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Super King Size Bed vs. King Size: Key Differences + Considerations [Comprehensive Guide]

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    April 19, 2024
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    Key Takeaways

    • Super king mattresses measure 72-by-78 inches while standard king mattresses are 76-by-80 inches.
    • This mattress size is a good option for couples who want more space to sprawl but their bedroom cannot accommodate the size of a standard king bed.
    • Since super king beds are less common, you may need to custom order this size, and it may be more difficult to find bedding and bed frames.

    While its name may suggest larger proportions, super king beds are slightly smaller than king mattresses and can fit in most average primary bedrooms. If you’re looking for a bed that’s larger than a queen but not as big as a king, a super king size bed is worth considering.

    It’s important to note that this specialty size can be hard to come by, and bedding for super king beds may be limited. When choosing the right mattress size for you,  prioritize your comfort and choose a mattress that meets your needs and fits well in your space.

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    Super king mattresses are much rarer than standard king beds. Read on to learn more about this mattress size, how it compares to other king beds, and what you should consider before buying one.

    Graphic describing two benefits of a super king size bed.

    What Is a Super King Bed?

    A super king bed is a specialty mattress that is slightly smaller and shorter than a standard king bed. At 72-by-78 inches, it’s considered “non-standard” and is usually custom-built or purchased at specialty stores.

    A super king fits nicely in spaces smaller than a primary suite. For rooms that are smaller than 12-by-12 feet, the super king bed size may be a better fit than a standard king.

    However, these mattresses often come with the typical challenges of non-standard sized mattresses, like difficulty finding proper bedding and bed frames. 

    Who Should Consider a Super King Size Bed?

    Because everyone’s preferences are different, these are general recommendations. You should consider your personal preferences and needs when buying a new mattress.

    In general, super king size beds are often great mattresses for couples with smaller bedrooms. Larger than queen beds but smaller than traditional kings, these mattresses may have enough space to accommodate a child or pet, but it may get a little tight as your kid grows or if you have a big dog.

    The super king mattress size is shorter and not as wide as a standard king bed, so it may be better suited for couples under 6 feet tall who don’t need as much space to spread out. If you’re deciding between a queen and king, the super king offers the perfect compromise.

    Graphic depicting the different dimensions of a super king bed vs. a standard king bed.

    Super King Size Bed vs. King Bed vs. Queen Bed

    Both standard king and super king size mattresses are wider than queen beds, offering ample room for couples to spread out. As for length, the standard king is the longest and the super king is the shortest of the three.

    By the numbers: 

    • Super king size bed dimensions measure 78-by-72 inches
    • Standard king beds are 80-by-76 inches
    • Standard queen beds are 80-by-60 inches

    Super king mattresses are shorter than king and queen mattresses but wider than queen beds, so in some smaller bedrooms, the super king bed offers a good compromise for comfort and space efficiency.

    Super king beds may help you save a few square inches of space, but the size is relatively uncommon. That means it may be more expensive to get a super king size bed, and you may have trouble finding the right bedding.

    Super King Pros

    Super King Cons

    More space-efficient than a standard king

    Relatively expensive and uncommon

    Great size for couples

    Fewer options for bed frames

    Can fit in smaller primary bedrooms

    May be harder to find bedding

    If you’re debating buying a super king bed but have enough room to spare, a standard king mattress is worth considering. A standard king provides additional room and eliminates the challenges that come with custom sized mattresses. 

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    Super King Bed vs. Other Types of King Size Beds

    The super king mattress is one of many specialty king size beds available. Depending on the size of your room, the quantity of sleepers, and your personal comfort preferences, there are several types of king size beds to consider.

    How should you decide between a super king, Alaskan king, or another type of king mattress? The best place to start is comparing their dimensions and determining the best fit for your space.

    Bed Size



    Surface Area

    Recommended Room Size

    Super King

    72 in

    78 in

    5,616 in2

    11 x 10 ft

    California King

    72 in

    84 in

    6,048 in2

    14 x 12 ft

    Standard King

    76 in

    80 in

    6,080 in2

    12 x 12 ft

    Wyoming King

    84 in

    84 in


    12 x 12 ft

    Texas King

    80 in

    96 in

    7,680 in2

    12 x 14 ft

    Alberta King

    96 in

    96 in

    9,216 in2

    13 x 13 ft

    Alaskan King

    108 in

    108 in

    11,664 in2

    14 x 14 ft

    Where To Find Super King Beds

    Super king size beds are a fairly uncommon mattress size, and only a few manufacturers offer them. They are usually available at specialty retailers or custom-made to your specifications.

    When you buy a specialty or oversized mattress, you can often customize elements like firmness and thickness. Custom orders will be more expensive, but they may provide a more tailored sleep experience. For most individuals, this level of customization isn’t necessary to get a good night’s sleep.

    Graphic describing what you should consider before buying a super king size mattress.

    Considerations for Choosing a Super King Size Mattress

    Super king mattresses aren’t ideal for everyone, but some individuals find that this custom size bed is the perfect blend of comfort and space efficiency.

    Before you buy a super king size mattress, be sure to weigh your options and consider the following factors.


