Alaskan King Bed: Size & Comparison Guide [2023]

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September 18, 2023
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An Alaskan king bed measures 108 inches wide by 108 inches long, or 9 feet by 9 feet. This oversized, often made-to-order mattress is best for families with multiple children and pets who cuddle up in one bed at night.

Whether you’re looking to co-sleep with your children or pets, craving additional room for added comfort, or needing ample space for two larger sleepers, a king-sized bed makes all the difference.

But there’s more than one type of king-sized bed — there are kings, Texas kings, California kings, and Alaskan kings, to name a few. When it comes to the battle for the biggest king-sized bed, the Alaskan king reigns supreme with a vast surface area of 81 square feet. Only a family bed, which lies outside of the king bed category, out-sizes the Alaskan king. 

Are you considering an Alaskan king bed for your home? Follow along as we compare the Alaskan king bed to other oversized mattresses and discuss factors to consider when buying such a large bed.

What Is an Alaskan King Bed?

An illustration showing the Alaskan king bed dimensions and its ideal room size.

The Alaskan king mattress is a square oversized mattress that measures a staggering 108 inches by 108 inches for a total surface area of 81 square feet. As the largest state in the USA, it's only fitting that the second-largest mattress available on the market is named after Alaska.

Benefits of an Alaskan King Bed

Why would someone want an Alaskan king bed? Here are a few benefits of an Alaskan king bed that explain why some families opt for such a grandiose mattress:

  • Room for the whole family: The Alaskan king can easily fit multiple adults, making it easy to accommodate couples with more than one child.
  • Extra space at the foot of the bed for pets: A 2022 study showed that 43% of pet dogs in the United States and 49% of pet cats sleep on their owner’s beds. The Alaskan king is extra long and has plenty of room for your furry friends to sleep at your feet.
  • Appropriate for large rooms: If a king bed looks proportionately inadequate in your bedroom, an Alaskan king may feel more size-appropriate.

The table below shows a few additional pros and cons of an Alaskan king bed.



Perfect for co-sleeping families

Bigger bed, higher price tag

Extra space for large or tall sleepers

Hard to find

Appropriate for larger rooms

Difficult to transport

Luxurious look

Needs a bigger room


Difficult to find bedding

Oversized Mattress Comparison 

An oversized mattress is any bed larger than a California king. Oftentimes, they are made to order, making it unlikely you’ll find one in stores. 

The table below highlights the differences between some of the biggest beds available on the market — from king to Alaskan king.



California King

Texas King

Wyoming King

Alberta King

Alaskan King


76 inches

72 inches

80 inches

84 inches

96 inches

108 inches


80 inches

84 inches

98 inches

84 inches

96 inches

108 inches

Surface Area

42.22 sq. feet

42 sq. feet

54.44 sq. feet

49 sq. feet

64 sq. feet

81 sq. feet


2 adults

2 tall adults

2 tall adults and pets

2 adults and 1 child

2 tall adults, 2 children, and pets

Equivalent of 4 adults

Ideal Room Size

12 feet x 12 feet

12 feet x 14 feet

13 feet x 15 feet

14 feet x 14 feet

15 feet x 15 feet

16 feet x 16 feet















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Alaskan King vs. King

The Alaskan king is the largest of the king beds, meaning its size and surface area are larger than those of a standard king mattress. The Alaskan king is 32 inches wider, 28 inches longer, offering almost double the square footage of a traditional king bed. 

A graphic comparing the dimensions of the five most common oversized mattresses, including the Alaskan king bed.

Alaskan King Bed vs. California King

While Alaskan kings and California kings are both longer than standard king-sized beds, the Alaskan king has larger overall dimensions than the California king. The Alaskan king measures 24 inches longer and 36 inches wider, equating to nearly double the surface area of a California king. 

What To Consider When Buying an Alaskan King Bed

There are many factors to consider when mattress shopping, especially if you’re considering an oversized mattress. If you’re thinking of purchasing an Alaskan king bed for your home, consider the following key factors.

