Woman on Half Exposed Grid Mattress and pillow
Woman on Half Exposed Grid Mattress and pillow

Our core technology

The Purple
GelFlex® Grid

Our proprietary technology delivers life-changing sleep for all bodies and sleep positions. Its unparalleled comfort, cooling and support are the reasons you’ll love your answer every time someone asks, “how’d you sleep?”

94% Customer Satisfaction

114K 5-Star Reviews

Voted Best Overall Cooling Mattress

120+ Patents in Sleep Innovation

100-Night Trial

10-Year Warranty

We didn’t break the mold.
We created a brand-new one.

Our injection-molded GelFlex Grid is so effective, it’s been used in hospital beds for burn victims and other critical patients for more than 20 years. Now it’s your turn to experience its next-level comfort.

Softness or support? You don’t have to choose

The Purple GelFlex Grid is engineered to be both soft and supportive – because that’s what your body needs. Its unique design creates hundreds of columns that work together to support broad surfaces like your back, but give way under concentrated weight to gently cradle areas like shoulders and hips.

Doesn’t trap body heat

Unlike memory foam, the GelFlex Grid doesn’t trap body heat. As a result, our mattresses can maintain a comfortable temperature all night long.

With over 1400 individual air channels the GelFlex grid dissipates 
excess body heat, drawing it away from you so you never sleep hot!

Relieves pressure

Only the GelFlex® Grid cradles pressure points while maintaining support. It maintains your spine’s natural curve to reduce pain by 40%3. Your back will thank you.

Instantly adapts

Unlike slow-to-respond memory foam, GelFlex® Grid instantly responds to movement, so you don’t feel stuck + reduce night disruptions by 21%.1

The best sleep ever, according to 114k+ 5-star reviews.

People love Purple — read why 98% of Purple customers would shop with us again.

Shop best selling Purple mattresses

Best Seller
purple mattress

Purple Mattress®

The instantly adaptive GelFlex® Grid that made Purple famous, with comfort foam for added pressure relief.

  • Medium firm feel

  • 2” of GelFlex Grid instantly adapts as you move

  • 4” of Base Support Foam adds stability 

  • 3.25” of Comfort Foam takes pressure off hips + shoulders 

Queen Is dollars Is now dollars
Extra Comfort
purple plus mattress

Purple Plus® Mattress

GelFlex® Grid paired with Ultra Comfort Layer + 2X base foam for extra stability and motion isolation. 

  • Medium feel

  • 2” of GelFlex Grid instantly adapts as you move

  • 7” of Base Support Foam reduces motion transfer 

  • 2” of Ultra Comfort Foam adds responsive comfort 

  • Upgraded comfort layer boosts breathability 

Queen Is dollars Is now dollars
Customer Favorite
restoreplus mattress

Purple RestorePlus™ Hybrid Mattress

Provides core body support plus extra comfort + cooling benefits, for uninterrupted sleep.

  • Available in soft or firm

  • 3” GelFlex® Grid instantly adapts + boosts comfort

  • 3 Zone Edge-to-Edge Coils for core body support

  • Up to 3X Cooler compared to leading competitors

  • Ultra Comfort Foam enhances cradling + breathability

Queen Is dollars Is now dollars

Pillows featuring the GelFlex Grid

Best Seller
  • Harmony pillow exposed grid
  • Harmony pillow

Purple Harmony™ Pillow

Instantly responsive + doesn’t fall flat

Blissfully cool, airy + bouncy

Medium firmness – cradles + supports

3 height options for all sleep positions

From Is dollars Is now dollars
  • Freeform pillow exposed grid
  • Freeform pillow

Purple Freeform™ Pillow

Adjustable design for personalized comfort

Removeable fill + targeted neck support

Shapeable, moldable feel – adjustable firmness

Customize height for all sleep positions

From Is dollars Is now dollars
  • DreamLayer Pillow exposed grid
  • DreamLayer Pillow

Purple DreamLayer™ Pillow

Melt into conforming support

Stays cool unlike memory foam

Medium-soft firmness

2 booster layers to adjust height

From Is dollars Is now dollars

Try the Grid at home

Now, 30+ years of comfort innovation fits in the palm of your hand. With our mini mattress, you can try out the GelFlex Grid and all of its stretchy, squishy (and super fun) glory for just $3.

Frequently Asked Questions

An instantly adapting and rebounding comfort layer made from a super-stretchy material (Hyper-Elastic Polymer) we call GelFlex. It’s in all of our mattresses and we’re pretty sure you're gonna love it.

Trick question! It's both. Through the magic of physics, the Grid's columns give way under shoulders and hips but remain supportive for the back and legs.

It's one of those things you've gotta experience to believe, but you can think of it as the comfort equivalent of a trust fall: buoyant, cradling, supportive, and soothing.

Nope. All those little squares easily let air flow and body heat escape. Plus, the GelFlex material itself doesn't retain heat, so if you want to stay cool, you can.

Also known as Hyper-Elastic Polymer, our GelFlex material effortlessly stretches and springs back, again and again. It’s just one of the reasons our mattresses are backed by a 10-year warranty!

Yes! A safe option for people with allergies, the GelFlex Grid is made with recyclable, food-grade and food contact-grade material. 

Absolutely! Our 100% nontoxic GelFlex Grid material is CleanAir GOLD and CertiPUR-US certified – as is our high-density polyurethane foam. The top GOLD rating from Intertek, a third-party quality assurance company, confirms that certified products will reduce health risks related to chemical exposure and meet the standards of other agencies promoting minimal VOC exposure.
Purple products won’t produce strong off-gassing; at most, there may be a faint “new mattress smell” at first that comes off as nutty or woodsy, but should quickly fade.

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1 Based on an independent study performed on Purple hybrid mattresses vs prior mattress.

Thermal test and heat flux Study conducted by Purple on Purple Hybrid and competitor mattresses – 2023.

Reduced musculoskeletal pain by 40% in trial participants.