Queen Bed Frame Dimensions: Here’s What You Need To Know

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February 2, 2023
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A queen bed frame is a great option for couples who want lots of sleeping space but don’t have plenty of room for a king-size bed. It’s also an excellent choice for single sleepers who enjoy having more space to move around come bedtime. In fact, the queen-size mattress is the most popular bed size in the US, outperforming its big brother, the king-size bed. 

But what exactly are the dimensions of a queen bed frame? Here, we explain what you need to know when shopping for a queen-size bed compared to other popular bed sizes.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Queen Bed Frame?

Standard Queen bed dimensions measure 60 x 80 inches. This is the size of the mattress. You can estimate an additional 1-4 inches for the bed frame.  Keep in mind that bed frame dimensions can vary slightly from brand to brand. More often than not a bed frame will be 62-66 x 82-86 inches.

Comparing Different Bed Sizes

What makes a queen-size bed different from other popular bed sizes on the market? Let’s find out. 

Queen-Size Bed vs Full-Size Bed

The difference between a queen-size bed and a full bed is quite small. Whereas a queen-size bed measures 60 x 80 inches, a full-size bed clocks in at 53 x 75 inches – just seven inches narrower and five inches shorter than a queen. 

Full-size mattresses are best for single sleepers who want to save space and as such are good starter beds for young adults who have just moved into their first homes. Full-size beds are also called double beds – not to be confused with twin beds which are 38 x 75 inches. 

For some couples, particularly those who enjoy sleeping close together, full-size beds are a perfectly fine option. But if you’re a hot or restless sleeper who needs a little more wiggle room to sleep comfortably, the queen is a good alternative because it doesn’t take up too much space or require drastic furniture adjustments. 

Queen-Size Bed vs Olympic Queen-Size Bed

The difference between a queen and an Olympic queen mattress is the width. Olympic queens are six inches wider than queens, measuring 66 x 80 inches.

Olympic queens are quite rare and hard to find these days. The reason for this is that the mattress size became popular some 15 years ago but has since been discontinued by the brand that invented the non-standard size. 

However, some RVs come with Olympic queen sizing for their built-in bed frames. You will likely have to have a bed frame and mattress custom-built if you want an Olympic queen for your home. 

Also, consider queen vs California queen.

Queen-Size Bed vs King-Size Bed

The main difference between a queen and a king bed is, again, width. King bed frame dimensions are a little over 76 x 80 inches or about 16 inches wider than queen-size beds. Queen beds, in comparison, are just 60 inches wide. They do, however, have the same length at 80 inches. 

Queen-size beds are more popular than king-size beds likely because they don’t take up as much space. Unlike king-size beds, queen beds can fit in bedrooms that are smaller than 12 x 12 feet – the minimum room size for a queen is at least 10 x 10 feet. This allows for more space for furniture, walking, and other activities.

Still, heavyweight sleepers, families with small kids, and those who like to have their pets in bed with them might prefer the extra space that a king-size mattress offers. 

Queen-Size Bed vs Super King-Size Bed

The difference between a queen-size bed and a super king bed is actually smaller than a standard king. Despite its name, super king beds are slightly smaller than king-size beds, measuring just 72 x 78 inches. 

Super king-size beds aren’t as common as the smaller queen and larger king-size beds. They are usually found in specialty stores or made to order online. 

As a kind of in-between size, super-kings are another excellent option for those who want to make the most out of a small bedroom. The biggest drawback, however, is the lack of options – not just in terms of bed frames but with mattresses and beddings as well. 

Queen-Size Bed vs California King-Size Bed

The differences between a queen-size bed and a California king-size bed mainly come down to width and length, with a queen bed measuring 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length and a California king measuring 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. 

California kings are often preferred by taller couples who don’t want their feet to hang off the edge of the bed. The extra length allows most people over 6’5” to stretch out their legs comfortably – something that neither standard queen nor king-size beds offer.

Compare All Bed Frame Sizes

Still, confused about how queen beds compare to all the other sizes out there? Check out our comprehensive guide to bed frame sizes for more information, or take a look at our chart below for a quick overview of the most popular bed sizes. 


Mattress Dimensions

Bed Frame Dimensions

Ideal For


38” x 75”

40-43” x 77-80”

Single sleepers

Twin XL

38” x 80”

40-43” x 82-85”

Single sleepers on the taller side


54” x 75”

56-59” x 77-80”

Single sleepers who want more space in bed or couples who don’t mind sleeping close to each other


60” x 80”

62-65” x 82-85”

Single sleepers, couples, or those who prefer to sleep beside their small kids and/or pets

Super king

72” x 78”

74-77” x 80-83”

Couples who want something bigger than a queen bed but don’t have enough space for a standard king


76” x 80”

78-81” x 82-85”

Couples with at least 12 x 12-foot or larger bedrooms or want more personal space in the bed

California king

72” x 84”

74-77” x 86-89”

Tall couples who need extra room to stretch out

Who Is A Queen-Size Bed For?

Queen-size beds are great for couples who have an average-size master bedroom (roughly 14 x 16 feet) and still want enough space for furniture and walking about. 

Queen beds are also suitable for couples who want a bit more personal space in bed but don’t want to feel too “far away” from their partners. Most couples who sleep with small kids or pets can also fit in a queen-size bed. 

Pros Of A Queen-Size Bed

  • Can fit in a 10 x 10 master bedroom
  • Space-saving option for couples with average-size bedrooms 
  • Allows for more furniture or walking space in the room
  • Wide enough for two adults to have a bit of personal space in the bed
  • Lets partners with different sleep preferences and habits sleep comfortably without being bothered or waken in the middle of their slumber

Cons Of A Queen-Size Bed

  • May be too bulky for single sleepers in regular bedrooms
  • May feel a little cramped compared to a king if sleeping with small children or pets

What To Know Before Buying A Queen Bed Frame

When considering your options for a mattress size and corresponding bed frame, you should keep the following factors in mind:

Number Of Occupants

Most manufacturers recommend twin, twin XL, and full-size beds for single sleepers and queen to California king-size beds for couples. Families with small kids and/or pets can fit in a queen-size mattress, but they may feel a bit cramped in bed. 

Sleeping Preferences

If you toss and turn at night, run hot in your sleep, have a different sleeping schedule from your partner, or don’t particularly enjoy cuddling as you fall asleep, you may want to opt for a bigger bed. Naturally, tall and larger-built people will also benefit from a bigger bed. 

Size Of Your Bedroom

Queen-size beds are suitable for bedrooms that are at least 10 x 10 feet. If you have a small bedroom and want to decorate it with more furniture, you may want to stick to a full or twin XL instead. 

However, if you have enough floor space to accommodate a queen and then some, there is no harm in getting a bigger bed. In fact, if your bedroom goes past 14 feet in width or length, you may want to invest in a king – it’ll look great as a centerpiece for the room. 

Frame Material And Design

Taking the size of your bedroom into consideration, you also have to bear in mind that some bed frames have embellishments or designs that may take up more space or visual weight. Think headboards, footboards, under-bed storage, box springs, bed posts, canopies, etc. 

If your bedroom ranges from small to average, you can still make a queen bed work as long as you choose a frame design or material that is more lowkey. 

Get The Royal Treatment With A Queen Bed

Whether you’re looking for a classy, understated bed base, a storage-friendly option for your guest bedroom, or an adjustable frame that lets you customize your and your partner’s sleeping experience, Purple has a bed frame for you. Browse our shop to learn more about our bed frames!