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What Kind of Bed Foundation Do I Need?

As Hamlet once said, “To box spring, or not to box spring.” Okay, that wasn’t really Hamlet, but when it comes to mattresses getting the right foundation is essential.

To demystify this semi-boring, but very important topic, we’ve broken down the dos and don’ts of bed foundations for you. Educate yourself so you can get better sleep.


Mattress Foundations Matter

To put it simply, if your mattress isn’t supported well, you probably aren’t sleeping well. Wonky, broken or weak bed foundations can lead to sagging in your mattress. That means your body lacks uniform support and you can wake up in pain.

To avoid pain and get the most out of your mattress, you need the right bed foundation. If your bed is supported right, your body will be too. So don’t brush this off!

Now to the nitty gritty details.

Box Spring vs Everything Else

Box springs are literally wooden boxes with metal springs in them. They’re often designed to pair specifically with spring mattresses.

This is because spring beds need the box spring to give a little to support the pressure of our bodies. A solid foundation probably won’t be very comfortable with a spring coil mattress.

Besides that, however, box springs aren’t ideal. Since they don’t provide even support, they don’t work well with memory foam, latex, and Purple® mattresses. In some cases, traditional box springs can even void the warranty on these types of mattresses.


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Why Get a Mattress Foundation?

Foundations provide several benefits. First, they give your bed height. Although the floor is a great, sturdy place to put your bed, it might be difficult to get in and out of bed if it’s on the ground.

If you get a foundation, get one that’s right for your bed. If you have a spring coil mattress, get a box spring that can absorb some of the pressure; otherwise, a sturdy, even foundation is best. The proper foundation will limit wear and tear on your mattress, extending the life of your bed.

Lastly, they keep your bed away from dust and allergens that may exist on the floor. Plus, they can add a stylish element to your bedroom decor.

How to Shop for a Foundation

  1. When looking for a foundation for your mattress, first check the warranty. Make sure you know which kinds of foundations (often a box spring) will void your warranty.
  2. Consider that box springs can’t bend. Depending on your bedroom, you may need a more flexible, lightweight foundation, like if you live in small apartment or high floor.
  3. Look for features that suit your needs. Consider height and head and footboard attachments, if you have them.

Adjustable Foundations

For those fancy shmancy peeps out there, an adjustable or power base is the best option. An adjustable base can move the head and feet up or down using a remote. This is great for severe snorers, avid readers, and those who just like customizability.

These foundations often come with a slew of other features, such as massaging vibrations, bluetooth, and reading lights.

The Purple™ Platform Base


Purple recommends anyone with a Purple mattress uses the Purple Platform Base as well. This base was specifically designed to best support the Purple® Bed.

It is strong so it can support Purple’s hefty 140 lbs of comfort technology, it’s an additional 2.5 inches taller than standard bases so it’s the right height without a box spring, and it’s quiet so you get uninterrupted sleep all night.

Using a weak or broken base with a Purple, or any mattress, can leave you in pain because your body isn’t being supported evenly. For better sleep, consider how solid your bed foundation is.

Want to try the Purple Platform out for yourself? Check it out here!


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