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Your mattress moves to adapt to your body, but normal sheets don’t do the same. That's why we created innovative sheets that stretch, allowing you to experience the full comfort and support of your bed.

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grey softstretch sheets
Deep Purple SoftStretch Sheet Set
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Purple SoftStretch Sheet Set

Luxuriously soft, stretchy, and cool to optimize the true comfort and support of the GelFlex Grid.

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Luxury Stretch Fabric
Silky Soft
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Purple Complete Comfort Sheet Set

The classic cotton feel you love, now with mattress-enhancing two-way stretch in the fitted sheet.

2 Way Stretch
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Save on bedding bundles, each specially designed to help you experience rejuvenating Purple sleep on specific mattress collections.

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Experience the True Comfort of the Purple Grid

Normal sheets pull taut across the top of the mattress, preventing your body from feeling its full cradling support. Our sheets all include some stretch so you, your sheets, and the Purple Grid can adjust together.

Man and son in SoftStretch sheets
Crazy-soft comfort you can snuggle up with.
Stormy Grey SoftStretch Sheets Set
Stretchy and responsive to flex with your mattress.
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Refreshingly breathable so you don’t sleep hot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Purple® SoftStretch Sheets are specially designed with perfect 4-way stretch that allows you to feel the full No-Pressure Support® of the Purple Grid™. Plus, they’re incredibly breathable to help the cooling airflow of the Purple® Mattress keep you at the perfect sleep temperature all night long.

Sheets that don’t stretch block your hips and shoulders from being cradled by your mattress the way they need to. This is especially true for the Purple® Mattress! Stretchy sheets let you feel the true comfort by letting your hips and shoulders sink into the Purple Grid™, which in turn increases the proper back support you need.

For these same reasons, we highly recommend the stretchy, quiet, and strong Purple Mattress Protector!

The best sheets help you sleep better with four necessary features:

Cool and breathable: A cool bed right as you lie down helps signal your brain that it’s time to sleep, and the breathability keeps you from overheating throughout the night.

Soft to the touch: You spend about ⅓ of life surrounded by your sheets. Soft, cozy fabric makes relaxing easier and keeps you comfortable all night.

Stretchy material: Your mattress was built for comfort and support. Sheets that don’t stretch block your body from interacting with your mattress the way it was intended. 4-way stretch allows your mattress to do its job so you can sleep easy in the comfort you love.

Durability: Your sheets should look and feel like new night after night, and wash after wash.

Your mattress moves to adjust to your body, but normal sheets don’t do the same. Normal sheets don’t stretch, preventing your shoulders and hips from being cradled by the Purple® Mattress. Only Purple offers luxuriously soft sheets that allow you to experience the full comfort and support of the Purple Grid™.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential if you expect to work, play, and thrive at your full potential. The bed sheets you choose play an important role in how well you sleep each night. After all, it’s hard to sleep well if you’re tossing and turning under scratchy, threadbare linens that don’t breathe and are just plain uncomfortable.

By some estimates , we spend over 1/3 of our lives in bed. It’s worth taking the time to research and find the best possible bedding for your lifestyle, needs, and personal preference so that you can feel great when you wake up in the morning. Consistent, restorative sleep for at least seven hours a night sets you up for a more productive day, boosting both your immune system and your overall mood. Healthy sleep has even been linked to a longer lifespan, so it’s important to have the right bed sheets that keep you comfortable and help you sleep.