So Stretchy. So Comfy. So Cool.

Finally, luxury kid sheets designed just right to let your kiddos experience the awesomeness of the Purple Grid. Only the Purple® Kid Sheets are designed with just the right amount stretch so that the Grid can give them the snuggling support that they crave.

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Sheets Worth Daydreaming About
Soft. Stretchy. Snuggly.

Soft. Stretchy. Snuggly.

Kids deserve to sleep in the lap of luxury with the silky-soft, stretchy sheets designed to enhance the true comfort of their mattress. Bedtime is about to get an upgrade.

Cool, Refreshing Sleep

Cool, Refreshing Sleep

Purple’s one-of-a-kind moisture-wicking, breathable sheets help control your kid’s body temperature, so they don’t sleep too hot or too cold, but just right. Just ask Goldilocks.

High-Quality, Stretchy Durability

High-Quality, Stretchy Durability

With superior durability, noticeably high-quality, and ultra-stretchy fabric, you can rest easy knowing the sheets will still feel like a million bucks wash after wash and fort after fort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash the Purple Kid Sheets?

Before your kids start snoozing on the comfiest sheets they’ve ever felt, make sure to wash the sheets first. We recommend the following when washing your luxury Purple® Kid Sheets:
- Wash in cold water with like colors.
- Tumble dry them on low or no heat.
- Do not iron or use bleach on the sheets.

For absolute best results, hang to dry.

What’s included in the Purple Kid Sheets sets?

Twin / Twin XL
1 Flat Sheet
1 Fitted Sheet
1 Pillowcase

How many sets of sheets should I own for my kid’s bed?

We recommend owning at least two sets of sheets for every bed in the house so you always have a spare on hand. That way, you can switch to clean sheets in a snap.

Are these stretchy sheets?

Yes! Purple has created a super-soft, stretchy, breathable material — the perfect fabric for bed sheets because it allows you to feel the true comfort and support your mattress offers. They also provide a better fit so the bed will always look freshly made. (No more bed-making battles and corners popping off during the night!)

Are Purple Kid Sheets seamless?

As a matter of fact, they are! Seamless in design and fits seamlessly on your kid’s mattress, which means making the bed is a breeze. We use an industrial elastic to make sure their sheets stay in place, no matter what.

Are Purple Kid Sheets moisture-wicking?

Made from bamboo fibers, these sheets boast incredible breathability and wicking properties. The structure of the fibers pulls moisture away from the body to help keep kids cool and fresh through the night.

What is the Warranty for Purple Kid Sheets?

The Purple® Kid Sheets come with a one-year warranty! For full details, visit

What is the return policy for Purple Kid Sheets?

The Purple® Kid Sheets come with a 30-day return period! These incredibly soft sheets won't disappoint, but if your kid finds that they aren't a perfect fit, you have 30-days from the delivery date to return them. For more information visit

What are these luxurious Purple Kid Sheets made of?

We’re glad you asked! The Purple® Kid Sheets consist of: 67% Rayon from Bamboo Viscose, 23% Polyester, and 10% Spandex.