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What Are The Best Types Of Bed Frames?

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    January 31, 2023
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    There are so many types of bed frames on the market it can be overwhelming to know which one is ideal for you.

    Pick the wrong bed frame and it may not support your mattress properly. If you’re in the market for a new bed frame, this guide will walk you through the different types of bed frames and what to know about them.

    What Is A Bed Frame?

    A bed frame, also known as a bedstead, is the base structure that supports your mattress and/or box spring. They can be made from materials such as wood or metal. They sometimes include railings, headboards, footboards, and legs. While the bed frame’s functional purpose is to provide support, stability, and cleanliness for your mattress, they can also function as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your bedroom.

    Popular Types Of Bed Frames

    The best types of bed frames can generally be judged by their stability, size, construction, material, and aesthetic appeal. Of course, however, the best bed frames are tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of bed frames on the market, so you can choose the best one for yourself. 

    Platform Bed Frame

    A platform bed frame is preferred by many because of the built-in foundation that allows you to put your mattress directly atop the frame. They are sometimes freestanding and don’t come with a headboard, footboard, or side rails. 


    • It’s one of the cheaper options and is easy to find.
    • There’s no additional foundation needed, such as box springs.
    • It’s versatile and can be used with a most mattresses.
    • It has a sleek and simple design. 


    • Some people may prefer a more stylish design.

    Divan Bed Frame

    Divan bed frames are a great space-saving option. They usually come with at least two drawers and can be a great space to store bedding. 


    • It offers additional storage for rooms with limited space.
    • Its solid structure makes it sturdier. 


    • Can take more time to deconstruct when moving vs other more simple frames.
    • Can be more expensive compared to platform bed frames.
    • It can be difficult to assemble. 

    Trundle Bed Frame

    Trundle bed frames are useful when extra space is needed. A secondary bed frame is built in and can be pulled out from underneath. If you need two beds but can’t spare space for a bunk bed, a trundle bed frame is optimal.


    • It’s a space-saving option for when an extra bed is needed.
    • Some variants have a secondary bed that can be propped up to meet the height of the regular bed.
    • It’s great for sleepovers.


    • Extra beds can accumulate dirt and dust easily when left uncleaned or unused.
    • It can be difficult to disassemble and transport. 
    • It’s more expensive than regular beds. 

    Sleigh Bed Frame

    Sleigh beds are statement furniture pieces and can look very sophisticated and elegant. As the name suggests, this bed frame resembles a sleigh and has the marked appearance of a curved headboard, footboard, and bed rails. They are usually made with solid wood, so they’re typically very sturdy. Sleigh beds appear traditional and date back to the 18th century. 


    • It’s sturdy because it’s typically made with high-quality materials like solid hardwood.
    • Added style for your bedroom.


    • There’s limited storage space due to the sleigh-like side panels that reach down to the floor. 
    • It can take up a lot of space in a room. 
    • It can be heavy and difficult to move. 
    • The high footboards can prevent your feet from hanging off the bed. 

    Adjustable Bed Frame

    Adjustable bed frames are the uncontested option if you are particular about your sleeping position or have physical ailments to tend to. You can elevate your head and feet and can even achieve the “zero gravity” sleeping position that NASA astronauts use. 


    • Adjustable bed frames adjust to your desired sleeping position in a way that traditional beds won’t. 
    • Some people with medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, can benefit from an adjustable bed as doctors advise sleeping on your back with your head elevated.
    • These bed frames can achieve the “zero gravity” sleeping position that NASA astronauts use. This position allows for improved breathing and circulation.
    • It’s great for people who like to read in bed. 


    • It’s more expensive than the typical bed frame. 
    • Electronic malfunctions can occur.

    Loft Bed Frame

    A loft bed frame is one of the bed frame styles that provide more storage for limited spaces. You can fit desks, couches, dressers, and even play areas underneath this bed frame because of its long legs. Consider investing in this option if you want to be creative about your room layout. 


    • It’s suitable for rooms with limited space.
    • Its height makes the sleeping area well hidden and separate from living areas and dining areas, especially in a studio apartment. 


