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Texas King vs California King: What Is The Difference?

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    February 2, 2023
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    If you like plenty of room and then some in your mattress. There are a variety of oversized mattresses you should know about such as the California king mattress and the Texas king mattress. 

    The question is: which of the two oversized mattresses best fits your sleeping needs and lifestyle? 

    This guide aims to discuss the difference between Texas king and California king mattresses. By the end, you should be able to figure out what kind of king-size mattress you really need!

    What's The Difference Between A Texas King And California King?

    The key difference between a California king and a Texas king mattress is size. The California King is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, while the Texas King is 80 inches wide and 98 inches long. A Texas king is much larger, with an 8-inch difference in width and 14-inch difference in length compared to a California king. 

    Here’s a brief overview of its dimensions for easy viewing.

    Mattress type 

    Dimensions (in.)

    Dimensions (cm.)

    California king bed

    72 x 84

    183 x 213.5

    Texas king bed

    80 x 98

    203 x 249

    What Is A Texas King Mattress?

    Named after the second-largest American state, the Texas king bed is the second-largest oversized mattress that is much bigger than the standard king bed. It’s perfect for sleepers who need additional legroom and ample space. 

    Advantages Of A Texas King Mattress

    Living up to its name, the Texas king bed comes with various benefits due to its large dimensions. Below are a few:

    More Space For Tall People

    The Texas king mattress is ideal for people taller than 6 feet. Compared to a California king bed, it provides more room for sleepers who like to sprawl out at night. 

    Can Fill Out Big Rooms

    The Texas king bed has a surface area of over 7840 sq. inches, bigger than the standard king bed size. If you have a wide master bedroom, this mattress can fill out that space for a cozy vibe. It’s not as big as the Wyoming king or Alaskan king, so it doesn’t overwhelm the room. 

    Host Multiple Sleepers

    The size of a Texas king bed fits a whole family or group of friends. This mattress is practical as it offers plenty of room for kids to spread out and chill. For pet owners, this bed is spacious enough to cuddle and play with their pets. 

    Disadvantages Of A Texas King Mattress

    As with any other mattress, the Texas king bed has a few cons. It’s better to carefully consider these downsides before investing in this large bed. 

    Difficult To Set Up 

    Oversized beds are generally hard to move and transport. For Texas king mattresses, it may be too big for your doorway or too heavy to carry up the stairs. Thankfully, many mattress companies will assist you in moving and setting it up.

    Hard To Shop For Accessories

    The significant size of this mattress can be advantageous as it offers more sleeping space, but it can also cause you stress when shopping for its bedding and bed frame. 

    Since it’s not a standard size, it’s also a challenge to look for accessories that fit, such as linens, sheets, and bedding. People who have this kind of mattress sometimes resort to custom-made accessories.

    Requires A Lot Of Space

    Due to the Texas king’s width, it’s best if you have a free area of at least 12x14 feet or a space that’s 104 inches wide before getting this kind of bed. It’s important to make sure that your other furniture like your night lamp or table will still fit smoothly. The goal is to still maintain a level of comfort and balance in your sleeping environment, especially if it’s not wide enough.

    What Is A California King Bed?

    A California king bed is another kind of oversized mattress that’s four inches longer and narrower than the average king-size bed. It’s popular on the West Coast and a favorite among basketball players and celebrities due to its gold standard. Famous singer Rihanna even used the mattress as a metaphor in her 2011 hit song “California King Bed.” 

    If you like this kind of oversized bed, here’s what you should know before you buy.

    Advantages Of A California King Bed

    The California king offers several benefits, making it an attractive option for a lot of consumers. Let’s break down a few of them below.

    More Space For Tall People

    Like the Texas king bed, California king mattresses are also an ideal option for taller sleepers over 6 feet tall.

    Can Fit In Narrower Rooms

    Compared to a Texas king, a California king is slightly slimmer, which is why it’s suitable for bedrooms that are smaller than usual. It has a surface area of 6048 sq. inches, which can be an advantage when fitting it in a narrower space.

    More Accessories

    Because of its popularity on the market, you’ll have an easier time finding bed frames, sheets, and other bed accessories that will fit California king mattresses compared to Texas king ones. 

    Disadvantages Of A California King Mattress

    Despite its aesthetic appeal and practicality, the California king mattress also has its cons, such as:

    Difficult To Set Up

    Even if California king beds have smaller dimensions than Texas king beds, they are still a challenge to carry and move.

    Hard To Fit In Square Rooms

    The orientation of a California king bed is long and narrow, so it’d be awkward and difficult to place this mattress in a square-shaped room. For a balanced bedroom arrangement, this type of mattress should be set up in rectangular rooms. 

    Texas King vs California King: Which One Should I Get?

    Both Texas king and California king beds are large enough for restful sleep and multiple sleepers. However, the most influential factors in your decision-making process are the size of your bedroom and your budget. 

    Still unsure? Learn more about King vs California king differences.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Texas King vs California King 

    What’s the most popular mattress size among millennials?

    According to one study, millennials are more likely than boomers to purchase a king or California king mattress. This could be because this generation has more interest in health and better sleep, so they’re investing in more comfortable and larger beds. 

    Where to get oversized mattresses?

    You can go to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase one. This way, you can try out different kinds of mattresses and get a feel for their firmness.

    You can also order an oversized mattress online – this saves you time and energy because you don't need to go to a physical store. Purple’s online shop has a range of California king mattresses with varying levels of firmness.

    What is bigger than a Texas king-size Mattress? 

    As of the moment, Alaskan king mattresses are the largest beds on the market. It’s 10 inches longer than a Texas king-size bed.

    Is a Texas king bigger than an Alaskan king?

    No, the Texas king is only the second-largest while the Alaskan king mattress is the largest among king-size mattresses.

    What's the biggest size Mattress? 

    The biggest bed size is the family XL mattress, which is 144 inches wide and 84 inches long.

    Final Thoughts 

    Apart from durability and texture, size is an equally important component when talking about the overall comfort of a mattress. Having enough space in your resting area is crucial to creating a healthy sleeping environment. 

    Both Texas king and California king are ideal options for ample space. A California king bed is large enough to fit most sleeping needs, but if you like larger sizes, get an Alaskan king or Texas king mattress.


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