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Short Queen vs. Queen: Mattress Size Guide + Differences

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    March 6, 2024
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    A short queen mattress is 60-by-75 inches, while a queen mattress is 60-by-80 inches. Short queen mattresses are designed to fit in smaller spaces like RVs without sacrificing the width of your bed.

    Ideal for most RVs, tiny homes, and smaller bedrooms, short queen mattresses have the same width as a traditional queen mattress with 5 fewer inches of length. This reduction in length makes the short queen mattress size a great option for couples who lack space but don’t want to compromise on sleeping space.

    While compatible with most RVs, every RV is different, and it’s important to measure your space before purchasing a bed. Be sure to consider the height, width, and length of the mattress compared to the doorways and hallways of your RV.

    If you’re in search of a new mattress for your camper or RV, a short queen bed is a great option that makes the most out of your available space. Be sure to keep in mind your personal preferences for comfort, which will also impact your choice of bed size.

    While Purple does not offer short queen sizes, our mattresses are compatible with many RVs and campers. Every Purple mattress is delivered in a compact, vacuum-sealed roll that eases transit into an RV or smaller bedroom. Within every mattress model, our proprietary GelFlex® Grid delivers instantly adaptive, pressure-relieving comfort that keeps cool through the night. Find the Purple mattress that’s right for you by shopping at the link below. 

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    Short Queen vs. Queen Mattress

    Small bedrooms and RVs don’t require you to sacrifice comfort for the sake of space. While your options are limited, you have a few mattresses of varying widths and lengths to consider.

    Deciding between a traditional queen mattress and a short queen mattress size comes down to the size of your space. Short queens and standard queens are larger than a full mattress, making them better suited for couples and individuals who like to spread out.


    Short Queen



    60" x 75"

    60" x 80"

    Surface area

    4500 in2 

    4800 in2





    75 lbs

    100 lbs

    Room size

    9' x 9' minimum

    10' x 10' minimum


    2 adults

    2 adults

    Best for

    RVs, tiny homes, smaller bedrooms

    Couples, individuals who like to spread out

    Graphic of a side-by-side comparison of a short queen and standard queen size mattress.

    What Is a Short Queen Mattress?

    Designed to fit more effectively in RVs and campers, short queen mattresses measure 60 inches in width and 75 inches in length. While these measurements are just 5 inches shorter than a traditional queen size mattress, a short queen bed is better optimized for a smaller bedroom.

    Whether you like to spread out or you share your bed with a partner, a short queen mattress size offers the width of a standard queen with a shorter length, allowing you to fit your bed in a smaller space without compromising on comfort.

    In many cases, a standard queen mattress will fit in an RV. However, if you want to maximize every inch of your camper, you may prefer a short queen mattress size.



    Fits better in an RV or small bedroom

    Fewer options available, making them hard to find and replace

    Same width as a standard queen bed

    Limited firmness options

    Often less expensive than a queen mattress

    More difficult to purchase bedding

    Good for shorter individuals and couples 

    Not ideal for tall individuals and couples

    A short queen mattress in a cozy RV bedroom.

    What Is a Queen Mattress?

    As the most popular bed size among adults, queen mattresses measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. These mattresses offer ample space for individuals and couples alike without occupying too much space in your bedroom.

    Compared to a full size bed, a queen mattress is longer and wider, while a king size mattress is longer and wider than a queen. For couples, as well as most individuals, a queen size mattress is a great balance of comfort and space.



    Comfortable for most individuals and couples

    Pricier than smaller sizes

    Wide selection available, quick to buy

    May not fit as well in a smaller bedroom or RV

    Bedding is easy to purchase and replace

    Heavier and harder to move around tight spaces

    Considerations for Choosing a Short Queen vs. a Queen

    If you’re considering a short queen mattress, odds are you’re searching for the right fit for a small bedroom or RV. Before settling on the shorter option, be sure to consider the following factors to make sure you get the most comfortable, supportive option for your needs.

    Graphic describing key considerations for choosing between a short queen and queen mattress

    1. Uses

    A short queen mattress may be a good choice if you:

    • Have a small bedroom (smaller than 10-by-12 feet)
    • Are 5’9” or shorter
    • Need a new RV mattress

    Most RVs do not require a specialty mattress size. In fact, most modern campers have enough space to comfortably fit a standard queen size mattress.

    Many people prefer full-length queen mattresses because they:

    • Provide ample room for individuals and couples regardless of height
    • Can range from soft to firm to meet their comfort needs
    • Are easier to find, purchase, and replace
    • Will fit well in most bedrooms without taking up too much space

    2. Room Size

    One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mattress size is the size of your room. A queen size mattress will often fit comfortably in rooms that are at least 10-by-10 feet, depending on the location of doors and fixtures, the amount of furniture you have, and how much space you need to move around.

