About Purple

30+ Years of Comfort Reinvented™

We create better-than-best sleep solutions that help every body feel and live better.

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Our Technology

It's Comfort, Squared

Traditional mattresses either dial up the firmness to support your back or opt for softness and localized pressure relief. Only Purple mattresses have the GelFlex Grid – which provides both. Simultaneously.

Our Grid is made of a hyper-elastic material that reduces pressure, provides support, and instantly adapts as you move. Plus, it doesn’t trap body heat!

We think you’ll love it as much as we do.

Our Belief

Better Sleep, Better World

We believe that good sleep makes the world go round.

From creating groundbreaking products and partnering with nonprofits to sharing sleep tips and spreading the Grid gospel, we’re doing our part to power the planet.

Because every body deserves supportive comfort and restorative sleep.

We won't rest until it's a reality.