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What's the Best Bed Size for Couples? [Comprehensive Guide]

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    April 30, 2024
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    Key Takeaways

    • The most popular mattress size for couples is a queen bed.
    • Couples who co-sleep with kids or pets may prefer a king or California king bed.
    • The best bed size for couples depends on factors like the size of your bedroom, how much space you each need, and your individual sleep preferences.

    Shopping for a new mattress as a couple is like picking out an engagement ring — what’s best for you and your partner may not be what other couples prefer, but what you want is what matters.

    Before you can pick out a mattress, you should first determine what size bed you should get. Choosing the right mattress size for two adults can:

    • Improve sleep quality
    • Foster intimacy and connection
    • Minimize sleep disturbances

    The bed size you choose depends on what works best for you and your partner. Keep reading to learn more about the different mattress sizes couples tend to choose, and what you should consider before deciding on a new mattress.

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    Best Mattress Size for Couples: Weighing Your Options

    Before you buy a mattress, you should first determine what size bed will best suit both of your needs. By and large, queen mattresses are the most popular bed size for couples. But every couple is different.

    Most couples will choose from the following bed sizes depending on their needs and available space.

    Graphic comparing the four best bed sizes for couples including full, queen, king, and California king.

    If you and your partner have different preferences for firmness and comfort, you can opt for a split queen or split king, depending on your foundation or bed frame size.

    Mattress Size




    California King


    54” x 75”

    60” x 80”

    76” x 80”

    72” x 84”

    Surface Area

    4,050 in2

    4,800 in2

    6,080 in2

    6,048 in2






    Minimum Room Size

    10’ x 10’

    10’ x 11’

    12’ x 12’

    12’ x 12’

    Price Range





    Ideal For

    Single sleepers and couples who don’t mind close quarters

    Couples and single sleepers who like to spread out

    Couples who want more space to sprawl, with room for kids or pets

    Taller individuals or couples who need more legroom

    Full Size Beds

    Measuring 54-by-75 inches, full size mattresses may be too small for most couples to comfortably sleep together. But for those who don’t mind snuggling, a full bed can be a great cost-effective and space-efficient option. Full size mattresses are usually the minimum bed size for two people, as a twin or twin XL would be too narrow to comfortably fit more than one sleeper.

    Comparing full vs. queen beds, a full size mattress is shorter and narrower, making the full size better suited for small bedrooms. A full bed may be worth considering for couples moving into an apartment together.

    The lack of space for each sleeper on a full bed — 27 inches per person — can be a deterrent. You should try to find the balance between how much space you need to sleep comfortably and how much room you want your bed to take up.

    If you and your partner don’t need a lot of space, don’t mind cuddling every night, and want to have more floor space available, a full size bed could be a good option.



    More compact than other double beds

    Less space for each sleeper

    Usually more affordable

    Not ideal for individuals over 5’9”

    Easier to move than larger mattresses

    Graphic describing why queen is the best bed size for couples.

    Queen Size Beds

    Based on popularity, the best mattress size for couples is a queen. Measuring 60-by-80 inches, queen mattresses fall between full and king beds, offering more room for individuals to spread out but taking up less space than larger sizes.

    Queen mattresses are a great option for couples at any stage of life.  Because queen beds are narrower than king beds, they may fit better in smaller rooms and apartments. Whether you’ve been married for years or you’re moving in together for the first time, queen beds are often wide enough to accommodate two adults without taking up too much floor space.



    Provides enough personal space for most couples

    May not be long enough for individuals over 6’4”

    Fosters closeness and intimacy

    Harder to move than smaller mattresses

    More affordable than king beds

    More expensive than full size beds

    Can fit in smaller bedrooms without taking up too much space


    If you and your partner have vastly different mattress preferences, you can opt for a split queen mattress. Just be aware that this size is less common than a standard queen or split king mattress, so you may have fewer options.

    King Size Beds

    Measuring 76-by-80 inches, king beds take up more room than full or queen beds. As the widest standard mattress size, king beds may not be ideal for apartments or smaller homes. For couples who want more personal space at night, king mattresses allow you to spread out without disturbing your partner.

