Purple in the Palm of Your Hand

With this mini mattress, innovation and creativity are at your fingertips – and you won’t want to let go. Get your Squishy today to test out the Purple Grid and all it has to offer. Plus, receive a special offer on other Purple products!

Stretch It

Its delightfully durable GelFlex material lets you grip it tight and stretch it out – over and over and over again. (It’s pretty addicting.)

Squish It

Press on the Purple Squishy with the palm of your hand and then just a couple fingers to experience its impressive support and cushioning ability. (There’s a reason it’s in so many of our products!)

Share It

Thanks to its small price and small size, it’s perfect for all kinds of occasions – Halloween, birthday parties, or even classroom activities. (Did we mention it comes in a 30-pack?!)

Flex Your Creativity +
Show It Off

Give your hamster its dream bed. Play Squishy dodgeball. Make an at-home ball pit – Squishy-style. We've got big dreams for our Squishy, how about you? Use #minibed to share + be featured on our social channels.

Love Purple!

“The perfect antidote to endless meetings – I don’t know how I survived without it!”

- Tanya McFakerson

My Lizard Can’t Get Enough!

"Mr. Nibbles is sleeping better than ever. He’ll never go back to wood chips again."

- I. M. Notareal-Person

Time to Upgrade

“It’s true what they say: The Grid feels unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Bring on the mattress!”

- Andre Faketastic