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PurpleTM Bamboo Sheets

The crazy-soft, super-stretchy bamboo* sheets designed to enhance the comfort of your mattress.

  • Ultra-stretchy design to enhance the comfort of your bed.
  • 83% more breathable than top-selling Egyptian cotton sheets.
  • Heavy-duty elastic band for a snug fit on any mattress.
  • Made with viscose from bamboo for soft, durable luxury.

These sheets are amazing. My wife prefers these to 1,500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

~ Tommy D. | United States

Why Are Purple’s Bamboo Sheets Better?

Olan Rogers Purple Bamboo Sheets
  • Crazy Stretchy. Stiff, rigid sheets can sabotage the the soft feel of your mattress. Purple™ Sheets are super stretchy so they ‘flex with your mattress’ to make sure it stays soft and comfy, just like science intended.
  • Unbelievably Soft. Cheaply made bedding can be unwelcoming and uncomfortable.The soft, smooth-to-the-touch bamboo rayon fabric allows you to curl up and sleep in the lap of luxury in the softest sheets science has to offer.
  • Comfortably Cool. Tightly knit weaves or thick fabric can trap your body heat, causing you to overheat. Purple’s durable bamboo sheets naturally breathe more so you sleep cooler.
  • Sensibly Snag-proof. Dry heels? Don’t worry, we've got you covered. After a few washings, most sheets start to get rough and can snag your skin. Purple™ Sheets are made from natural bamboo that stays smooth, so you can easily slide into a good night’s sleep.

I have never had a better sheet and I'm always looking. Their bamboo is the softest and they don't just disintegrate after a few washes like other high quality bamboo sheets.

~ April D. | United States

What Makes Bamboo Fiber The Best Sheet Material?

There are so many reasons bamboo fibers make for superior sheets. From how you feel wrapped up in them, to how you and the planet feel about them.

  • Silky-smooth, thick fibers feel like you’re wrapped in the arms of luxury.
  • Eco-friendly growing and harvesting processes mean no pandas or planets are harmed in the making of this comfort.
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic material means you feel great inside and out.
purple sheets - white, tan, slate, purple

“...What’s the point of sleeping on a cloud-like mattress if you’re going to cover it with a sandpaper sheet? Exactly. Anyways, when the sheets arrived I was completely amazed. They are so soft; think of the softest thing you’ve ever touched and imagine it being ten times softer. They were also super stretchy, which is a huge plus… Bottom Line Upfront. Buy the sheets.”

~ Morgan T. | United States

Thread Count Is Ancient History

"High thread count" has lost all meaning when it comes to determining bedding quality. During the manufacturing process, companies will split one regular thread into several to artificially increase the thread count. Even in true high thread count sheets, the fabric is woven so tightly the fabric no longer breathes, which means you overheat.

Purple focuses on function, feel, and quality in how their premium fibers are woven, rather than focusing on meaningless counts.

I am/was a diehard 100% Egyptian cotton sheet snob. I had serious concerns for these sheets. The first night crawling into them proved me wrong. They are the softest, most luxurious sheets I have ever owned. Combining the comfort of my mattress with these sheets make for an incredible night of sleep. I’m a bamboo convert.

~ Jane B. | United States

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are they washable?

    They sure are! We recommend following the procedure when washing your bamboo sheets.

    1. Wash your amazing Purple™ Sheets in cold water with like colors.
    2. Tumble dry them on low or no heat.
    3. Do not iron or use bleach on the sheets.

  • Can I return them if I don’t like them?

    Due to the intimate nature of the product, Purple does not offer a trial period or returns on the sheets, so there is no money-back guarantee. But hey, if you don’t like them, give them to a friend. They’ll love you forever.

  • Are these really better than the sheets I bought on sale at the grocery store?

    Purple's amazing bamboo sheets are premium quality. They’re durable, so they’ll last through the years, not to mention, they’re the stretchiest bamboo-based sheets on the market. Totally worth it.

  • What’s included in the Purple™ bamboo sheet set?

    All sheet sets include:
    1 Flat Sheet
    1 Fitted Sheet

    Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sheet sets:
    2 Pillowcases

    Twin and Twin XL sheet sets:
    1 Pillowcase

  • Are they seamless?

    As a matter of fact, they are! Seamless in design and fits seamlessly on your mattress, which means making the bed is a breeze. We use an industrial elastic to make sure your sheets stay in place, no matter what.

  • Are bamboo sheets eco-friendly?

    Yes! Bamboo is incredibly eco-friendly because it’s a fast-growing, highly renewable resource that doesn’t require pesticides, fertilizer, or even extra water. It’s also naturally resistant to pest and fungal infestations, and is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial.

  • Do bamboo sheets wick moisture?

    Due to bamboo sheets’ incredible breathability, and the structure of the fibers, they certainly can wick moisture away from your hot body, which will help you stay cool and fresh ‘til the morning.

  • Can I pick them up at your showroom in Utah?

    Unfortunately, our delightful Purple™ Sheets are only available online, at this time. But don’t worry! That means we'll ship them right to you instead of making you pick them up in-person.

*Material is Viscose fabric made from bamboo.

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