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RV Mattress Sizes & Dimensions Guide

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    You shouldn’t sacrifice restful sleep while on the road which is why we’re detailing how to find the perfect RV mattress for you. With a variety of sizes and types, the world of RV mattresses can be a bit confusing especially since they differ slightly from traditional mattresses, but we’ve done a deep dive into the research so you don’t have to. In this guide, we’ll show you how to choose an RV mattress, including what to look for in terms of size, firmness, and materials. So if you're ready for a good night's sleep on the road, read on!

    RV Mattress Sizes

    Wondering what size mattress will fit best in your RV? Here’s a quick guide to common RV mattress sizes, their dimensions, and who may sleep comfortably on them:

    RV mattress size

    Mattress dimensions (inches)


    28 x 75

    30 x 75

    30 x 80

    34 x 75

    35 x 79


    28 x 75

    28 x 80


    35 x 79

    42 x 80

    Three-quarter size

    48 x 75

    Full (a.k.a. double)

    53 x 75 

    Short queen

    60 x 75


    60 x 80

    Short king

    72 x 75


    72 x 80

    California king

    72 x 84

    RV Bunk-Size Mattress

    If you’re looking for a family-friendly setup with lots of sleep space for the whole family, bunk RV mattresses are an excellent choice and come in a wide range of mattress sizes and dimensions to fit many sleepers’ ages and sizes. 

    We’ve outlined the options  below with dimensions given in inches:

    • 28 x 75
    • 30 x 75
    • 30 x 80
    • 34 x 75
    • 35 x 79

    RV Twin Mattress

    Twin mattresses are very commonly found in RV setups, given their narrow width and ease of fitting into tight spaces. They're also perfect for bunk beds. You can usually find RV twin mattresses in two different sizes: 28 x 75 inches or 28 x 80 inches.

    RV Truck-Size Mattress

    The truck-size mattress gets its name from the fact that it’s often placed inside the cab of a semi-truck, but you can also use them in an RV. Truck mattresses measure either 35 x 79 inches or 42 x 80 inches. If you’re dealing with tall sleepers, a truck-size mattress is an excellent option.

    RV Three-Quarter-Size Mattress

    The three-quarter mattress is a little smaller than a standard full size mattress but slightly larger than both twin and bunk RV mattresses. If your RV doesn’t  have  room for a full-size mattress, this is  a good choice for you. A three-quarter mattress usually measures 48 x 75 inches and can comfortably sleep two children or one adult sleeper.

    RV Full Or Double Mattress

    While they share a name, RV full or double mattresses are actually a bit smaller than the full-size mattress you’re used to sleeping on. Instead, these RV mattresses measure 53 x 75 inches. This is usually the standard kind of mattress that comes with an RV when you first purchase it.

    RV Short Queen-Size Mattress

    This mattress size is also referred to as “RV queen” or “RV queen mattress”. The short queen mattress also differs from the queen-size mattress you’re used to at home, measuring five inches shorter at 60 x 75 inches. With this kind of bed, you can sleep two adult sleepers fairly comfortably.

    If you want to learn more about queen-size mattresses in your home and whom they’re best suited for, read our article on queen-size mattresses.

    RV Queen-Size Mattress 

    While not nearly as common as the short queen size, you will find some RV models equipped with a queen RV mattress. Measuring 60 x 80 inches, a queen-size bed may fit in some RVs that have platforms large enough to support them.

    Trying to decide between this spacious mattress size and the classic twin size for your home? Compare these two standard mattress sizes’ benefits by reading our queen vs. twin comparison guide.

    RV Short King-Size Mattress

    Often called an “RV king mattress”, an RV short king mattress is four inches shorter than the king-size mattresses designed for bedrooms. RV king mattresses measure 72 x 75 inches with enough room for two sleepers

    RV King-Size Mattress

    RV king mattresses usually measure 72 x 80 inches, which is enough to comfortably accommodate a couple and their child. Because of their generous space, they’re a good choice for large campers used by traveling families. 

    Note that some mattress companies use the terms “RV short king size” and “RV king size” interchangeably, so check the company’s official measurements to confirm which size you’re really getting.

    RV California King-Size Mattress

    RV California king mattresses measure 72 inches x 84 inches, making them longer than their RV king-size counterparts. Taller sleepers that are six feet tall or taller will appreciate the  extra legroom  that keeps them from feeling cramped.

    RV mattresses may have the same names as their counterparts at home, but they differ slightly in measurement.

    See standard mattress sizes Purple carries to see if they will work with your RV, read our guide to mattress sizes.

    RV Mattress FAQs

    Can I use a regular mattress in my RV?

    While RV mattresses are designed to fit their corresponding RV sizes and compact spaces , you can use a regular mattress in your RV depending on the dimensions of your space. Be sure to  measure the length and width of your sleeping area to determine if a regular mattress will fit there comfortably. 

    What type of mattress is best for my RV?

    The best type of mattress for your RV is one that fits your sleeping space, expected price range, and unique sleeping needs. 

    Start by measuring the size that best fits in your RV. Afterward, consider your typical sleeping position.

    Do RVs need special mattresses?

    No, RVs do not need special mattresses. You can use regular mattresses in an RV. 

    However, it’s best to get mattresses designed specifically for RVs because companies designed these to comfortably fit into the bed platforms of camper vehicles. This includes making sure that their weight may be easily borne by the platforms, which prevents damage to the platforms and improves travel mobility.

    How thick should an RV mattress be?

    RV mattresses typically have layers that are 5 to 12 inches thick. The standard RV mattress that comes with a brand-new RV is usually 5 inches in height, which is thinner than the standard bedroom mattress.

    Note that if your RV’s beds are slide-out models, they usually can’t be thicker than 6 inches. However, you can replace the standard mattress on a regular RV bed with a thicker one, especially if you need extra cushioning for comfort and support while sleeping. 

    What size is a typical RV mattress?

    The typical RV mattress size depends on your RV’s bed platform. RV mattresses range in size from small bunk sizes (28 x 75 inches) to king-size (72 x 80 inches) or California king (72 x 84 inches

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