    • Safety, with the bed being higher off the ground. One might slip or fall while climbing.
    • Being close to the ceiling might be uncomfortable for some, especially if the room has low ceilings.

    Wrought Iron Bed Frames 

    Wrought iron bed frames are one of the most durable types of metal bed frames. It’s one of the most popular choices because of its sleek design and its transportability. They come in a variety of styles, so you can most likely find a wrought iron bed frame that suits your design aesthetic. 


    • It’s low maintenance and has durable material. These bed frames don’t need much upkeep and will last a long time.
    •  It’s light and easy to move.
    • This is a minimalist bed frame suited for people who prefer simple design. 


    • May be more susceptible to rust in more humod climates. Some maintenance is still required to keep moisture away. 
    • Metal bed frames can be squeaky. Weight shifts can make the welded metal rub against each other and create noise. 

    TV Bed Frame

    While it might sound surprising, a TV bed frame has a flat-screen TV attached to the footboard, making it an ideal choice for lounging around in bed and watching movies. 


    • You wouldn’t need to buy a separate TV as it already comes with the bed.
    • It makes it easy to watch TV if you prefer to have one in the bedroom.
    • The TV can be adjusted depending on your height.


    • If you’re watching TV at night, exposure to blue light can affect your sleep, and having a TV bed frame isn’t going to discourage you from doing so. 
    • Tv size is limited to what fits in the frame. 

    Bunk Bed Frame

    Bunk bed frames are very common for shared spaces, especially for children. If your children are sharing a room, you can create more floor space by opting for a bunk bed frame. 


    • It creates an extra sleeping space for your room, so it’s great for sleepovers. 
    • It can be taken apart to make two regular beds. 
    • It creates more storage space as some bunk beds have built-in drawers.
    • It’s great for people who share a room because it creates more floor space.


    • It can feel claustrophobic for some especially if the top bunk bed is close to the ceiling. 
    • Accessing the top bunk requires climbing a ladder, which poses a safety risk.

    Ottoman Bed Frame

    Similar to a divan bed frame, an ottoman bed frame offers alternative storage solutions. The difference is that the extra storage is found underneath the mattress as opposed to drawers that pull out from the side. They are usually upholstered and are one of the more ornate bed frames listed in our guide. 


    • The extra storage doesn’t take up more floor space. If you need extra storage space but have less room around your bed, an ottoman bed frame could be right for you. 
    • The space under the mattress is accessible because it comes with a hydraulic mechanism that makes it easy to lift. 
    • The extra storage is spacious. It’s perfect for storing big and bulky items like extra bedding, winter clothes, and more.
    • Upholstered bed frames are cozy and are a statement piece for your bedroom


    • It’s more expensive than other options. Constructing an ottoman bed frame is more difficult and. 
    • It’s not easily transported. The many components of an ottoman bed frame make it both heavy and difficult to disassemble.

    Canopy Bed Frame

    This four-poster bed frame is an ornate and elegant statement piece to add to a larger bedroom. Aside from having a classic appearance, they regulate temperature and can be used to block out sunlight. 


    • It elevates your bedroom decor and gives it a traditional and regal look. 
    • Additional linens surrounding the bed can regulate temperature and block out sunlight.
    • It offers extra privacy. After all, this traditional bed frame was used by royalty for privacy from any servants or guards that stayed in the bedroom.


    • More surface area and parts to clean. 
    • It’s not ideal for small rooms with low ceilings.
    • The many components, namely its four posts, will make this bed frame more work to move. 

    Daybed Frame

    If you have a small space but want something more interesting for a twin bed frame, a day bed frame is a great choice. Because of its design, your bed can also double as a couch, making this furniture piece multipurpose. 


    • If you’re a fan of ornate bed frames, the day bed frame is a unique statement piece for your bedroom.
    • Its design makes it a versatile piece of furniture. It can be used as a couch, too. 


    • Despite being a twin bed frame, this can be heavier than a standard platform bed frame.
    • Although this frame is great for single sleepers, it’s not suitable for more than one person to sleep on. 

    Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

    Mid-century modern bed frames are one of the popular options out of the bed styles mentioned. They come in a variety of styles but are recognizable for their simple yet sophisticated design and beautifully finished wood. 


