RV Mattress: The Ultimate Guide For Camper Mattresses

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April 4, 2022
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Is your RV mattress uncomfortable? If so, you're not alone. Many people find that their current mattress is either too firm, too soft, or just plain uncomfortable. But there's no need to suffer! With a little research, you can find the perfect RV mattress for your needs.

In this guide, we'll show you how to choose an RV mattress, including what to look for in terms of size, firmness, and materials. So if you're ready for a good night's sleep on the road, read on!

What Is An RV Mattress?

An RV mattress is a mattress made specifically for use in an RV. These are usually lighter and thinner mattresses than your usual residential mattress, as RV manufacturers want to make sure the contents of the vehicle don't put too much strain on the engine.

Is investing in a good RV mattress worth it? It depends on how often you’ll find yourself out on the road. According to a study conducted by the RV Industry Association, RV ownership has gone up by 62% in the last two decades.

And apparently, future RV users plan on using their RVs more often than current RV owners. People planning to buy an RV in 2022 intend to use their mobile homes 25 days a year, compared to the current median annual usage of 20 days.

What Are The Different Types Of RV Mattresses?

RVs come in almost unlimited sizes and configurations, but there are a few typical mattress sizes that you’ll see in an RV. You’ll notice that some motorhome mattresses can be quite different from the mattress you use at home, even if they have the same name.

Twin Mattress

Twin mattresses are very commonly found in RV setups, given their narrow width and ease of fitting into tight spaces. They're also perfect for bunk beds. You can usually find RV twin mattresses in two different sizes: 28x75 in. or 28x80 in.

Truck-Size Mattress

The truck-size mattress gets its name from the fact that it’s often placed inside the cab of a semi-truck, but you can also use them in an RV. Truck mattresses measure either 35 x79 in. or 42x80 in. If you’re dealing with tall sleepers, a truck size mattress is an excellent option.

Bunk Mattress

If you’re looking for a family-friendly setup with lots of sleep space for kiddos, bunk RV mattresses are an excellent choice and come in a wide range of mattress sizes and dimensions to fit many sleepers’ ages and sizes. We’ve outlined your choices below:

  • 28x75 inches
  • 30 x75 inches
  • 30x80 inches
  • 34x75 inches
  • 35x79 inches

Three-Quarter Mattress

The three-quarter mattress is a little smaller than a standard full-size mattress but slightly larger than both twin and bunk RV mattresses. If your RV is a little on the smaller size without room for a full-size mattress, then this may be a good choice for you. A three quarter mattress usually measures 48x75 in. and can comfortably sleep two children or one adult sleeper.

RV Full or Double Mattress

While they share a name, RV full or double mattresses are actually a bit smaller than the full-size mattress you’re used to sleeping on. Instead, these RV mattresses measure 53x75 in. This is usually the standard kind of mattress that comes with an RV when you first purchase it.

Short Queen RV Mattress

This mattress size is also referred to as “RV queen” or “RV queen mattress”. The short queen mattress also differs from the queen size mattress you’re used to at home, measuring five inches shorter at 60x75 in. With this kind of bed, you can sleep two adult sleepers fairly comfortably.

Standard Mattress

You’ll also see the standard mattress referred to as a full mattress. It typically measures 54x75 in. You can also find a short full mattress that measures 48x74 in.

A full-size mattress from Purple measures 54x76 inches, and it’s 9.75 inches thick. If your space can handle it, incorporating a Purple mattress into your RV adventures can help guarantee that you sleep great every night.

Queen Mattress Sizes

While not nearly as common as the short queen size, you will find some RV models equipped with a queen RV mattress. Measuring 60x80 in, a queen size bed may fit in some RVs that have platforms large enough to support them.

RV King Mattress

RV king mattresses usually measure either 72x75 in. or 72x80 in. and can sleep pretty much anyone.

Choosing The Right Mattress For Your RV

There are a few things to consider when choosing a mattress for your RV, including:

RV Mattress Size

Remember, most RV sleeping platforms are different from your standard home mattress sizes. That means you have to carefully measure your sleeping space so that you know exactly what you’re working with before you start your RV bed shopping. You may even need to get fitted for a custom size.


There are several different mattress types to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common mattress types are:

  • Innerspring mattresses: An innerspring mattress has steel coils inside that hold up your weight when you sleep. Most traditional innerspring beds need a box spring for support.
  • Foam mattresses: A foam mattress could be made with either memory foam, polyfoam, or gel-infused foam. The latter is a type of mattress that has a cooling effect to regulate your body temperature at night – this is great for camping in hot and humid places.
  • Latex mattresses: A latex mattress can be made from either natural or synthetic latex. Natural latex mattresses have similar body contouring effects as memory foam mattresses, but they are firmer and more breathable.
  • Hybrid mattresses: A hybrid mattress is made from a combination of two or three different materials. Hybrid models usually have a layer of memory foam on top and an innerspring layer in the center.

Obviously, you'll want to choose a mattress made of high-quality materials as well.

Firmness Level

Do you need a plush mattress or a firm mattress? The answer will ultimately boil down to you and your travel buddies' personal preferences. Do keep in mind, however, that different firmness options work for different body types and types of sleepers.

Plush mattresses are soft and hug sleepers' bodies as they sleep, helping with spinal alignment. This type of mattress has excellent pressure relief and works best for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers who need additional hip and shoulder support.

Mattresses with above-average firmness, on the other hand, provide more resistance than plush mattresses and distribute body weight more evenly. If excessive sink age is a problem for you, you can expect to sleep on top of a firm mattress rather than in it. This mattress type is best for a back or stomach sleeper or someone who is on the heavier side.


Just like firmness, mattress thickness all boils down to preference. When choosing a camper mattress, however, you also need to think about the depth of your bed frames, along with the closeness of the bed to the ceiling. Pick a mattress that's too thick and you could find yourself sandwiched uncomfortably close to the ceiling.

Temperature Regulation

Hot sleepers will want to look for a mattress that has ample temperature regulation, especially if you'll be driving your RV out to hot summer spots. Choose your materials wisely, as some mattress types, like a memory foam mattress, will trap body heat more than others.

All Purple mattresses feature two inches of our patented GelFlex™ Grid, which is a temperature-neutral grid with over 1,400+ air channels built in to help regulate your body temperature and dissipate excess body heat. This makes Purple a popular choice for campers and non-campers alike.

Can You Put A Regular Mattress In An RV?

You can put a regular mattress in an RV if the bed size or sleeping platform matches your mattress size.

If it’s the right size, you can easily use a standard home mattress size in your camper or even a regular queen size, depending on the dimensions of your particular setup. Just be warned that most RV sleeping platforms are sized differently than most standard mattress sizes.

What Is The Best RV Mattress?

The best RV mattress is the one that fits your RV beds or platforms, has the right firmness and thickness for your comfort, and is breathable enough to provide restful sleep wherever you are, even on the hottest of summer nights.

If you're still on the lookout for the perfect mattress, beddings, mattress topper, mattress cover, or pillows for your RV, be sure to check out our product page. We offer a range of price points from budget options to premium ones, plus a variety of products for a range of sleepers.

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