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5 Reasons Why Purple’s Cooling Sheets are the Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers

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Do you have a tendency to sleep hot? It’s no fun to wake up sweaty and uncomfortable. Whether your night sweats can be blamed on hot weather, warm pajamas, or your sleeping partner’s habit of setting the heat too high, trying to stay cool can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Your bed sheets can go a long way toward helping your body stay cool so you can sleep comfortably all night long. If you tend to sleep hot, you may want to invest in cooling bed sheets that are specifically designed to regulate your temperature throughout the night. We may be a little biased, but we think Purple’s cooling bed sheets are the very best you can buy – here’s why.

5 Reasons Why Purple’s Cooling Sheets are the Best for Hot Sleepers

man over heating in bed
  1. Moisture-wicking Material
  2. Naturally Cool
  3. Breathable
  4. Super Stretchy
  5. Easy Returns

Overheating while you sleep is no joke – and it’s more than just a minor inconvenience or discomfort. Sleeping too hot can seriously throw off your sleep cycle, which then can lead to other health and well-being challenges that range from irritability and trouble concentrating to increased stress levels and breakdowns in your immune system.

There are many ways to address night sweats and overall hot sleeping – you can move to a glacier, you can crank up your air conditioning as high as it can go, you can sleep in the buff. But none of these remedies may be as effective as outfitting your bed with cool, breathable sheets that can help you naturally regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

Cooling sheets aren’t magic. They can’t always address the cause of your night sweats – especially if your sweating is caused by health issues, such as hormonal changes, diet, or medication. But using cooling sheets as part of your bedding can help you stay cool and comfortable, so you get a good night’s sleep, each and every night. Just like you reach for flannel sheets and the softest, best duvet for comfort during chilly winter months, knowing how to choose the best sheets and bedding for warm nights can help keep your bed from turning into a sauna.

For sleepers who are hot no matter the outdoor temperature and time of year, Purple® Sheets have you covered for that, too. With their soft, unique blend of bamboo and super-stretch material, Purple® Sheets can help cool you down and keep you comfy while you sleep.

5 Reasons Why Purple’s Cooling Sheets are the Best for Hot Sleepers

You can count on breathable Purple® Sheets to keep you cool and fresh all night long. Here are the top reasons why:

1. Moisture-Wicking Material

You can find bed sheets made from a variety of materials ranging from polyester, microfiber, and linen to silk sheets and weaves that include both sateen and percale. While the most common or traditional sheet material remains cotton, Purple sheets are made of bamboo. Yep, that’s right – bamboo, which has become an increasingly popular material for bed sheets.

Bamboo sheets offer a whole host of benefits, especially for hot sleepers. For one, bamboo is naturally moisture wicking, so Purple sheets pull sweat away from your body so it can evaporate. That means the sheets won’t trap your own body heat and force you to sleep within a cocoon of your own sweat. Pulling your sweat away from your body as fast as possible keeps you from getting overheated and uncomfortable.

2. Naturally Cool

Purple bed sheets just feel good, plain and simple. The natural bamboo fiber helps ensure that these sheets always feel soft and cool to the touch, which is incredibly soothing to flustered and hot sleepers. This is another reason why bamboo sheets continue to gain popularity within the bedding market – and we think Purple makes the best sheets in the industry. They’re crazy soft and snuggable like you won’t believe. We dare you not to wrap yourself up in them the minute you get your hands on them.

Purple® Sheets are also super low-maintenance – they’re machine washable and can go in the dryer, so there’s no need to worry about high-effort or expensive maintenance. Bamboo bed sheets will get softer and softer every time you wash them, so you’ll love them more every time you sleep on them. In fact, Purple® Sheets are some of the softest bed sheets you can find anywhere.

Besides their cooling effects, softness and overall awesomeness, Purple sheets also are hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly. Adding a set of Purple® Sheets to your bedding collection makes sense for a lot of reasons – especially for sleepers with sensitive skin or allergies or who want to make buying decisions that are good for the environment.

3. Breathable

breathable sheets

Purple bed sheets also are extremely breathable, so they allow air to freely pass through the sheets. Breathability is essential for staying well-ventilated and cool during the night.

A big part of breathability comes down to thread count. An optimal thread count that strikes the right balance between durability and breathability is often a good indicator of how cool a sheet set can keep sleepers throughout the night. With Purple® Sheets, you can enjoy a soft, bamboo-based fabric that is inherently breathable, while also being extremely durable — so you don’t even have to worry about thread count. These high-tech bed sheets are scientifically designed to provide the best breathability, softness, and stretchiness for a better night’s sleep than ever before. In fact, Purple sheets are 83% more breathable than top-selling sheets made of Egyptian cotton.

