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Purple® Sheets

Soft as a baby panda. Stretchy as a superhero suit.

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The only sheets stretchy enough to unleash the full comfort of the Purple Mattress.

The Purple Grid™ is built to dynamically flex under your body. This means it needs sheets that are stretchy enough to flex with it. Purple Sheets are not only luxuriously soft, they’re also the only sheets engineered with super stretch, so your mattress can shine in all its comfy glory.

Incredibly stretchy

These sheets are super stretchy and crazy comfortable. That means you actually sink into your mattress rather than floating on top—i.e. no more drum effect.

Refreshingly Breathable

Purple’s sheets are insanely breathable, so they don’t trap body heat. This means they help regulate your temperature so you’re never too hot nor too cold.

Sensationally Soft

Made from bamboo-based material, few things in the world are as touchable and snuggable as Purple® Sheets. They’re so soft you can’t help but wrap yourself up in them and sigh contentedly.

Rest nice and easy.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

1 Year Warranty

1-year warranty

Thread counts are overrated.

Thread count is an antiquated concept used to convince consumers that more is better. The problem is the higher the thread count, the tighter the weave, which leads to stiff, suffocating sheets. Purple Sheets are scientifically designed with the optimal thread count to ensure maximum breathability, softness, and stretch.

Why people are so wrapped up in Purple Sheets.

The best sheets for any mattress.

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting all the luxury out of your bed you should be? Your sheets are probably comfort-blocking your mattress. Purple Sheets are made with tons of stretch so you sink into your mattress fully, the way it was designed — especially the Purple Mattress.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Are you baffled about why your expensive sheets feel cool at first, but by 2 a.m. turn into a sweat lodge? Insanely high thread counts, whatever the material, trap heat and make you sweat. Purple™ Sheets are uniquely designed to be ultra breathable for a better night’s sleep.

Softest sheets on the planet.

Have you ever noticed how most sheets start out soft, but then feel like sandpaper after only a few washings? Purple Sheets are made with a bamboo-based material so smooth and soft, it’s like a group hug from a family of baby pandas.

Thousands of Five-Star Reviews


Out of this World!

These Sheets are amazing, super cool and very breathable. If you are thinking about getting them, do yourself a favor and get them. You won't regret it!

Flavio R.

Most amazing sheets ever!!

These sheets are everything purple says they are and more. The sheets matched with the purple mattress and frame make for a great nights sleep!! I love the feel of this material on my skin! No overheated nights!! Thank you purple!! Great price point on all the items purple sells. Very happy with my purchase!!!

Brandon F.

Like Seeping on a Cloud

Words cannot describe how amazing these sheets are. Ive been late to work at least 3 times single handedly due to these sheets being too comfortable to leave. I guess the mattress plays a pretty big part in that too though!


Frequently asked questions.

Are they washable?

They sure are! We recommend following the procedure when washing your bamboo sheets.

  1. Wash your amazing Purple Sheets in cold water with like colors.
  2. Tumble dry them on low or no heat.
  3. Do not iron or use bleach on the sheets.

What’s included in the Purple bamboo sheet set?

All sheet sets include:
1 Flat Sheet
1 Fitted Sheet

Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sheet sets:
2 Pillowcases

Twin and Twin XL sheet sets:
1 Pillowcase

Are these stretchy sheets?

Yes! Purple has created a super soft, stretchy, breathable material — perfect fabric for bed sheets because it allows you to feel the full comfort your mattress was designed with.

Bamboo sheets not only feel more comfortable, soft, and cool, but when combined with premium stretch, they also offer a better mattress fit. No more fighting to get tightly woven fitted-sheets over mattress corners. Purple’s stretchy sheets with a heavy-duty elastic edge easily slide on and stay put.

Plus, who doesn’t like that soft, cozy-cool feeling? Purple Sheets feel like a familiar, cloudy hug.

You spend nearly one-third of your life in bed. It’s important to prioritize softness, comfort, and stretch if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

The bottom line: Purple sheets are truly superior to every other bedding material.

Are they seamless?

As a matter of fact, they are! Seamless in design and fits seamlessly on your mattress, which means making the bed is a breeze. We use an industrial elastic to make sure your sheets stay in place, no matter what.

Are bamboo sheets eco-friendly?

Yes! Bamboo is incredibly eco-friendly because it’s a fast-growing, highly renewable resource that doesn’t require pesticides, fertilizer, or even extra water. It’s also naturally resistant to pest and fungal infestations, and is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial.

Do bamboo sheets wick moisture?

Due to bamboo sheets’ incredible breathability, and the structure of the fibers, they certainly can wick moisture away from your hot body, which will help you stay cool and fresh ‘til the morning.

Can I pick them up at your showroom in Utah?

Unfortunately, our delightful Purple Sheets are only available online, at this time. But don’t worry! That means we'll ship them right to you instead of making you pick them up in-person.

The whole kit and caboodle.

There’s more to a bed than a mattress and sheets. The Purple Sleep System has everything you need for the most comfortable sleep experience possible. Every product works in harmony to unlock a whole ‘nother level of comfort.

Wrap your mattress in the softest, stretchiest sheets in the world.

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