    King mattresses also tend to be pricier than smaller mattresses but provide a much more luxurious sleep experience. If you’re interested in a king bed, make sure you invest in a quality bed frame or mattress foundation to support it.

    Couples who have a big enough bedroom and want more space to themselves may find that king beds are a great option. If you have a bedroom that is 13-by-13 feet or larger, you might also consider less-common specialty king size mattresses, including:

    • Alaskan king: The Alaskan king is the largest king bed available, measuring 104-by-104 inches.
    • Alberta king: As the second-largest king bed, the Alberta king measures 96-by-96 inches.
    • Texas king: At 98-by-80 inches, the Texas king is the same length as a queen but wider by 38 inches.
    • Wyoming king: Of the oversized mattresses, the Wyoming king is the smallest at 84-by-84 inches.

    Standard king beds are great for couples who want more room to themselves and have a spacious bedroom. If you’re planning to start or grow your family, a king bed is a good option for co-sleeping arrangements.



    Provides plenty of space to spread out and move around

    May not be long enough for individuals taller than 6’4”

    Accommodates two adult sleepers plus a kid or pet with ease

    Can be challenging to move


    Priced higher than smaller standard bed sizes

    Split King Size Beds

    Split king beds consist of two 38-by-80-inch mattresses, which have the same measurements as twin XL mattresses. Couples who want the freedom to sprawl as much as they want but have different sleep preferences may consider a split king bed.


    Comparing split king vs. king mattresses, the difference is that split kings consist of two mattresses that, together, have the same measurements as a standard king.


    Opting for a split king means you will have the same amount of space but can choose different mattress feels for each sleeper. With an adjustable base, split king beds allow for even more customization and may help reduce snoring and improve sleep quality.1

    But split kings come with more disadvantages than other sizes. Some couples find that the difference in mattress firmness as well as the gap between the mattresses makes snuggling difficult. Split king beds are often more expensive than standard king size mattresses, but if you’re looking for the most customization, the price may be worthwhile.



    Most customizable for couples with different preferences

    Higher price point than other standard sizes

    Pairs well with adjustable bases to meet individual needs

    Gap between mattresses may be uncomfortable

    Easier to move than a standard king

    Not ideal for co-sleeping arrangements or anyone who sleeps in the middle of the bed

    California King Size Beds

    At 72-by-84 inches, the California king is the longest standard mattress size on the market. Larger beds like the Alaskan king and other specialty sizes are harder to come by, but for most couples, the California king offers more than enough room.

    California king mattresses, also called Western kings, are narrower than standard kings but offer an extra 4 inches of length, making it a better fit for taller individuals. This mattress size may fit better than a standard king in a longer, narrower room. 



    Long enough for individuals and couples up to 6’6” 

    Not as wide as a standard king

    Usually around the same price as a standard king

    Added length means it won’t fit in all bedrooms

    More space at the end of your bed for pets

    May be challenging to move

    Graphic describing 7 considerations for couples when choosing a bed size.

    Top Considerations for Choosing the Right Bed Size for Couples

    Every couple has different needs and preferences, so the best size bed for couples varies. When you’re deciding which mattress size is best for you, consider the following factors.

    Room Size

    Your comfort is a top priority, but it’s also important to make sure your bed will fit in your bedroom with enough room for you to walk around it. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 2 feet between each open side of your bed and the nearest wall. If you have bulky dressers and nightstands or several pieces of furniture, you may need to leave more room.

    In smaller homes and apartments, you may have trouble fitting a king or larger size bed in your bedroom. Measure your room and other furnishings before buying a bed to be sure it will fit.

    Sleep Habits

    Even if you and your partner are a perfect match in every other way, that may not mean your sleep styles are compatible. 

    People with different preferences for sleep positions may want different types of mattresses to keep them comfortable and aligned. For example, stomach sleepers may prefer firm mattresses while side sleepers may appreciate how a softer mattress cradles their pressure points.

    Similarly, if you or your partner tend to move around a lot at night, you’ll want to look for a mattress that helps with motion isolation.

    In all of these cases, search for a mattress that can accommodate both of you, or choose a split queen or king. And if either or both of you snore, an adjustable bed frame like the Purple Premium Plus Smart Base can further enhance your sleep experience.

