bet.

Depending on your budget, sleeping space, family needs and other personal preferences, the twin XL mattress could be just what you need. Keep these tips in mind as you choose a mattress, then snuggle up and sleep tight in a bed that fits just right.

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