    If you’re working with a smaller room, you may opt for a short queen or standard full size mattress so your space doesn’t feel cramped.

    3. Accessories

    As far as bedroom accessories go, it’ll likely be much easier to find bedding and bed frames for a standard queen size bed than for a short queen. Because short queen mattresses are fairly uncommon, you may have limited options for style, material, and price.

    Queen mattresses are widely available, so you’ll have plenty of options for sheets, comforters, mattress protectors, bed frames, and more.

    4. Cost

    The quality of a mattress is most important when searching for a mattress, but it’s equally important to find one within your mattress budget. Queen mattresses tend to be more expensive than short queen mattresses, however, due to their popularity, you can easily find a wide range of price ranges and comfort levels. Because short queen mattresses are less prominent, finding the perfect balance of quality and cost can be difficult. 

    5. Comfort

    Whether searching for an RV or a guest bedroom, you should never sacrifice quality of sleep. Careful thought should be taken when looking at the construction and quality of a mattress’ materials since these are key factors of comfort, support, and sleep quality.

    Designed primarily for space efficiency, short queen mattresses may sacrifice key components that enhance pressure relief and support. These mattresses are typically thinner than standard mattresses, and because they’re less common, you likely won’t find options made with high-quality materials and long-term comfort in mind.

    Standard queen mattresses are made with a variety of materials designed to maximize your comfort. Whether you want something that contours to your body, keeps you cool, or meets a specific sleep need, you’ll have plenty of options with queen mattresses.

    6. Weight

    Short queen mattresses sacrifice 5 inches of length, and often height to better accommodate the weight capacities of RVs and campers. Short queen mattresses rarely exceed 70 pounds, making them much easier to move around. 

    Queen mattresses usually weigh upwards of 70 pounds, sometimes exceeding 150 pounds depending on the construction and quality of the bed. While queen mattresses are less mobile than short queens, they tend to be more durable and comfortable.

    7. Durability

    Mattresses made with quality materials are going to last longer than those made with subpar materials. Generally, queen mattresses last longer than short queen mattresses due to their materials and overall quality. 

    With proper care, a short queen mattress can offer many nights of sleep, especially if used in an RV that only gets occasional use.

    8. Availability

    Because short queen mattresses have limited uses, most mattress brands don’t carry them. If your RV can only accommodate a short queen, your options may be limited. 

    If you have enough space for a standard queen and want maximum comfort, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from at different price points.

    Additional Queen Size Variations

    Queen mattresses are among the most popular choices for single adults and couples alike. In addition to the short queen size, you can choose from a range of extended queen size mattresses, including:

    • Olympic queen: With more space than a standard queen without the full jump to a king, an Olympic queen is the same length as a standard queen but adds 6 inches to its width, giving you more room to spread out at night.
    • California queen: Similar to the Olympic queen, the California queen extends the length of the queen by 4 inches, giving you more legroom. California queen beds are great for taller sleepers.
    • Split queen: If you and your partner have different needs and preferences in a mattress, a split queen allows you both to get the comfort you need. The split queen consists of two mattresses, each 30-by-80 inches. These mattresses are great for couples who prefer mattresses with different firmness levels, and they can help isolate movement, which is helpful for light sleepers.

    Find the Right Mattress With Purple

    If you need a mattress for your RV or small bedroom, choosing the right mattress size will be important. You may consider a short queen mattress size to make the most use out of your space. However, a standard queen mattress will usually fit in most RVs, campers, and smaller rooms.

    You don’t have to compromise on quality and comfort regardless of space. Purple’s queen size mattresses use the industry’s leading sleep innovation to provide cooler sleep, instantly adaptive support, and cradling pressure relief. Our adaptive GelFlex® Grid provides a good night’s rest every night, no matter where you lay your head.

    Sleep Soundly With Purple

    Designed with your comfort in mind, Purple queen size mattresses provide the support and relief you need to rest easy.



    The main difference between short queen and standard queen mattresses is length. A queen mattress is 80 inches long, while a short queen mattress is 75 inches long. Short queen mattresses tend to be thinner, less durable, and harder to find than queen mattresses, but their shorter length and lower weight are great for RVs.

    Yes, the terms “short queen mattress” and “RV queen” are used interchangeably. These mattresses have the same measurements (60-by-75 inches) to fit tighter spaces.

    Full size sheets will not fit on your short queen bed because full mattresses are only 54 inches wide, while a short queen is 60 inches across. You can use queen size sheets on a short queen mattress, but you should use short queen bedding for the best fit.

    If necessary, you can use a queen bed frame for your short queen mattress. Because the short queen is 5 inches shorter than the queen bed, however, you may risk discomfort and damage from the mattress sliding around.

    For the best fit and most comfortable rest, you should use a bed frame with the right dimensions for your mattress.

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