A Purple RestorePremier Hybrid mattress sits on a four poster canopy bed frame in a bedroom with ivory accents.
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11 Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot Sleepers [2024]

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    August 31, 2023
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    The verdict: The Purple RestorePremier™ Hybrid ranks as the best cooling mattress. Its cooling cover, GelFlex® Grid design, and coil system create a breathable, comfortable sleeping surface with superior temperature balancing.

    Picture this: You finish brushing your teeth before bed, turn off all the lights, and head to your bedroom — only to find your dog preheating your spot. Say goodbye to that beloved nighttime chill in your sleep space because Fido just had to warm it up. If you had the best cooling mattress, this wouldn’t even cross your mind. Your mattress would still be cool. 

    The best cooling mattresses are often hybrid beds made of latex, polymer, and other cooling materials. Compared to hybrid mattresses, memory foam typically traps body heat. However, there are memory foam options infused with cooling agents or designed in a way to promote airflow.

    Whether you’re a hot sleeper or just love to curl up with a pile of blankets in a crisp bed, a cool mattress hits the spot. Thankfully for you, we’ve pulled together a list of the 11 best cooling mattresses.

    The 11 Best Cooling Mattresses

    1. Best Cooling Mattress: Purple RestorePremier™ Hybrid Mattress
    2. Most Personalized: Sleep Number® Climate360® Smart Bed
    3. Best Luxury: Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze
    4. Good for Side Sleepers: Helix Midnight Luxe
    5. Best All-memory Foam: Winkbeds GravityLux
    6. Good for Seniors: Stearns & Foster® The Lux Hybrid
    7. Longest Trial and Warranty: Nectar Premier Copper
    8. Softest Mattress: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe
    9. Good for Back Sleepers: Nolah Signature 12”
    10. Good for Combination Sleepers: Serta Arctic Hybrid Mattress
    11. Most Affordable: Sealy Cocoon™ Chill Mattress

    1. Purple RestorePremier™ Hybrid Mattress

    Best Cooling Mattress

    Price: $3,045 to $6,090

    Our Purple RestorePremier™ Hybrid Mattress provides deep, restorative sleep with industry-leading temperature balance and superior pressure relief. According to a thermal test and heat flux study, the RestorePremier™ is up to four times more effective at removing excess body heat than major competitors. But don’t just take our word for it, the RestorePremier™ also earned the Men’s Health Editor’s Choice award and Good Housekeeping’s overall pick for best cooling mattress in 2024. 

    The moisture-wicking, SoftFlex outer cover features an anti-microbial finish that keeps your mattress fresh and flexes to optimize the GelFlex® Grid’s benefits. The Grid instantly adapts to your sleep position + movement, cradles pressure points, and deters excess heat from building through airy design and polymer materials that dissipate heat away from your body. The GelFlex® Grid is the definition of cool comfort, all night long.

    Meanwhile, an independently responsive, edge-to-edge coil system delivers targeted support throughout the night. Bolstered by Ultra Comfort Foam sitting atop each individual coil, the mattress conforms to your body for improved pressure relief and motion isolation. Added edge support foam makes getting out of bed easier and maintains mattress longevity. Long story short, it’s an incredible cooling mattress – and much more. 

    The Details:

    • 13” tall
    • Soft and firm feel options
    • Four layers: SoftFlex cover, GelFlex® Grid with edge support foam, Ultra Comfort Foam layer, and edge-to-edge coils
    • Made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials



    Two firmness options

    Fewer sizes available but comes in the most popular sizes



    Uses Purple’s GelFlexⓇ Grid to dissipate heat, relieve pressure, and isolate motion


    Extra edge support makes getting out of bed easier

    A graphic shows Purple RestorePremier Hybrid mattress key features and details.

    2. Sleep Number® Climate360® Smart Bed

    An inclined Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed in a plain gray room.

    Most Personalized 

    Price: $9,999 to $13,499

    The Sleep Number® Climate360® Smart Bed allows sleepers to customize their sleep experience with modular temperature control, firmness, and incline via its adjustable bed frame. Beyond that, you and your partner also have access to personalized sleep data, so you can learn more about your resting habits.  

    The Details:

    • 13” tall
    • Adjustable firmness
    • 7” of foam comfort layers, including a foam tub of air chambers
    • Heating and cooling functions
    • Comes with an adjustable base



    Adjustable temperature control

    Most expensive

    Adjustable firmness and support 

    Not available in sizes smaller than a queen

    A chart showing information about the Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed.

