You’re Covered

A lot of life happens on your mattress. Keep it looking and feeling like new with the only mattress protector designed for both protection and comfort.

You’re Covered

Dual-Layer Protection

Prevents spills from soaking through to your mattress, while also dissipating them so it won't create a puddle.

Exceptionally Comfy

Uniquely stretchy fabric allows your hips and shoulders to sink in, so you feel the full comfort of your mattress – like it’s not even there.

Surprisingly Quiet

It’s stretchy, flexible, and won’t crinkle like plastic with every move, so you can snooze peacefully without disturbance.

Five-Sided Dual-Layer Defense

Keep your mattress protected from messes on the top and sides! The mattress protector is made with an absorbent outer layer to help dissipate liquid, while the inner layer is water resistant so wetness won't soak through.

Liquid Defense




Sided Protectiongroup-15



Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Mattress Protectors Work?

The Purple® Mattress Protector is so comfy you will forget it is there. Dual layer defense blocks spills from soaking through to your mattress while keeping it comfy with unique stretchy fabric that allows your shoulders and hips to sink in. Not to mention the Purple Mattress Protector doesn't crinkle like plastic every time you move.

A mattress protector is your first line of defense against the environmental factors that want to damage and break down your mattress. And especially if you’re the proud owner of a new Purple Mattress, chances are you’d like to protect it and make sure it provides a good night’s sleep for years to come.

Mattress protectors work by covering your mattress with, water-resistant and stain-resistant shield. A good mattress protector can safeguard your mattress against all manner of damage and wear.

A mattress protector creates a barrier between your mattress and environmental contaminants it could come into contact with – think dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, dust and dirt – plus staining from the body. The Purple Mattress Protector provides a Dual-Layer defense that blocks spills from soaking through to your mattress while the absorbent top disseminates the liquid, so it doesn't create a puddle.

Who Should Use a Mattress Protector?

Well, for starters, everyone. Mattress protectors are a must-have for keeping a lot of unsavory critters and substances away from your sleeping area. You don’t have to know as much about how to clean a mattress if you keep it from getting soiled in the first place. But especially if you fall into one of the following categories, having a mattress protector should be a top priority:
  • You bought an expensive mattress - You want to protect your investment and make sure you don’t inadvertently null your warranty by allowing the mattress to become stained.
  • You have kids or pets – Children and animals are the most likely culprits for introducing stains to your mattress. Blood, urine, vomit, pet dander, food and drink – they bring it all.
  • You use your guest room a lot – Do you have frequent visitors sleeping on a guest bed? You can make them feel a whole lot better about the hygiene of their sleeping area if you use a mattress protector to help keep your mattress clean.
  • You suffer from allergies – Dust, mold, mildew and other environmental allergens can often find an ideal home in mattresses. By using a mattress protector, you put up a barrier against these kinds of substances which can help keep your bed healthy and allergen-free for a good night’s sleep.

What Are the Best Mattress Protectors?

We’re particular fans of the Purple® Mattress Protector, with its five-sided double layer and stretchy, comfort-preserving coverage. It offers fantastic protection without interfering with the comfort and breathability of your bed.

But overall, the best mattress protectors should share some common characteristics. They should offer protection from liquids. They should be stretchy. They should be comfortable, soft and quiet. You don’t want a crunchy, rustling mattress protector like you might have had on your bed as a kid. Some mattress protectors will fully encase your mattress, but you need to make sure the material is breathable.

A quality mattress protector should also be breathable and cool so that it doesn’t feel like it’s roasting you during the night. Look for a fabric that’s machine washable and stain-resistant. The best mattress protectors are thin enough that they don’t change how your mattress feels – while still providing a water-resistant layer for your bed. Hey, it sounds like we just described the Purple Mattress Protector!

Where Can I Buy Mattress Protectors?

The Purple® Mattress Protector comes with a 10-year warranty, which helps ensure that you can enjoy it for many years. You can generally find mattress protectors anywhere you’d buy other bed linens and accessories – generally both at brick and mortar home stores and through a variety of online sources, like Purple. When making your purchase, consider the mattress protector’s warranty and caring instructions.

How Long Do Mattress Protectors Last?

Many of the highest quality versions will last throughout the life of your mattress or even longer. Many companies offer a 1-year product warranty for mattress protectors, but look for a mattress protector that comes with a 10-year warranty. As with most items, the better you care for it, the longer it will last.

The Purple® Mattress Protector has dual layer defense with five sided protection. You can count on the Purple Mattress Protector lasting as it comes with a 10 year warranty.

How Often Should You Wash Mattress Protectors?

It’s important to have a mattress protector that you can easily toss into a washing machine. If a mattress protector needs to be dry-cleaned, consider that a deal-breaker. The headaches and costs of dry cleaning a mattress protector is almost never worth it. The Purple® Mattress Protector is made from a dual-layered, comfortable material that’s machine washable and ultra-durable.

And while you can’t clean a mattress in a washing machine, washing your mattress protector is a piece of cake. Regular cleaning helps rid your sleeping environment of all the dust, mites, mold, mildew, and dead skin cells that can build up.

As a general rule, consider washing your mattress protector once a month. You definitely shouldn’t go any longer than three months without washing your mattress protector, but you can also wash it more often if you feel like you need to. This is especially true if you suffer from allergies or you’re using your mattress protector on a guest bed that’s used frequently.

Is a Mattress Protector Water Resistant?

The Purple® Mattress Protector is both stretchy and water-resistant, with extreme double protection on all five sides. It effectively guards against spills – not only on the surface, but also on each side – while still providing maximum comfort and breathability.

It depends. You can find mattress protectors made from a wide variety of materials, some of which offer waterproof protection. Some mattress protectors are flat rubberized pads, like the ones used for crib mattresses, while others are more breathable fitted covers that add a water-resistant layer. A rubber or plastic protector may offer the most waterproofing, but they are often very hot for sleepers, make crunchy noises, and detract from the comfort of a mattress. A more breathable, water-resistant version that wicks moisture is generally recommended.

Is a Mattress Protector Necessary?

You can get a decent night’s sleep without a mattress protector on your bed. But using one is kind of a no-brainer — by using a mattress protector, you can help extend the life of your mattress, save yourself time on mattress cleaning and maintenance, and guard against normal wear and tear.

What Are Mattress Protectors Made Of?

Purple® Mattress Protector is made of a unique, super-stretchy blend of polyester and spandex and also features a breathable water-resistant coating. It ranges in size from twin sized to California king and features a 10-year warranty.

You can find mattress protectors made from a wide variety of materials that are designed to fit most mattress sizes. Some are made from rubberized flannel. More breathable versions incorporate urethane laminate on cotton, which wicks moisture to keep sweat away from your body and your mattress.

You can find mattress protectors made from cotton, felted organic wool, down, spandex, polyester and other materials like polyurethane or waterproof vinyl. You can also find mattress protectors made of bamboo, which is highly breathable and naturally hypoallergenic.

The cheapest mattress protectors are the kind that feel like plastic – they crinkle and crackle throughout the night as you sleep, so they’re not generally preferred.

What is the return policy for the Purple Mattress Protector?

The Purple Mattress Protector comes with a 30-day return period! The five-sided dual defence Mattress Protector won't disappoint, but if you find they aren't a perfect fit for you, you have 30-days from the delivery date to return them. For more information visit