 A graphic lists five considerations when buying an Alaskan king bed, including occupancy, room size, firmness, availability, and price.


The more sleepers, the bigger the mattress needed. The Alaskan king is ideal for couples who co-sleep with their children and/or several pets as well as for families who anticipate the need for multiple adults to share a bed. For couples not sharing a bed with kids or pets, the Alaskan king bed would likely be unnecessary. 

Room Size

The bigger the bed, the bigger the floor space needed. The Alaskan king requires a larger-than-average bedroom unless adequate space surrounding the bed is not a priority to you. 

The average primary bedroom size is 15 feet by 15 feet. Placing an Alaskan king bed in a room of that size would leave less than 3 feet on either side of the bed when also accounting for a bed frame. This not only limits room for nightstands and dressers, but also for easy mobility throughout the room. A bedroom with a minimum square footage of 256 feet is optimal for an Alaskan king bed.  


Mattress firmness is a personal preference, though, you may have to compromise when sharing a bed with multiple people. If you intend to use an Alaskan king bed to co-sleep with an infant, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends babies sleep on a firm mattress. However, it may be difficult to find an Alaskan king bed in a range of feel options.


The  Alaskan king is a relatively uncommon mattress size. Alaskan kings are not typically found at physical retailers and will require an online search for this elusive mattress. Many have this mattress type custom-made. That said, some of the common Alaskan king bed retailers offer standard mattress types, like memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid.

Like the mattress itself, the necessary accessories such as a mattress foundation, bedsheets, and comforters are also hard to come by in an Alaskan king size. You may have to order custom-made furniture and accessories in addition to the mattress.


A bed of this size requires heavy lifting. While some Alaskan king beds come in two or more pieces to ease movement, not all do. Before you buy an Alaskan king bed, ensure it fits through the doorways and hallways leading to your room. Upon delivery, your bed will likely be set up in your bedroom for you. However, should you decide to move your furniture at a later time, you’ll need to have a plan.


A bigger mattress means a higher price tag. You should expect to spend at least $3,000 for an Alaskan king bed. However, like other sizes, Alaskan king beds can vary significantly based on mattress quality and materials. Some Alaskan king beds cost well over $10,000.

If you’re mentally calculating the cost savings of combining two mattresses to create an Alaskan king, the result is not quite the same. The closest you can get to the Alaskan king size is with two full XL mattresses — which combines to 54 inches by 80 inches — but even that will short you over two feet in length. Not to mention, a full XL mattress is hard to come by unless you shop online.

Alaskan King Bed FAQ

How Much Is an Alaskan King Bed?

Alaskan king beds typically cost at least $3,000 but may reach $15,000 depending on mattress materials and quality.

Is an Alaskan King Bigger Than a California King?

Yes, the Alaskan king has a bigger surface area and is longer and wider than the California king.

What Is the Largest King Size Mattress?

Alaskan king beds are the largest of the king-sized mattresses. Alaskan king beds are 108 inches wide by 108 inches long. However, the largest mattress available (though not necessarily easy to find) is the family bed. Family beds are 144 inches wide by 84 inches long.

What Is a Double King Bed?

Split-king beds are sometimes called double king beds. It is the same width and length as a traditional king bed but is made of two twin mattresses. People often opt for this type of bed for adjustable bases.

What Size Bed Should a 6-Foot-Tall Person Get?

Both the Alaskan king and California king can accommodate a person who is 6-feet-tall. If you don’t require the extra width, the California king will comfortably fit someone of this height for a lower price.

What Mattress Size Is Good For Couples?

The right mattress size for couples depends on their sleeping habits, as not all couples have the same exact nighttime needs. If you two prefer to sleep close, the California king is a great choice. If you and your partner prefer ample distance to sleep soundly, the Alaskan king has plenty of space and then some.

Does Purple Sell Alaskan King Beds?

No, Purple does not currently sell Alaskan king beds. The largest mattress size available by Purple is the California king.