    3. Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze®

    A close-up shot of an uncovered Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze mattress on a beige bed frame.

    Best Luxury

    Price: $5,099 to $10,198

    The Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze® is the coolest mattress that the brand sells. According to Tempur-Pedic, it sleeps 10 degrees colder than the average mattress, with each layer of the bed featuring cooling technology. 

    Only its medium-feel version comes as a hybrid mattress, and it features double-stacked innerspring coils. Tempur-Pedic does offer a ProBreeze® version, which comes in  foam and hybrid options — both in a medium feel. However, the ProBreeze® doesn’t feature some of the cooling layers and only sleeps five degrees cooler.

    The Details:

    • 13” tall
    • Soft, medium hybrid, and firm feel options
    • Five layers: SmartClimate® cover, heat-diffusing layer, Pure Cool® and Pure Cool® Plus material, ventilated Advanced Relief™ material, and memory foam (with coils in hybrid)



    Machine washable cover

    More expensive than others

    No price differences between hybrid and foam options (hybrids are typically pricier)  

    Only medium feel version is a hybrid mattress

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze mattress.

    4. Helix Midnight Luxe

    A Helix Midnight Luxe mattress with two pillows on a light wood platform bed frame in a dark room.

    Good for Side Sleepers

    Price: $1,374 to $2,874 (+$249 for GlacioTex™ cover)

    The Helix Midnight Luxe is a hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress that comes in one standard medium firmness level and features a pillow top cooling cover that softens the sleep experience without reducing support. Under the cover lies memory foam designed for cooling body temperatures and pressure-relieving support. The third layer uses copper phase change material to regulate body temperature, as the element naturally draws out heat.

    The Details:

    • 13.5” tall
    • Medium feel
    • Six layers: Pillow top cover, Helix responsive foam, copper gel memory foam, memory plus foam, individually wrapped coils, DuraDense foam base layer
    • Upgrade to the cool-to-the-touch GlacioTex (costs $249) or stick with the TENCEL™ breathable cover



    Cools with copper gel

    Coolest cover costs an additional $249

    Choice between two cooling covers

    Only one firmness option


    Some reviews note it not supporting heavier people well

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the Helix Midnight Luxe bed.

    5. WinkBeds GravityLux

    A WinkBeds GravityLux mattress sits on a white platform bed frame in a bright airy bedroom.

    Best All-Memory Foam

    Price: $1,199 to $1,999

    The WinkBeds GravityLux is an all-foam bed-in-a-box. Its top three layers aim to keep sleepers cool, while the bottom two layers provide support. Like other memory foam mattresses, it offers good motion isolation and responsiveness. 

    Remember, all-foam mattresses typically retain heat. So while the WinkBed GravityLux is one of the cooler memory foam mattresses available due to its AirCell™ memory foam design, other mattresses on this list can achieve even cooler sleep.

    The Details:

    • 11” tall
    • Soft, medium, and firm feel options
    • Four layers: TENCEL® cover, gel-infused foam, AirCell™ memory foam, Progression Foam™, and ATLAS Core™ foam
    • Compatible with most frames, including adjustable bases



    Three firmness levels

    Firmer than other memory foam mattresses (even in the soft version)

    Lifetime warranty

    Memory foam can be difficult to move around in


    Some reviews note an off-gassing smell

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress.

    6. Stearns & Foster® Lux Hybrid

    A blue Stearns & Foster Lux Hybrid mattress with pillows on a dark wood mid-century modern bed frame over a Persian-style rug.

    Good for Seniors

    Price: $3,499 to $6,998

    The Stearns & Foster® Lux Hybrid is designed with hybrid innerspring technology that combines individual coils with memory foam. Its exterior features silver air vents to increase airflow to the coil layer, while a TENCEL™ cover uses phase change material that feels cool to the touch.

    The Details:

    • 14–14.5” tall
    • Soft, medium, and firm feel options
    • Four layers: TENCEL™ cover, memory foam comfort layer, IntelliFlex™ Hybrid System of individually wrapped TEMPUR-Indulge memory foam, premium foam, and innersprings supported by an airvent system base layer
    • Designed with air vents on the side to promote airflow within the coils



    Three firmness options

    More expensive than others

    Side wall air vents

    May not be firm enough for some sleepers based on reviews


    May require deep pocket sheets

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the Stearns & Foster Lux Hybrid mattress.

