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Gel Memory Foam: Do Cooling Gel Mattresses Work?

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    October 7, 2021
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    A History and Overview of Gel-Infused Mattresses

    For people that like memory foam mattresses but they are too hot. Gel-infused mattresses tend to sleep cooler.


    A History of Gel-Infused Mattresses

    Gel-infused mattresses, were first manufactured in 2006 by Charles Yost. Yost also developed memory foam, which was first produced for NASA in the 1970s to be used in seats on airplanes.

    Gel-infused mattresses are known as a “third generation foam.” Before gel was infused with memory foam, foam mattress options were only a traditional mattress, which is a synthetic mattress, or plant-based mattress.

    Gel-infused mattresses didn’t become popular until 2011, when Serta produced the iComfort mattress line.

    So What is Gel?

    Most companies aren’t upfront about what materials are in their gel, and only say they’re made of “phase changing materials.” However, we know that gel or gel-infused beds are made of synthetic materials that are more breathable than plain memory foam.

    Why Do People Choose Gel-Infused Mattresses?

    Gel-infused mattresses are popular because of their comfort and breathability. By contrast, many people complain that plain memory foam mattresses are too hot, or that they create a stuck feeling because of the way they shape around someone lying on it.

    Gel-Infused Mattresses Are Cooler to Sleep On

    Gel-infused mattresses are reportedly cooler to sleep on because they enhance air circulation, which allows body heat to escape rather than trapping it inside the mattress.

    Gel-Infused Mattresses Spring Back Faster

    Gel-infused mattresses spring back to their normal shape quickly after pressure is removed. This means that it shapes around bodies faster; if you move a lot in your sleep, the mattress won’t stay compressed as long after you move off of it, and will instead shape around where you move to.

    This factor makes gel-infused mattresses more comfortable, and lessens the “stuck” feeling that some people complain about with regular memory foam mattresses.

    Other Gel-Infused Options

    Full gel-infused mattresses aren’t the only choice available to someone who wants the comfort of gel, but doesn’t want to pay for it.

    Though mattress pads and mattress toppers are often interchangeable, there can be a few differences.

    Gel-Infused Mattress Pads: Thin and Cooling

    Gel-infused mattress pads are a thin covering that cover the entire bed, and come in all sizes, including twin, full, queen, king, and California king. Many people use a mattress pad for its cooling properties, in addition to comfort.

    Gel-Infused Mattress Toppers: More Comfort, Less Money

    Gel-infused mattress toppers are usually thicker than mattress pads, and therefore provide more comfort. They’re a good option that bring together the best parts of other gel-infused options: more comfort like the full mattress while being less money, usually around $50 to $150 depending on brand and size.

    How Much Do Gel-Infused Mattresses Cost?

    As with every type of mattress, price varies greatly depending on the size of mattress and the brand. These mattresses, like the pads and toppers, come in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

    Many brands produce gel-infused mattresses. The most popular is Serta iComfort line, which includes toppers as well as mattresses. Other brands like Lucid, Sealy and many more also offer these types of mattresses.

    Gel-infused toppers cost anywhere from about $50 to approximately $350 and beyond, depending on the brand and size. Gel-infused mattresses cost between less than $150 to nearly $5,000.

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