About Purple

Sleep better. Live Purple.

It's more than a mattress - it's a whole new way of sleeping, living, and seeing your world.

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We do things differently.

Purples exclusive GelFlex® Grid is at the forefront of sleep science, offering superior comfort and pressure relief, without ever compromising support. Unlike traditional mattresses, which provide support without pressure relief (or vice versa), proprietary Purple technology delivers instant adaptive, all-over pressure relief and total comfort - without sacrificing support. 


Unlike memory foam, Purple's hyper-elastic Grid doesn't trap heat. For the coolest, most comfortable, deepest sleep and the support your body needs, there's only one choice. 


Rest is revolutionary.


Better sleep means a better life. A good night's sleep is the foundation for happiness, wellness and fulfillment. It has the power to shape how we feel about ourselves and our world. We believe everyone deserves a good night's sleep, that sleep is more than just a biological necessity - it's the key to a kinder, more connected world. 

Our Belief

Better Sleep, Better World

We believe that good sleep makes the world go round.

From creating groundbreaking products and partnering with nonprofits to sharing sleep tips and spreading the Grid gospel, we’re doing our part to power the planet.

Because every body deserves supportive comfort and restorative sleep.

We won't rest until it's a reality.