    7. Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress

    A Nectar mattress on a light gray upholstered bed frame with light wood nightstands.

    Longest Trial and Warranty

    Price: $1,799 to $3,898

    The Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress cools with heat-wicking copper fibers woven into its cover, as well as adaptive ActiveCool phase change materials that react to body temperatures. The plush Euro Top is quilted with memory foam and supported by additional memory foam layers. However, some may not find the plush mattress topper to be firm enough.

    The Details:

    • 14” tall
    • Medium-firm feel
    • Six layers: Organic cotton cover woven with copper fibers, Therapeutic memory foam, ActiveLift layer, Dynamic Transition layer, Infinity innerspring coils and edge support, and ActiveSupport base
    • Shift-resistant lower cover to prevent sheets from slipping off



    Longest trial

    Only one firmness option

    Forever warranty

    May require deep pocket sheets

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress.

    8. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe

    A blue Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress with throw pillows on a dark, low platform frame.

    Softest Mattress

    Price: $999 to $2,930

    The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is a hybrid-mix bed-in-a-box made of both high-density foam and coils. Like the Nectar Premier, it uses copper in its top comfort layer to regulate temperatures. The hybrid design and materials absorb and release heat as needed while offering pressure relief and support.

    The Details:

    • 13.25” tall
    • Soft, medium, and firm feel options
    • Six layers: GlacioTex™ cooling cover, Copperflex™ foam, Supreme Response Comfort Foam, Gel Swirl Memory foam (soft and medium only), VariFlex™ transition foam (firm only), Ascension® coil core, and foam base
    • Option to add GlacioTex™ cloud pillow top for added comfort



    Many size options

    Soft version falls around a level 2, softest on the list

    Lower price compared to competitors

    Some reviews note an off-gassing smell 

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe bed.

    9. Nolah Signature Hybrid 12”

    A Nolah Signature Hybrid 12” Mattress with pillows and a throw blanket arranged on top and a dark brown bench at the foot of the bed.

    Good for Back Sleepers

    Price: $1,499 to $3,198

    Unlike traditional hybrid mattresses, the Nolah Signature Hybrid 12” is an all-foam hybrid mattress. It’s designed with an AirFoam™ Flex Dynamic support system with micro-cut waves that mimic the bounce of innersprings. AirFoam™ is Nolah’s proprietary temperature-neutral foam with billions of microscopic air bubbles that work to dissipate heat and relieve pressure.

    The Details:

    • 12” tall
    • Medium-soft feel
    • Six layers: Organic cotton cover, plush contouring Nolah AirFoam™, active response foam, the AirFoam™ Flex Dynamic support system (AirFoam™ sandwiched between two layers of micro-cut wave foam)



    Lifetime warranty

    Only one firmness option

    Works with any type of flat bed frame

    Egg crate layer may not be as responsive as traditional coils

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the Nolah Signature Hybrid 12” mattress.

    10. Serta Arctic Hybrid Mattress

    A Serta Arctic Hybrid Mattress with pillows on a wood bed frame in a bright white bedroom with wood accents.

    Good for Combination Sleepers

    Price: $2,999 to $4,599

    The Serta Arctic Hybrid is a high-density foam mattress that uses three levels of cooling technology. Phase change materials draw excess heat away from the body to prevent sweaty, middle-of-the-night wake-ups. The memory foam + innerspring combination conforms to the body for pressure-relieving support.

    The Details:

    • 13.5–14.5” tall depending on firmness
    • Plush or medium feel options
    • 5–6 layers: Cover, Reactex® System, Deep Reaction® Max Gel Memory Foam (plush only), CustomFit™ HD Memory Foam, EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam (medium only), Micro Hybrid Coils™ (plush only), and Hybrid Support™ System coils
    • Compatible with most frames, including adjustable bases



    Two firmness levels

    Fewer sizes available compared to other mattresses

    Three levels of cooling technology

    May require deep pocket sheets

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the Serta Arctic Hybrid Mattress.

    11. Sealy Cocoon™ Chill Hybrid Mattress

    A Sealy Cocoon Chill Mattress on a platform frame in a retro bedroom with a wood slat wall, burnt orange rug, and yellow chair.

    Most Affordable

    Price: $839 to $1,699

    Sealy’s Cocoon™ Chill hybrid mattress rounds out the list of best cooling mattresses. It’s the most affordable option for budget shoppers seeking a commodity bed with cooling features. The cooling cover utilizes a blend of phase change materials to remove body heat while the ventilated coil design offers support and breathability.