Let’s be real for just a second. Thread count is not the be-all, end-all measure of sheet quality that experts used to think. It’s an antiquated measure of the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of sheet fabric. Traditionally, experts recommended that the higher the thread count, the softer, more luxurious and higher quality a particular sheet. However, that myth has been debunked in recent years, especially after sheet manufacturers learned to monkey with the system. For example, a sheet manufacturer might just use a low-quality weave in a high volume, which makes the thread count meaningless as a measure of overall quality.

In general, you’re probably good with a thread count anywhere between 250 and 400 – and it’s rare to find a genuine thread count any higher than 400, anyway. You can only fit so many threads within a square inch, so be cautious – and a little skeptical – when you see thread counts advertised with a higher thread count.

For cooling sheets, around 300 is a comfortable thread count. A too-high thread count often means a thick, non-breathable sheet that can roast you during a night’s sleep.

4. Super Stretchy

hand pushing on stretchy sheets

What does stretch have to do with cooling, you ask? This is where your mattress and your bed sheets can work together to help you stay cool. Purple bed sheets have been designed specifically for use with the Purple® Mattress — the coolest mattress around. You want to avoid stiff, comfort-blocking sheets that can prevent you from benefiting from the uniquely cool Purple Grid™. Since this Hyper-Elastic Polymer material is designed to flex dynamically with your body, your sheets need to be able to flex along with it. And ours can.

For maximum sleep comfort, you need sheets that offer enough stretch to work with both your body and your mattress. If your sheets aren’t stretchy enough, they can create a drum effect, which forces you to float above your mattress rather than sinking into it. If you’re sleeping on a Purple® Mattress with stiff, inflexible sheets, you may not be fully engaging the cool, breathable properties of the Purple Grid™. But with Purple’s bamboo-based, super-stretchy bed sheets, you’ll have the right level of stretch that allows you to fully enjoy all the cooling benefits of your amazing mattress.

In fact, Purple’s sheets are the only ones on the market that are engineered with Super Stretch (yes, that’s the technical term). While bamboo sheets are generally soft and awesome, not all bamboo sheets on the market have this level of stretch. To make sure your sheets are stretchy enough to give you the highest level of cooling and comfort, you need Purple® Sheets. And if you use Purple bed sheets in conjunction with your Purple® Mattress, you’ll have just the right setup to make sure all your pressure points sink into the unique Purple Grid™ without any resistance.

In addition to sleeping cool, Purple’s stretchy sheets just fit better than other brands. You won’t have to wrestle anymore with a too-tightly woven fitted sheet over your mattress corners. The Purple fitted sheet has a heavy-duty elastic edge that makes it easy to put on your mattress – and remain there — no matter if you toss and turn, or sleep on an adjustable bed frame. No more fitted sheet corners coming loose from your mattress. Available in sizes from Twin / Twin XL to Split King, the Purple® Sheets are a little bit magical – and very, very cool.

5. Easy Returns

Sometimes, a set of bed sheets just isn’t the right fit (see what we did there?), and when that’s the case, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting a full refund. No matter where you purchase your cooling bed sheets, it’s always a good idea to verify that you can return them if they don’t meet your expectations. With Purple® Sheets, you have 30 days to try them out – and if you decide for any reason that they’re not right for you, you can return them for a refund. They just need to be clean and undamaged. Easy peasy.

Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers

There’s not much that’s worse than trying to get a comfortable night’s sleep when your bed feels like a furnace. But hot sleepers don’t have to book a flight to the Arctic to guarantee a good night’s sleep. You can sleep smart with Purple’s cooling sheets to help make your bed more comfortable and set yourself up for snoozing success. A set of cooling bed sheets can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep – and the quality of your life. They will provide you with the right level of softness, moisture wicking, breathability, and stretch to make sure you stay comfortable, no matter the temperature.

When you order a set of sheets from Purple, you get a flat sheet and fitted sheet. Twin and Twin XL sheet sets include one pillowcase, and a Full, Queen, King, or Cal King set of sheets comes with two pillow cases.

For the very best results, pair your Purple cooling sheets with a Purple® Mattress for even greater breathability, moisture wicking, and overall comfort for a great night’s sleep. With Purple® Sheets, you can fall asleep easily and stay that way until morning since overheating won’t interrupt your snoozing. Doesn’t that sound cool?