What Is The Difference Between Twin vs Twin XL Mattress?

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September 8, 2022
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According to multiple studies, 55% of US sleepers wake up feeling fatigued due to anxiety, environmental disturbances, mattress woes, or body pain. This suggests that a considerable number of people are not getting quality sleep. While numerous factors affect this, proper mattress size is crucial in alleviating discomfort and getting restorative sleep.

The main difference between a twin and twin xl mattress is the length. A twin xl mattress is lightly longer at 80 inches. Whereas the twin mattress is 75 inches long. There is no difference in width.  Twin xl provides more length for taller people.  

If you're a solo sleeper looking for the best mattress for optimal sleep and your room space, a twin or twin XL could be among your options. 

In this article, we provide an in-depth comparison between a twin vs. a twin XL mattress.

Twin vs Twin XL Comparison Chart

Are you confused about whether a twin or twin XL bed can provide you with a good night's sleep? Check out this comparison chart to get the most important information at a glance.



Twin XL


38 inches wide x 75 inches long

38 inches wide x 80 inches long

Surface area

237.5 square feet or 2,850 square inches

253.3 square feet or 3,040 square inches

Price range

$600 - $1000

Purple Starting Price: $649

$800 - $1700

Purple Starting Price: $999

Room size

7 x 10 feet

or 10 x 10 for two twin beds

7 x 10 feet


For solo sleepers below 6 feet

For solo sleepers above 6 feet


The main difference between a twin vs. twin XL mattress is in their bed dimensions. The twin-size mattress measures 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length, perfect for short sleepers. It's also an excellent space-saving option that allows you to move around and add more furniture to your room.

On the other hand, the extra five inches of a twin XL can make a world difference for taller sleepers. The twin XL has a dimension of 38 inches in width and 80 inches in length. It can accommodate taller heights and provides extra space to move around during sleep. Despite being a bigger option, a twin XL is still ideal for smaller rooms because it has the same width as a twin.


Finding the right mattress is key to restorative sleep. A twin bed is ideal for kids ages 5 to 12 and adults under 6 feet. However, if your height is over 6 feet, you may need to opt for a twin XL bed instead. The twin XL mattress is long enough that your feet won't hang off the mattress.

Keep in mind that pillows also play a significant role in a comfortable sleep, and they take up quite a bit of space. If you are the type to sleep with plenty of pillows, a twin XL could be the perfect option.

Recommended Room Size

If your room has limited space, twin and twin XL are both great choices. A twin bed provides adequate space for those who live in a studio apartment or a small room without feeling cramped.

On the other hand, the twin XL bed is five inches larger than the standard twin, so it can accommodate tall sleepers. However, this may take up too much room to allow for bigger furniture or appliances. 

Take note that you need adequate space to move around freely. So, before you decide which size is the best for your needs, make sure to measure your bedroom. 


There is a reason why twin and twin XL are popular among younger consumers. Not only are they versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces, but they are also perfect for those with tight budgets. 

Twin xl’s are often only slightly more expensive as the main difference is the length.

What's The Difference Between Twin vs Twin XL?

To help you weigh in on which option is ideal for you, below is a list of benefits and drawbacks of twin vs. twin XL mattresses.

Consider a twin xl vs full-size mattress.

Twin Mattress Pros And Cons

Twin Pros

  • Because of its size, a twin bed is one of the most compact mattresses available – making it excellent for small rooms.
  • A twin bed is affordable, making it great for budget shoppers.
  • A twin mattress is one of the staple bed options on the market, so sheets, bed frames, and bed accessories are easy to find. 
  • A twin bed is lightweight compared to its bigger counterparts, such as the king mattress, queen-size mattress, and full-size mattress.
  • It is space-efficient, allowing more room for objects or furniture.

Twin Cons

  • Because of its narrow size, a twin mattress cannot fit more than one person comfortably.
  • If your height measures over 6 feet, fitting in the standard twin bed may be a problem.
  • A twin bed is not the best option for family use, due to its dimensions that are tailored for single use.

Twin XL Mattress Pros And Cons

Twin XL Pros

  • A twin XL is five inches bigger than the regular twin mattress. This makes them a great option for tall people over 6 feet.
  • A twin XL mattress is still much more affordable than its bigger counterparts, despite the additional length.
  • Even with the extra five inches, a twin XL is still an excellent space-saver mattress. 
  • Like the standard twin bed, a twin XL is also lightweight and easy to move.

Twin XL Cons

  • A twin XL bed, despite the extra inches, is still too small to fit extra sleepers.
  • A twin XL mattress is relatively less common than its regular counterpart, making custom-sized bed frames, sheets, or other bedding accessories a little challenging to find.
  • A twin XL is a little more expensive than the regular twin counterpart.

Who Should Sleep On A Twin Or Twin XL Mattress?

Despite their relatively small dimensions, twin and twin XL sizes can fit all ages. Below are a few types of people that can benefit the most from these sizes.


A twin-size mattress is excellent for kids and teens who need a comfortable and durable bed. However, if your kids are growing fast, choose a twin XL instead for a future-proof bed solution.

Single Adults Or Teenagers 

For single adults and teenagers, regular twin and twin XL sizes are both terrific choices. While the standard twin is most suitable for sleepers under 6 feet, the twin XL is much more convenient for taller sleepers.

Note: Individual sleepers can sleep on either a twin or twin XL bed, but it may not be the best choice for couples or partnered sleepers. If you want a mattress that fits more than one sleeper, consider king beds or queen beds.

Which Is Better: Twin Or Twin XL?

The answer to this question truly depends on your needs! Both twin XL and regular twin are excellent bed size options for small bedrooms and compact living areas. 

The main difference between picking a twin or twin XL mattress is the additional length and the small but negligible added cost of choosing a twin XL over the standard twin. For some, a twin XL is an easy choice for its extra space, but if you're on a budget or have very limited space, go for the twin.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Twin vs Twin XL

Will regular twin sheets fit a twin XL?

Some mattress manufacturers produce regular flat sheets that are generously sized to fit on twin XL beds as well. However, to be safe, make sure to purchase bed sheets designed specifically for a twin XL mattress.

Can an adult sleep on a twin XL?

Definitely! Adults on a budget may find that either twin and twin XL mattresses can be suitable for their needs. Sleepers below 6 feet can still be comfortable on a standard twin. On the other hand, the twin XL is more appropriate for adults taller than 6 feet. However, these sizes may not work for larger people, couples, or a person who has a sleeping partner.

Do two twin beds make a California king?

No. However, placing two twin XL beds alongside each other would make a standard king-size bed. The California king bed, on the other hand, has a dimension of 72 inches in width and 84 inches in height – four inches longer than a king.