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Understanding Differences Between Purple Mattress Models

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    November 30, 2023
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    Purple forever changed the world of sleep products with our revolutionary GelFlex® Grid but is most notably known for our mattress innovations. With three collections and various models developed for unique sleep habits and hurdles,  how do Purple’s various mattresses differ from each other, and how do you pick the best one for you?

    In short, Purple mattresses differ from each other in terms of materials and construction, which means each model has different benefits. In this article, we’ll explore the various Purple mattress models and examine their key benefits to streamline your path to life-changing sleep.

    Purple Mattress Differences

    Every Purple mattress has been thoughtfully designed with careful attention paid to construction, materials and the ultimate impact both have on every sleeper. This basic guide compares each Purple mattress from the other with specific information on how their differences ultimately impact rest. 

    Essential Collection

    Every model of the Essential Collection is designed with a layer of revolutionary GelFlex® Grid supported by a foam base. A firm, supportive foam base partners with the GelFlex® Grid layer to provide a flexible yet stable sleeping surface. Here’s a guide to how each model in this collection differs from each other:

    PurpleFlex™ Mattress

    NewDay Exploded

    The NewDay mattress is the perfect entry into GelFlex® Grid sleep – at a price you’ll love. In addition to the breathability and instant adaptivity, it also has Edge Support Foam for that makes it easier to get in and out of bed, as well as durable Base Support Foam for extra stability. 

    Purple Mattress®

    The Purple Mattress® gives sleepers the same perks as the NewDay mattress, but with the extra benefit of a Comfort Foam Layer to enhance pressure relief. This improves the mattress’ ability to conform to your body’s contours and reduce motion transfer.

    Purple Plus® Mattress

    Purple Plus Exploded

    Purple Plus® mattresses have the same advantages as Purple Mattresses® but with two extra features: a dual layer of Base Support foam instead of a single layer, and a breathable Ultra Comfort Foam layer. 

    The dual layer of Base Support Foam provides better support and stability for the mattress. The Ultra Comfort Layer, on the other hand, cushions your body’s pressure points while improving temperature regulation and reducing motion transfer.

    Restore Hybrid Collection

    Unlike the Essential Collection, the Restore Collection mattresses are hybrid mattresses, combining the adaptive GelFlex® Grid with responsive coil cores and contouring comfort foam. This combination delivers dynamic support while allowing excess heat to dissipate for optimal sleep temperatures.

    *Synergy of GelFlex® Grid comfort with coil support

    *Full-body cradling + responsive relief

    *Provides optimal sleep temperature

    Here’s how each Restore mattress differs from the others in terms of materials and construction:

    Purple Restore™ Mattress 

    Restore Exploded Zoom

    The Restore Mattress has all of the benefits of the GelFlex® Grid combined with other advantages from its hybrid design. Its edge-to-edge coils improve mattress breathability and stronger support, while its adaptive comfort foam conforms to your body’s contours and reduces motion transfer.

    Restore mattresses come in either firmer or softer feel options, so you can pick the firmness level that best suits your sleeping preferences. They also have SoftFlex covers with an antimicrobial finish that helps your mattress and cover stay fresh longer.

    Purple RestorePlus™ Mattress 

    RestorePlus Zoom

    A RestorePlus Mattress has the advantages of the Restore Mattress but with additional features for pressure relief and improved cooling. 

    Each RestorePlus Mattress is made with three inches of GelFlex® Grid combined with the support of a zoned coil system support. This combination gives this hybrid mattress better pressure relief and temperature regulation. Its Edge Support System also helps the mattress retain its shape despite regular wear and tear, decreasing sagging and making it easier to get in and out of bed. 

    As with the Restore Mattress, the RestorePlus Mattress also has a moisture-wicking finish that enhances the unparalleled temperature balancing experience of the mattress.

    Purple RestorePremier™ Mattress 

    Purple’s RestorePremier Mattress has the benefits of the RestorePlus’ plus edge-to-edge coils topped with Ultra Comfort Foam. 

    These individual foam tops allow both the coils and the comfort foam to conform to your movements, enhancing pressure relief while supporting your body. Because the foam isn’t in a single layer, the foam-topped coils promote heat dissipation through the mattress’ GelFlex® Grid. 

    The RestorePremier also comes in soft and firm feel options, for preference selection.

    Rejuvenate Luxe Collection

    Purple’s Rejuvenate Collection mattresses elevate the comfort and support offerings provided by the Essential and Restore Collections. Within all Rejuvenate mattresses, layer upon layer of ultra-responsive comfort foam rests on reinforced GelFlex® Grid Plus, to provide maximum support and pressure relief without sacrificing temperature balance.