    Compared to a standard king size bed, super king mattresses are much less common. You may have fewer options when it comes to finding a super king mattress, and in most cases, you’ll have to place a custom order.

    This process may allow you to customize your bed more than you’d be able to when ordering a standard mattress size. If you don’t need that level of customization or the price tag of a custom mattress doesn’t feel worthwhile, a super king bed may not be the best choice for you.

    Bedding and Accessories

    From bedding to bed frames, ready-made accessories and furniture for super king size mattresses are far and few between.

    Very few retailers carry sheets that fit a super king size mattress. Some people use larger sheets and tuck them under the mattress, but this is not ideal for nightly comfort.

    You may also have a hard time finding a super king bed frame. Options may be limited and more expensive than frames or foundations for a standard mattress size.

    If you’re searching for a standard size bed base, the Purple Premium Plus Smart Base offers customizable comfort with the push of a button. Compatible with most bed frames, this base can enhance your sleep experience.

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    Bedroom Size

    From the trending small home concept to middle-of-the-city apartments, a king size bed may not be the best fit – literally. The super king size is designed to solve this problem.

    The main draw of having a super king size bed is its space-saving potential. With this mattress, you’ll have lots of space for a couple while leaving enough to move around and navigate the room.

    If possible, you should strive to leave at least 24 inches of space between the edge of your mattress and the wall. For a super king mattress, that means you could fit this size bed in a room as small as 8.5-by-9 feet. A more comfortable fit would be in a room that is 11-by-10 feet or larger, especially if you have several pieces of bedroom furniture. If your bedroom is 12-by-12 feet or larger, a standard king size bed may be more comfortable and fill the space better.

    Number of Sleepers

    If you and your partner don’t need the extra space for a child or pet, then a super king size mattress may be perfect for your needs. Wide enough to accommodate two sleepers, the super king bed is especially great for shorter couples, as the bed is not quite as long as a standard queen or king size.

    Comfort Preferences

    When buying a mattress, you should choose something that will keep you feeling comfortable and supported night after night. Everyone’s preferences are different, and depending on the bed size, manufacturer, and whether you’re getting a custom order, you may have different options. Important comfort factors to consider include:

    • Space: If you’re considering a super king mattress, space may be one of the most influential deciding factors. For couples who like to cuddle, a narrower mattress like a super king may be a good fit. If you prefer to spread out, a standard king or queen bed may be a better choice.
    • Firmness: Do you like feeling cradled by a softer mattress? Or are you a back sleeper who prefers a firm mattress for proper spinal alignment? You can find plenty of beds that provide both contoured pressure point relief and targeted support without making a custom order — such is true with Purple’s proprietary sleep innovation, the GelFlex® Grid.
    • Thickness: Mattress thickness doesn’t always correlate with comfort, but thicker mattresses tend to have additional layers for support and cushioning. Thick hybrid mattresses like the Purple Restore™ Hybrid Collection feature responsive coils, Comfort Foam, and our proprietary GelFlex® Grid for maximum comfort.

    Ordering a super king size bed may allow you to fully customize your sleep experience, but for most people, that level of customization may not be necessary or worth the price. 


    Since super king size beds are uncommon, they typically come at a premium in terms of cost. This is especially true if you have the bed custom-made to your specifications.

    Standard sizes are available from virtually any manufacturer, so you’ll have a much easier time finding a queen or king mattress than a super king. In most cases, these standard size beds will be less expensive, though the total cost depends on factors like materials and quality.

    With standard size mattresses, you’ll also have more options to choose from, regardless of your budget.

    Maximize Your Comfort With a King Size Mattress From Purple

    Super king size beds are an excellent compromise between an Eastern king and queen bed because of their relatively small dimensions. Their non-standard measurements mean they tend to cost more at initial purchase and when looking for new bedding and accessories.

    Once you’ve decided on sizing, the quality and comfort of the mattress is the next decision to focus on. Because most mattresses force sleepers into sacrificing one aspect of comfort – whether that be adequate support, personal comfort or optimal sleep temperature – Purple developed a sleep innovation that is changing how you sleep for good. Purple mattresses offer softness, support, and cooling all thanks to our proprietary GelFlex® Grid. For every sleeper, preference, and position, the GelFlex® Grid offers proven deeper sleep with innovative technology you can’t find anywhere else

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    A king size bed measures 76-by-80 inches, or the size of two twin XL mattresses pushed together. On the other hand, super king size beds sit at 72-by-78 inches. That means a super king is noticeably smaller but still provides ample space for a couple.

    No, super king beds and California king beds are different. California kings measure 72-by-84 inches, which is significantly longer than a super king’s 72-by-78 inches. 

    Standard king beds are 80-by-76 inches, making it wider than a California king but not as long.

    Several specialty size beds are larger than the standard king, including:

    • Family beds
    • Alaskan king
    • Alberta king
    • Wyoming king
    • Texas king

    Of these, an XL family bed is the biggest mattress size you can buy.

    Two adults can fit comfortably on a king size bed. A king bed can also fit children and pets, though you may start to feel a bit cramped as they get bigger.

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