    Individual Preferences

    Everyone has different sleep needs and preferences. So even if you tend to sleep in the same position as your partner, you may find one type of mattress more comfortable because of factors like:

    • Your weight
    • Temperature regulation
    • Preferred sheet material
    • Pain and other conditions

    If you and your partner have vastly different preferences, a split mattress may be worth considering. With split queens and kings, you may have the option to choose different levels of firmness to meet each of your needs. You can also use standard size sheets or get individual sets for each half of the mattress to suit your preferences.

    Opting for a split mattress size can be costly, but if you’re making long-term plans with your partner, it’s important to prioritize your mutual comfort.

    Body Size

    Your height and weight can affect your choice of mattress size, firmness, and material. Larger beds often have a higher mattress weight capacity, so for plus size couples, opting for a king size bed or larger may be the most comfortable and supportive option. This isn’t a concern with Purple mattresses, as all of our mattress sizes can support 700 pounds.

    For individuals and couples over 6 feet tall, choosing a long enough mattress can improve comfort and sleep quality. Depending on how many pillows you use and how tall you are, choosing a longer mattress like a California king may be more comfortable.

    Co-Sleeping Plans

    Planning to have kids? Looking to adopt a pet? If you’re thinking about future co-sleeping arrangements, you’ll want to make sure you choose a mattress that offers space for you, your partner, and any kids or pets you plan to have.

    Depending on your available space and how big you want your family to be, you might consider the largest bed sizes or opt for a bed that leaves just enough room for your growing family.

    Comfort and Intimacy

    Some couples love snuggling up at night, while others enjoy their own space. Either way, choosing a mattress that keeps you and your partner comfortable is what matters most.

    Discuss with your partner how much room you both want at night. Do you prefer close quarters, or do you want space to sprawl? Smaller double beds may promote more intimacy, but they can also feel claustrophobic and cramped for some couples. On the other hand, larger beds can be more comfortable for restless sleepers who move around a lot or sleep hot, but for some couples, the extra space can be isolating.

    Every couple is different, so choosing the best mattress size will depend on your unique preferences and needs.


    No matter what stage of your relationship you’re in, balancing your needs and wants with your budget can be a point of contention. Be sure to discuss your expectations with your partner before shopping for a new mattress.

    Larger mattresses may be more spacious and comfortable, but they will also be more expensive. For younger couples or those moving into an apartment or small house together, these large beds may not fit well. Opting for a high-quality bed in a smaller size can also be an investment, but it’s important to make sure you and your partner can sleep well night after night.

    Cuddle Up and Get Cozy With Purple

    The best mattress for couples is unique to each relationship. What works best for you and your partner depends on your individual preferences and needs. It’s best to have an open discussion about what you want to ensure you’re both happy and comfortable with your sleep setup.

    Available in all standard sizes, Purple mattresses feature our adaptive GelFlex® Grid for instant pressure relief and cooling. Whether you like to snuggle or prefer your own space, Purple has a mattress that’s perfect for you and your partner.

    Purple Mattresses for Every Couple

    Wake up next to the love of your life feeling refreshed and well-rested with Purple.



    Couples should sleep on a full size bed or larger. For many couples, a full bed is too cramped for them to sleep comfortably. Twin and twin XL are not recommended for more than one sleeper at a time

    The most common mattress size for couples is a queen bed. Queen mattresses provide enough room for most couples to have their own space and cuddle when they want to. That said, these beds may not be long enough for individuals over 6 feet 4 inches and may not be ideal for couples who co-sleep with kids or pets.

    In most cases, a queen bed is large enough for two people to sleep comfortably. Queen beds fit in most primary bedrooms and provide enough room for couples.

    Full beds may be a good option for couples who spend the night snuggling or have a small bedroom or studio apartment. However, full beds may not be wide enough for two people to sleep comfortably, especially if they shift positions throughout the night.

    Many couples tend to sleep better in larger beds, but every couple has unique preferences and needs. You and your partner may sleep better in a larger bed if:

    • One or both of you tend to sleep hot
    • One or both of you move around a lot in your sleep
    • You co-sleep with kids or pets

    Ultimately, the best mattress for you and your partner will be one that keeps you comfortable throughout the night and helps you wake up feeling rested.

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