Super King Size Beds vs. King Size Beds: What’s The Difference?

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 Purple Staff
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November 15, 2022
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For many people, bigger is better when it comes to mattresses. However, not all rooms can accommodate a full king-size bed. That’s where the super king-size comes in. 

While its name may suggest grander proportions, it’s a slightly smaller mattress size that can fit into most average master bedrooms. Let’s take a deeper dive into this mattress size!

What’s A Super King-Size Bed?

A super king bed is a specialty mattress with dimensions that are slightly smaller than king beds. Likewise, super king beds are generally a bit shallower than their jumbo king or regular king counterparts. At 72 x 28 inches, it’s considered “non-standard” and is usually custom-built or purchased at specialty stores.

Because of the super king’s smaller dimensions, it fits nicely in tighter spaces measuring 12 x 12 feet –⁠ a much more common room size than master suites. However, it comes with all the problems of non-standard mattresses, like difficulty finding proper bedding and bed frames. 


  • Excellent space-saving mattress: The main draw of having a super king-size bed is its space-saving potential. With this mattress, you’ll have lots of space for a couple while leaving enough to move around and navigate the room.
  • Perfect for couples: If you and your partner don’t need all the extra space for a small child or pet, then the super king-size mattress will be perfect for your sleeping arrangements.
  • Fits into smaller rooms: Whether you prefer living in cozier homes or are stuck in a city-center condominium, you’re probably struggling with fitting an entire king bed in your bedroom. The super king-size is designed specifically to solve this problem.


  • Relatively expensive: Super king-size beds are incredibly uncommon, so you’ll probably have to pay a premium to get your hands on one. This is especially true if you have the bed custom-made to your specifications.
  • Hard to find bedding: Related to its relative scarcity, many big-box retailers don’t carry sheets that fit a super king-size mattress. Some people use larger sheets and sandwich them under the weight of the mattress itself, but this is usually a worse fit than custom-made sheets.
  • Lacking options: From bedding to bed frames, there aren’t a lot of ready-made accessories and furniture for super king-size mattresses.

Who Are Super King-Size Beds For?

Super king-size beds are best suited for couples with smaller bedrooms. Because they’re larger than queen beds but smaller than traditional kings, these mattresses have enough space to accommodate a child or pet. That said, it may get a little tight as your kid grows or if you have a big dog. 

Final Thoughts On Super King-Size Beds

Super king-size beds are an excellent compromise between full kings and queen-size beds because of their relatively small dimensions. However, their non-standard measurements mean that they tend to cost more at initial purchase and when looking for new bedding and accessories. 

But no matter which size bed you end up buying, you’ll want to get them from the best there is. Check out our online store to see our Purple mattresses, bed frames, and bedding accessories!

Frequently Asked Questions About Super King-Size Beds

What’s the difference between a king-size bed and a super king-size bed?

A king-size bed measures 76 x 80 inches or the size of two twin XL mattresses pushed together. On the other hand, super king-size beds sit at 72 x 78 inches. That means a super king is noticeably smaller but not so small that you miss out on the major advantages of having a large bed, like ample space for a couple and one more person.

Where do I get a super king-size bed?

Super king-size beds are usually available at specialty retailers or custom-made to your specifications. 

Is a super king-size bed the same as a California king bed?

No, super king beds and California king beds are different. California kings measure 72 x 84 inches, which is significantly longer than a super king’s 72 x 78 inches.