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How To Move A Mattress: 5 Simple Steps

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    May 9, 2023
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    Moving a mattress can be difficult – whether you are moving a mattress to another room or a new location. This guide provides  steps to properly protect and move your mattress.

    How to Move Your Mattress: 5 Easy Steps

    Steps to move a mattress

    Step One: Gather The Right Equipment

    Your equipment will vary depending on mattress size, weight, and bed type.  

    If you’re moving a small children’s bed or a twin mattress across a short distance, most people are able to manage carrying it by themselves. Bigger beds, such as queen, king or California king, are easier to move with the help of the following tools:

    • Cardboard
    • Dolly
    • Hand truck/cart
    • Mattress bag
    • Ratchet straps
    • Rope
    • Sandwich bags
    • Screwdrivers, ratchets, hammers, and scissors
    • Tape

    Step Two: Clear A Path

    Opening up a clear route helps prevent your mattress from getting caught and damaged by surrounding obstacles. Clear a path that allows multiple people and the mattress to fit through. It should also be big enough to allow for turns, angles, or mattress rotations (if need be).

    It’s especially important to make a clear path before moving your mattress if you are by yourself.  Be sure to move all boxes and furniture out of the way and get a lay of the land with windows, doors, and entrances that offer potential exit routes for your mattress. 

    Step Three: Put Your Bed Into A Mattress Bag

    Put a bag around your mattress to protect it from dirt, dust and damage.

    Step Four: Lift The Mattress Onto A Dolly

    Whether you’re moving  the mattress with the help of additional people  or equipment, be sure to consult these  heavy-lifting basics prior to the transport:

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    • Let your legs do most of the heavy lifting – this will ensure  your back and arms don’t wear out before you can finish the move.
    • Take 5-10 minutes to stretch your lower back and legs before lifting. Stretching ensures your body is limber and ready to lift. It can also prevent back pain on lengthy relocation trips.
    • Utilize dollies and hand carts when able.
    • Wear closed-toed shoes and gloves to protect your body from possible injuries.

    It’s important to know proper lifting techniques, even if you aren’t moving — many day-to-day activities such as rearranging furniture and lifting weights require this knowledge as well.

    If you’re moving your mattress to another bedroom, the above tips with satisfy an easy move. If you’re going beyond a bedroom within the same home, continue onto step 5. 

    Step Five: Transport Your Mattress

    Truck: Most mattresses are best transported lying flat. Avoid putting things on top of the mattress. If lying flat is not an option, lay the mattress on its side. Rest it along the side wall of the truck, then strap it down to prevent it from sliding. 

    Car: Most experts agree that transporting a mattress with a car is not recommended. If possible, lay the mattress flat on the floor or on top of a car or SUV. Avoid stacking things on top of the mattress to prevent damage. Secure the mattress to your vehicle with straps or ropes to  keep it from shifting.

    Once you’re confident the mattress is secure, it’s time to drive. Driving slowly, especially around corners, ensures your mattress stays secure and in place

    Storing a Mattress After You Move It

    Properly storing your mattress helps to prevent irreversible damage. . Read our guide on how to store a mattress for more detailed tips.

    Moving A Mattress FAQs

    How much should it cost to move a mattress?

    Most moves that only require yourself and potentially an additional person will cost nothing. However, most local shipping companies charge between $25 to $50 per hour, whereas a long-distance move typically costs about $300 or more. Learn more about shipping a mattress and how much it costs in our guide.

    Can you fold a mattress in half to move it?

    Folding a mattress in half for transport may be possible depending on the overall construction.  Be sure to check with your mattress manufacturer before attempting to fold in half. 

    Learn how to fold your mattress safely in our guide.

    How do you move a mattress without damaging it?

    To move a mattress without damaging it, always lay it flat and protect it using a breathable mattress bag. Avoid placing anything on top of your mattress, as doing so can cause sagging and deformities. If possible, secure your mattress with straps or rope.

    When traveling long distances, incorporate pit stops every so often to check that your mattress is secure


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