    The Details:

    • 12” tall
    • Medium feel
    • Four layers: Cooling cover, perfect fit memory foam, responsive comfort layer, and Active Support Technology® coil layer
    • Extra edge support



    Lowest priced cooling mattress

    Less effective for side sleepers with back pain 

    Isolates motion well

    May be too springy for some

    A graphic shows the key features and details of the Sealy Cocoon Chill Hybrid Mattress.

    How To Choose a Cool Mattress

    Choosing the best mattress can be time-consuming, but considering how much time we spend in bed, it proves to be a valuable, rewarding process. In addition to cooling features, you’ll want to consider the other aspects that make up your ideal bed — like pressure relief, support, and overall quality.

    Here are a few considerations to remember throughout your search for the best cooling mattress:

    • Mattress types: Traditional memory foam mattresses trap body heat. The coil systems in hybrid mattresses typically allow for better airflow. Latex mattresses and airbeds are good alternatives as well.
    • Cover materials: Look for cooling qualities, like moisture wicking, breathability, or infusions with cooling elements like gel, copper, or charcoal. 
    • Trials: Many mattress retailers offer trials so you can verify that the mattress meets your needs and stays cool all night.
    • Quality: High-quality mattresses are made of premium materials that help ensure lasting comfort over the years. It’s commonly believed that one should replace their mattress every 10 years. That can be true depending on the quality. Commodity mattresses often don’t last that long and should be replaced sooner. Though you may pay more upfront, opting for a higher-quality mattress can help your wallet and comfort in the long run.
    A graphic shows tips to make your bed cooler next to a woman putting a sheet over a Purple mattress.

    How To Make Your Bed Cooler

    Can’t swing a new cooling mattress purchase quite yet? Don’t sweat it. Thankfully there are other ways to cool down your sleep environment, so you can get a good night’s rest.

    • Keep your bedroom’s thermostat low: The best temperature for sleep is between 66°F and 68°F.
    • Use a tower fan to circulate the air: If you don’t have central air conditioning, a fan will bring a cooling breeze as you sleep.
    • Opt for breathable, cooling sheets: Look for blends of bamboo, cotton, and linen fabrics, like Purple SoftStretch® sheets. This goes for blankets as well.
    • Sleep with a cooling pillow: Some pillows are made of the same materials as cooling mattresses the Purple Harmony™ cooling pillow is the perfect example: it uses the GelFlex Grid®, just like in Purple’s cooling mattresses, to provide cool, supportive comfort for your head. 


    To create our list, we analyzed the top-reviewed cooling mattresses and weighted them on a variety of factors, including:

    • Mattress type
    • Cooling materials
    • Price point 
    • Customer reviews 

    From there, we ranked the mattresses based on these features and their ability to remain cool during sleep.


    What Is a Cooling Mattress?

    Cooling mattresses are made of materials that balance or lower body temperatures while sleeping and provide the support you’d expect from a mattress. Various cooling technologies are available today, from covers woven with cooling fibers, to layers of gel-infused foam, to unique grid designs.

    What Mattress Is Best for Night Sweats?

    Purple mattresses can be great for those suffering from night sweats thanks to the GelFlex® Grid. Made from proprietary temperature-neutral material, the GelFlex® Grid naturally draws excess heat away from the body without trapping it in the mattress. Since it feels cool all night long, you may find complete relief from night sweats.

    Why Is My Bed So Hot?

    Your bed might seem hot because it’s retaining your body heat, leaving you too hot to sleep well. Some mattress materials — like memory foam — trap heat more than others. While high-density memory foam can be supportive for some sleepers, if you run hot, look for hybrid, latex, or foam mattresses with added cooling elements. Then layer them with breathable bedding. 

    Do Cooling Mattresses Really Work?

    The best cooling mattresses do actually work, but some mattresses that claim to be cooling will still leave you drenched in sweat throughout the night. That’s why we compiled this list. It’s not enough for a mattress to feel cool to the touch — it should work to stay cool while your body rests on it. 

    As discussed, memory foam mattresses are at a disadvantage when it comes to cooling. They’re dense and often retain heat. Latex or hybrid mattresses typically sleep the coolest. The mix of materials offers support, airflow, and balanced temperatures. Purple mattresses are proven to dissipate heat, so you can sleep peacefully and cool all night long.

    You can shop online for a Purple mattress or browse your local mattress retailer today.

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