Purple DreamLayer™ Pillow

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Lay back into bliss — conforming pressure relief and contour-hugging support. Get the melt-in comfort of traditional memory foam minus the heat and delayed response.

  • GelFlex® Grid cools + instantly adapts
  • MicroAir™ Foam gently conforms + hugs 
  • 2 Removable Booster Layers for adjustable height
  • Moisture-wicking Stretch Knit Cover flexes with pillow 
  • Safe, CertiPUR-US Certified  
  • Your 100-night trial begins the day your pillow is delivered to your doorstep. If you decide it isn't a perfect fit for you within the first 100 nights, we'll help you process a return and issue a full refund.
  • If there's something wrong with your pillow, we'll replace it for up to 1 year, starting from the date of original purchase.
  • This pillow ships straight to your door at no extra cost!
  • Free returns within the first 100 nights starting when your pillow is delivered.

Made in the USA


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What’s so great about the DreamLayer™ Pillow?

Melt into the pillow that molds exactly to your shape while staying cool and adapting to your every move.

Conforming comfort + support

GelFlex® Grid and MicroAir™ Foam create a dreamy, serene softness that conforms around your head while expanding to support the contour of your neck. This dynamic duo quickly adapts to movement, providing contour-hugging comfort and support without the lag time of memory foam. 

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Adjustable height for all 
sleep positions

Reduce strain and achieve proper alignment with two removable Booster Layers that adjust the loft to three different heights for optimal support through head, neck and shoulders no matter your preferred sleep position.   

Gently adapts, stays cool

Unlike memory foam, which retains body heat and slowly molds to shape overtime, GelFlex® Grid and MicroAir™ Foam provide the gentle, molds-to-you feeling you know and love while remaining unaffected by temperature and promoting ample airflow. 

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Pillows, perfected.

Our pillow innovation is in a class of its own. Here’s an inside look into what places our pillows a step above the rest. 

What it Does

Draws heat away + instantly adapts to movement

Why it Matters

Cools + relieves pressure at head + neck

What it Does

Billions of microscopic air capsules conform + promote airflow

Why it Matters

Creates contour-hugging pressure relief without the heat

What it Does

Adjusts height to 3 different lofts.

Why it Matters

Ensures optimal comfort for all sleep styles.

What it Does

Flexes as the pillow conforms + draws moisture away

Why it Matters

Promotes maximum cradling comfort, plus keeps dry + fresh

Product Details

Product Dimensions

Size: 16.25” x 22.5" x 6.5”
Weight: 6.5 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

Size: 22.5" x 16.5"  x 7"   
Weight: 8.25 lbs


Cover: Stretch knit- 78% Recycled Polyester, 22% Spandex
Purple GelFlex® Grid: Hyper-Elastic Polymer®
Core: MicroAir™ Foam
Layers: Polyurethane Foam Booster Layers


Cover: Machine wash cold separately. Air dry.
Core: Spot clean only

No Risk. No Pressure.

No Risk. No Pressure.

1-Year Warranty

If there's something wrong with your pillow, we'll replace it for up to 1 year, starting from the date of original purchase.

100-Night Trial

Your 100-night trial begins the day your pillow is delivered to your doorstep.

Free Shipping

This Purple pillow ships straight to your door at no extra cost!

Free Returns

Applies to Mattresses, Cushions, Pajamas

Frequently Asked Questions

The DreamLayer Pillow utilizes a top layer of pressure-relieving GelFlex® Grid, Purple’s proprietary temperature-neutral Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Our patented sleep innovation is engineered to provide a cool, breathable surface and pressure relief that’s gentle on facial features. The GelFlex® Grid contours to face, head and neck providing support where you need it and pressure relief where you want it. Simultaneously, hundreds of air channels optimize airflow for deep sleep through the night. 

Pillow Cover: Machine wash warm. Do not bleach. Wash dark colors separately. Wring gently and lay flat to dry. Iron with press cloth. 
Main Foam Piece (MicrcoAir™ Foam) + GelFlex® Grid: Spot clean only. 
Booster Layers: Spot clean only. 

Each DreamLayer Pillow comes with two removable Booster Layers that provide three different height options. Adjust your pillow by adding or removing the Booster Layers via the envelope closure at the back – use 2 boosters for tall height, 1 booster for medium height, and no boosters for low height.

Both the DreamLayer™ Pillow and the Purple Harmony™ Pillow offer optimal airflow and instantly adaptive comfort due to our proprietary GelFlex® Grid. The key difference is in the formulation and structure of the Grid within each pillow as well as the layers that lie beneath.
The DreamLayer™ Pillow features a thick top layer of grid-shaped Hyper-Elastic Polymer that creates a temperature-balanced surface and provides pressure relief through head, neck and shoulders. In comparison, the Purple Harmony™ Pillow features a full, 360-degree wrap of our honeycomb-shaped Hyper-Elastic Polymer that is softer in formulation for fine-tuned pressure relief through delicate facial features.
The comfort foam layers within each pillow also differ. The DreamLayer™ Pillow features MicroAir™ Foam that utilizes billions of microscopic air capsules to provide a conforming, memory foam-like feel while maintaining optimal airflow. The Harmony™ Pillow features a Talalay Latex core that provides an ultra-responsive, bouncy feel that never falls flat. While the feel is different, both cores are airy in nature and adapt instantly to movement.
Lastly, every DreamLayer™ Pillow comes with two removable Booster Layers for 3 different height options ideal for any sleep style, while the Harmony™ Pillow is sold in three different loft options to accommodate all sleep styles.

All foams naturally develop a color change over time due to oxidation, a completely natural process. This doesn't affect the foam's quality or performance. Oxidation is influenced by factors like UV light, high temperatures, pollution, and moisture. To minimize the foam's discoloration, keep it away from direct sunlight, avoid machine washing, and prevent contact with oils, sweat, or liquids.

The Purple DreamLayer Pillow comes with a one-year warranty. However, thanks to the durability of the GelFlex® Grid and MicroAir Foam core, with proper care, this pillow should last several years.

There is a one-year limited warranty for both the DreamLayer Pillow and the Booster Layers. Visit our warranty page for more information.  

It’s normal for your new foam pillow to have a scent right out of the box, as it hasn’t had a chance to air out before being sealed and packaged. This is a normal “new foam smell” but rest assured, our foam is CertiPur certified and safe, yet if the smell bothers you, you can speed up the process of airing this smell out by removing the foam core from the fabric liner (with grid on it) via a side zipper.   

Once you remove the foam from the liner, let it air outside of the liner for 24 to 48 hours in front of a fan in a well-ventilated room.  

 Once you are satisfied that the air-out process is complete, insert the foam core back into the liner, place the cover back over the liner and enjoy your fresh new pillow. 

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