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Adjustable Bases

The ultimate support — when, where and how you like it. Adjustable bases pair perfectly with your instantly adaptive mattress, for even greater levels of custom comfort. 

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  • Premium Smart Base with RestorePremier Mattress
  • Premium Smart Base

Purple Premium Smart Base

The Premium Smart Base provides customizable support for your mattress with head + foot elevation and go-to presets for sleep and lounge comfort.

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  • Premium Plus Smart Base with Restore Premier mattress
  • Premium Plus Smart Base

Purple Premium Plus Smart Base

All the presets and benefits of the Premium Smart Base, plus message settings, pillow tilt + lumbar support, and underbed lighting.

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Purple Premium Smart Base

Head + Foot Elevation mode for ultimate pressure relief

Anti-Snore preset for improved breathing + decreased interruptions 

Lounge mode for total comfort while working or watching TV 

Premium Smart Base

Purple Premium Plus Smart Base

Head + Foot, Anti-Snore and Lounge presets for versatility + optimal sleep 

Lumbar + Pillow Tilt mode for advanced body alignment

Underbed lighting for nighttime convenience

Premium Plus Smart Base

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Frequently asked questions

Both the Purple Premium Smart Base and the Purple Premium Plus Smart Base offer even more versatility and comfort, for sleep and beyond, with advanced adjustability that can be controlled via remote or an app on your phone. The Purple Premium Plus Smart Base has all features of Purple Premium Smart Base, plus:  

  • Lumbar Support helps provide alignment and reduce tension by providing targeted support for the lower back.
  • Pillow Tilt raises the head to provide neck support for reading, TV watching, and conversation.
  • Motion-activated underbed lighting automatically illuminates to help you find your way in the dark.
  • Massage – head and foot massage with 3 levels of intensity, for soothing relaxation.

Purple adjustable bases provide a sturdy support for any mattress. Note that some mattresses flex more easily with an adjustable base – Purple Restore™ mattresses were specifically designed for optimal response when paired with an adjustable base. We recommend considering a Split King mattress, which allows 2 users to customize their sleep experience for ultimate comfort. 

Purple adjustable bases fit inside most modern bed frames. However, they may not fit inside antique bed frames or other non-standard frames. We recommend you measure the inside of the bed frame and compare them with the measurements below prior to purchase.

Purple adjustable bases can be placed within the bed frame by using either the adjustable height legs (four 3” segments for a max height of 12”) OR by removing the legs and placing the adjustable base directly on top of a sturdy platform bed frame. Learn more here.

Even better with a base

No creaking. No sagging. Just blissful, undisturbed sleep — courtesy of ultra-durable, sturdy bases designed to complement and enhance your new mattress. Adjustable presets and smart features unlock even more custom comfort from your Purple sleep.

Couple on Purple Bedroom Set

The perfect pair

Have it your way — and their way. Pair an adjustable base with a Split King mattress for more space and more options, so you and your partner can enjoy individualized sleep settings.