    *Quilted Comfort Cover + decadent foam layers for luxurious feel

    *Zoned Coils + Reinforced GelFlex® Grid Plus for maximum support

    Here are the key differences between Rejuvenate Collection models:

    Purple Rejuvenate™ Mattress 

    Rejuvenate Exploded

    The Rejuvenate Mattress combines the flexibility and increased density of the GelFlex® Grid Plus with a coil system and comfort foam. The two comfort foam layers surrounding the GelFlex® Grid Plus layer conform to the body’s contours for extra pressure relief and a luxurious feel.

    The 3-Zone Responsive Coil System provides targeted support. The top and bottom zones have coils designed to cradle high-pressure points like your head, neck, and shoulders. 

    Combined with the Cooling Quilted Comfort Cover, the cover creates a cool sleeping surface that helps heat dissipate quickly.

    Purple RejuvenatePlus™ Mattress 

    RejuvenatePlus Exploded

    The RejuvenatePlus Mattress has the benefits of the Rejuvenate Mattress enhanced with additional foam layers. Its dual layer of Ultra Comfort Foam provides more body-conforming comfort and targeted support, while the Active Response Comfort Layer readily adapts to cradle your body’s pressure points while you sleep. 

    This soft yet supportive mattress is protected by the Cooling Quilted Comfort Cover, keeping you cool and dry at night.

    Purple RejuvenatePremier™ Mattress 

    RejuvenatePremier Exploded View

    Purple’s RejuvenatePremier Mattress enhances the features of the RejuvenatePlus mattress with extra coil zones and layers. Instead of three zones, the RejuvenatePremier has five zones to provide additional targeted support and promote neutral spine alignment.

    This model has two layers of the GelFlex® Grid Plus for double the support, combined with a Talalay latex layer for more comfort while sleeping. It also has a medium feel, enhanced temperature regulation, and better pressure relief all wrapped in Purple’s Cooling Quilted Comfort Cover. This means more comfort while sleeping and a more responsive support.

    Key Differences Between Purple Hybrid Mattresses vs Non-Hybrid

    While all of Purple’s mattresses promote optimal airflow because of the GelFlex® Grid in every model, Purple’s Restore Collection mattresses have responsive edge to edge coil systems that enhance ventilation, improve heat dissipation and provide added comfort and support. These mattresses may offer cooling relief for hot sleepers as well as support and adaptive comfort.

    Purple carries both hybrid and non-hybrid mattresses. Purple’s hybrid mattresses are all the mattresses in the Restore and Rejuvenate Collections, namely: the Restore Mattress, the RestorePlus, the RestorePremier, the Rejuvenate Mattress, the RejuvenatePlus, and the RejuvenatePremier Mattress.

    Meanwhile, Purple’s non-hybrid mattresses make use of extra foam layers to either add support at the base or cushioning on top. 

    The mattresses in Purple’s Essential Collection are non-hybrid mattresses. These are the NewDay Mattress, the Purple Mattress®, and the Purple Plus® Mattress.


    Purple Mattress FAQ's

    The softest Purple mattress in all three collections is the RestorePremier Mattress in the soft feel option.

    Purple’s firmest mattresses are the firm feel option for the Restore mattress and the Rejuvenate mattress.

    Purple carries mattresses that are classified into three collections based on their materials and construction: Essential, Restore, and Rejuvenate Collections. Some Purple mattresses are classified as all-foam mattresses, while others are considered hybrid mattresses due to their combination of coil systems, foam, and the GelFle®x Grid.

    Purple mattresses offer the following benefits for the ultimate sleeping experience:

    • Pressure relief: Purple’s proprietary GelFlex® Grid is a highly responsive, hyper-elastic polymer that conforms to your body’s pressure points while you sleep. This may alleviate discomfort from built-up tension and keep you from tossing and turning in your sleep.
    • Temperature regulation: Purple’s GelFlex® Grid has over a thousand ventilation chambers, drawing excess heat away for an optimal sleeping temperature throughout the night.
    • Adaptive comfort: Purple’s supportive, flexible GelFlex® Grid is responsive and designed to adapt to a variety of sleeping positions and body types. 
    • Durability: Purple mattresses are made with durable, high-quality materials such as foam layers and Purple’s proprietary GelFlex® Grid. These reduce the likelihood of premature wear and tear and improve mattress longevity.

    Purple mattresses are categorized into three different collections: the Essential, Restore, and Rejuvenate Collections. These are the defining characteristics of these mattress levels:

    1. Essential: These mattresses are made with a combination of GelFlex® Grid and a supportive foam base to provide an adaptive, cushioned sleeping surface.
    2. Restore: These mattresses are made with Purple’s GelFlex® Grid, comfort foam layers, and responsive coil cores to balance responsive relief with temperature regulation.
    3. Rejuvenate: These mattresses combine multi-zoned coil cores and the reinforced GelFlex® Grid Plus for enhanced support. They also have extra foam layers and a Cooling Quilted Comfort Cover for luxurious, cozy sleep.

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