Wake Up Energized

Grid structure naturally draws away excess heat for an optimal sleep temperature so you can make the most of long summer days. Explore some of our favorite sleep products designed to keep you comfortable all night long.

Won't sleep hot.

Purple RestorePremier™ Mattress

An exceptionally responsive system of foam-topped, individual coils and 3” of instantly adaptive GelFlex® Grid work in harmony to deliver deeply restorative sleep at optimal sleep temperatures.

One Word: Cool.

Purple Harmony™ Pillow

With heat-disbursing honeycomb-pattern GelFlex Grid™ and moisture-wicking breathable mesh, people tell us it really does feel cool.

Super Soft + Super Breathable.

Purple SoftStretch™ Sheets

The bamboo-blend fabric isn’t just soft, it’s also moisture-wicking and breathable to help prevent sleeping hot.

Couple making the bed with Purple SoftStretch Sheets

Only Purple Has the GelFlex® Grid

And only the GelFlex Grid offers the perfect combination of sleep-inducing, comfort-enhancing, pressure-relieving benefits. Our Grid layer cushions and supports, adapts as you move, and stays the perfect temperature – all night long.