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What Size Bed Should I Get? Room, Height, Sleeping Position + Size Chart

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    December 1, 2022
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    The right-size bed isn’t just about what looks best or feels most comfortable – you have to consider many factors, such as bedroom size, height, and your sleep preferences. 

    If you’re wondering, “What size bed should I get for my height and needs?”, this guide will educate you on what to know when deciding what size mattress to buy.

    Does Mattress Size Really Matter?

    Mattress size matters because having enough space ensures you get the quality sleep you need. When you have plenty of space, you have more room to regulate body temperature, can avoid bumping into sleeping partners, or comfortably share your bed with a child or pet.

    However, having too much extra space can cramp a room or make your mattress challenging to transport or fit through a doorway.

    Choosing the Bed Size For You (Room Size Requirements Below)

    Below are the most common mattress sizes and dimensions, who they are best for, and what minimum room size is required.

    Mattress Type

    Mattress Dimensions (in)

    Maximum Sleeper Height

    Min. Room Size


    38.5” x 74.5”


    7 x 10 ft

    Twin XL

    38.5” x 79.5”


    8 x 10 ft


    53.5” x 74.5”


    10 x 10 ft


    59.5” x 79.5”


    10 x 11 ft


    75.5” x 79.5”


    12 x 12 ft

    California King

    71.5” x 83.5”


    12 x 12 ft


    Twin: 38.5” (W) x 74.5” (L)

    Min. room size: 7 x 10 ft

    Best for: Children or petite teenagers

    Twin mattresses best suit adolescents because they are inexpensive and don’t take up much space. While it can be a little too small for some, a twin-size mattress might suit single sleepers or college dormers. You can also use a twin mattress for a bunk bed.

    Twin XL: 38.5” (W) x 79.5” (L)

    Min. room size: 8 x 10 ft

    Best for: College dormitories or single sleepers with limited space

    A twin XL mattress is five inches longer than a twin mattress, so it’s perfect for single sleepers who need extra leg room. You might also want a twin XL mattress if you have a pet who likes to sleep at the foot of your bed. 

    Some manufacturers combine two twin XL mattresses to create a split king bed. However, twin XL bedding may not be as readily available as twin sheets. 

    Full: 53.5” (W) x 74.5” (L)

    Min. room size: 10 x 10 ft

    Best for: Couples who don’t need too much personal sleeping space

    A full mattress will suffice if you share a bed with a partner but don’t have room for a bigger sleeping space. Sometimes called double beds, full-size mattresses are a commonly found size in hotel rooms.

    However, a full bed might not be appropriate for couples if one or both of you tend to move a lot in your sleep.

    Queen: 59.5” (W) x 79.5” (L)

    Min. room size: 10 x 11 ft

    Best for: Couples who want more personal space

    The most popular mattress size on the market, a queen bed is the best bed size for couples who have adequate room space. A queen-size mattress also allows couples (depending on height) to share space with a pet or toddler.

    If you’re a single sleeper but tend to sprawl in your sleep, a queen mattress might also be best for you. Tall sleepers above the height of 6 feet and 5 inches, however, might need to consider a longer bed.

    King: 75.5” (W) x 79.5” (L)

    Min. room size: 12 x 12 ft

    Best for: Couples who co-sleep with their children or want maximum space

    Standard king mattresses offer 38 inches of space per person, which is enough room to move or sprawl in your sleep. King-size mattresses can also comfortably accommodate extra sleepers like children or pets.

    Remember that a king mattress is often too long for a standard-size room, so always measure your floor space before buying one. 

    California King: 71.5” (W) x 83.5” (L)

    Min. room size: 12 x 12 ft

    Best for: Taller couples who need more leg room

    While four inches narrower than a standard king mattress, a California king-size mattress is four inches longer, so it’s ideal for taller sleepers. However, king mattresses can significantly reduce walking space.

    Most manufacturers recommend a Cal king for people who have adjustable beds. This size can also accommodate more than two sleepers.

    How Do I Know My Current Mattress Size?

    The best way to determine your mattress size is to measure it. Here are a few instructions for measuring your mattress:

    • Length: Place your tape measure from the head of the mattress to the foot of the mattress.
    • Width: Measure how wide your mattress is by placing your measuring tape from side to side.
    • Height: Place your measuring tape on the bottom of your mattress where it touches the box spring or foundation. Then, measure the top of the surface.

    Choosing Mattress Size vs Mattress Thickness

    Mattress size and thickness are two different measurements. Mattresses typically come in various thicknesses. For example, a queen-size bed can range from nine to 16 inches thick.

    Generally, you can categorize mattress thicknesses into the following:

    • Low profile: 2-5 in
    • Slim: 5-8 in
    • Standard: 8-12 in
    • Deep: 12-16 in
    • Extra-deep: 16+ in 

    Thicker mattresses might be more appropriate for people who require additional support or weigh more. You should also check the mattress weight limit to ensure you will be comfortable regardless of the mattress thickness.

    Still unsure? Here is more info on mattress thickness.

    Pick the Right Mattress Firmness vs Size

    Be sure to choose a mattress firmness that is comfortable for you and meets your needs.  If you are not sure what mattress firmness to choose. Read our guide on mattress firmness.

    What Size Bed Should I Get For My Height?

    When choosing a bed size for your height, the rule of thumb is to add six additional inches to your height to get your ideal length. Here is a quick primer on the best bed sizes for various heights:

    • Twin: Up to 5’9”
    • Twin XL: Up to 6’2”
    • Full: Up to 5’9”
    • Queen: Up to 6’2”
    • King: Up to 6’2”
    • California king: Up to 6’6”

    Still not sure? Here is a bed height guide.

    What Size Bed Should I Get As A Side Sleeper?

    If you’re a side sleeper, you likely won’t need additional space to sleep comfortably, so a twin XL mattress will do well if you sleep alone. A full mattress is a better choice if you share a bed with someone, but if you or your partner tends to toss and turn, go for a standard queen.

    What Is The Most Popular Bed Size For Couples?

    Queen-size beds are the most popular size for couples. However, couples with enough space might want to opt for a king.

    What Size Bed Should I Get As A Single Sleeper?

    Twin XL mattresses are the best bed size for a single sleeper However, a full mattress might be a better choice if you like to sprawl out in your sleep or share a bed with a pet instead of a partner. If you want even more room a standard queen may be a good option. 

    Compare twin XL vs queen.

    Key Takeaways

    Before you go shopping for the right mattress size, note these reminders: 

    • Many factors can influence the ideal size for you, including your height, who you share a bed with, how you prefer to sleep, and bedroom space.
    • Mattresses vary in size and thickness. When picking the right mattress thickness, consider your physical needs, such as your sleeper type and whether you require extra support.
    • Bigger does not always mean better. Purchasing a mattress that takes up too much living space can leave little room for extra furniture and make it harder to walk around.

    Purple has options for every room size and sleeper type if you're on the market for a new mattress. Each mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-day free trial!

    Bed Size FAQs

    Which bed size is most popular?

    The most popular bed size is a queen mattress, especially among couples. On the other hand, twin beds are the most popular for people with minimum space.

    Not sure which one is ideal for you? Read more on queen vs twin mattresses.

    Is a full-size bed too small for a couple?

    Most full-size beds are suitable for couples who live in a small space or don’t move around too much at night. However, couples who want ample sleep space should consider a queen-size mattress. 

    What size bed is good for a small bedroom?

    Twin or twin XL mattresses are most suitable for single-sleepers with small bedrooms.


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