    • Sleek and simple design makes it a timeless furniture piece. 
    • The high-quality wood makes this a sturdy option. 
    • It’s low maintenance because of its simple design.


    • These bed frames can be more expensive, especially if they’re made true to form using solid wood. 

    Futon Bed Frame

    A minimalist bed frame, the futon bed frame is a great choice if you prefer a clean and simple aesthetic. The futon bed frame was inspired by thin mattresses in Japan which sat directly on the floor. However, the Western version of this bed frame has a raised platform. 


    • The simple and clean design makes this frame an excellent option for a modern look.
    • It’s easy to clean and maintain.


    • It might not be as comfortable as other bed frames. 
    • It sits low to the ground which can be difficult for some to get in and out of.

    Considerations When Choosing A Bed Frame 

    what to consider when looking at bed frame types


    There are a few things that you should keep in mind when trying to choose the best bed frame for you:

    • Budget: Whether you have a minimal or extravagant budget, there are bed frames suited for every need that give stability, support, comfort, and style. If you have a minimal budget, don’t just get the cheapest option, and consider construction, materials, and ample support. Otherwise, you might find that it won’t last long or give you the support you need.
    • Mattress size: Whether you have an existing mattress or are on the market for a new one, know the type of mattress and its size when shopping for a bed frame. For instance, a twin-size mattress measures 38” x 75” while a twin XL is 38” x 80”, making it five inches longer. Be sure you have the right measurements on hand because bed sizes can be tricky. 
    • Materials: Bed frames are usually made of either wood or metal. Either option is generally reliable, but how well constructed it is can affect how sturdy it is. Some types of wood, metal, hardware and joinery systems are sturdier than others. For example, solid wood like oak and teak will hold up longer than softwoods like pine. 
    • Height: Bed frames come in either a standard-profile height, a low-profile height, or a high-profile height. A standard-profile height typically ranges from 13 to 15 inches and is the most common bed height. Low-profile bed frames sit 13 inches or less above ground and are ideal for smaller rooms. Lastly, high-profile beds are at least 15 inches and can be the preferred height for master bedrooms, taller folks, or storage space for items underneath the bed. 
    • Bedroom size: Ideally, your bed should have at least 2 or 3 feet of space around it. If you’re choosing a new mattress and a new bed frame to go with it, ensure that you have enough space to move in and around your bedroom. If you have limited space, you might want to consider getting a bed frame that provides storage space too, like a divan bed frame. 
    • Support: The two main support options are either platform beds or box springs. A platform bed is a bed frame with a built-in foundation, while a box spring is a base that may be placed on a bed frame. Wooden slats are common for modern platform beds, and you’ll find that many modern bed frames have a built-in foundation that no longer needs a box spring. However, if you have a box spring you want to use, consider this when shopping for a new bed frame.
    • Bedroom aesthetic: People usually want a bed frame for its aesthetic appeal. For instance, metal frames can suit a minimalist aesthetic. A cozy bedroom might call for an upholstered headboard. 

    Still unsure? Read our guide on how to choose a bed frame.

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    Types Of Bed Frames FAQs

    What’s the strongest bed frame type?

    Consider the material, construction, and solid base if you want to find a strong bed frame. Those are more important to consider than the bed frame type alone. If one bunk bed is made of solid hardwood, while another is made with softwood, the former will be more durable.

    Durable materials like solid hardwood or a well-constructed, thick metal frame are crucial to a strong bed frame. For instance, platform beds, especially ones made with solid hardwood or high-quality metal, have bed slats that better support heavier weight. 

    What kind of bed frame is good?

    A good bed frame is characterized by high-quality materials, such as solid hardwood. Regardless of the style, you must consider how well constructed the bed frame is and the material used to make it, so you can ensure durability.

    A good bed frame should also fit comfortably in your room; it shouldn’t be too big or too small for your room. It should also fit with your design aesthetic. 

    What is the most popular bed frame type?

    Platform beds are a popular and affordable option for saving space and transportability. Sleigh beds are also popular for a more classic aesthetic, while Mid-Century Modern beds are currently popular for their simple and sleek design.


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