What Is A Hybrid Mattress? Definition, Benefits + Drawbacks

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March 23, 2023
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What is a hybrid mattress and how does it differ from other types of mattresses? What are the advantages of having a hybrid bed? A hybrid mattress is a combination of an innerspring mattress and a foam mattress, with an inner metal coil construction, topped with comfort layers.

Hybrid mattresses combine the airflow and support of a traditional innerspring mattress with the softness of a foam mattress – this results in a supremely comfortable mattress that keeps you cool throughout the night. Read on to find out more about hybrid mattresses and whether they’re the right fit for you.

What Is A Hybrid Mattress Made Of?

Hybrid mattresses are made of several distinct comfort layers, offering both support and motion isolation for all sleepers, side, back, or stomach. 

Hybrids typically include some or all of the following layers:

  • Polyfoam transitional layer: This transition layer is composed of several types of dense foam to help with motion separation and keep you firmly in place.
  • Core foam: The base foam provides a sturdy, reliable foundation for the softer polyfoam, or memory foam, layers above.
  • Responsive coil layer: These coils emulate the motion separation found in traditional innerspring mattresses without the associated body pain.

From its comfort-focused top layer to the supportive coils, these responsive yet soft mattress layers come together to make a uniquely dynamic  mattress with the most-loved components of all styles. 

What Purple Hybrid Mattresses are Made Of

Both the original Purple Hybrid and the Purple Premier Mattresses contain the following layers, respectively:

  1. Premium StretchMax™ cover
  2. Hyper-elastic polymer grid
  3. Transition foam
  4. Responsive support coils
  5. Transition foam

Choosing a quality mattress that is right for you is essential, and that’s why Purple has created a diverse collection of options. Each selection is specially designed to ensure sleepers of all kinds are getting the best sleep they’ve ever had.

What Is Not A Hybrid Mattress?

The key component that makes a hybrid mattress a hybrid is the differing layers of mattress construction incorporated into one single bed. 

By definition,  a hybrid mattress is a mattress that uses both foam layers and innerspring layers. For example, if a mattress does not have a mix of both soft upper layers and an innerspring layer below, it can’t be considered a true hybrid. 


What Does It Feel Like To Sleep On A Hybrid Mattress?

While your personal preferences will impact the feel, l sleeping on a hybrid mattress generally combines a heavenly softness with just-right support.  

To help you envision the feel of a hybrid mattress,  we’ve created a graph that compares various mattress types with hybrids


Hybrid Mattress vs Traditional Innerspring Mattress

Hybrid Mattress vs Traditional Innerspring Mattress

Because both contain high-quality coil support systems that offer support and shape retention, it's possible to confuse hybrid mattresses with innerspring mattresses.

To help provide clarity, here are some of the key differences between hybrid vs. innerspring mattresses:

Hybrid mattress 

Innerspring mattress

Pocket coils in hybrid mattresses are individually wrapped in fabric or other protective material

Coil systems of innerspring mattresses are grouped without a covering

The top layer of a hybrid is made of thick material designed to hug your body

Innersprings have a thinner comfort layer to make space for the coils

It has a transition layer between the top and bottom sheets

It doesn’t have a transition layer. Instead, it has more coils between sheets of material

It evenly disperses weight and minimizes bounce and motion transfer

It’s bouncier and has more rebound


For a deep-dive into all of the  differences between each type of mattress and which one is best suited for you,  read  our article on hybrid vs. innerspring mattresses.

Hybrid Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are a popular bed option that are also  often confused with hybrid mattresses since they both contain some type of foam. However, distinguishing between both types of beds becomes relatively simple when you know what to look for. Check out our article on the pros and cons of memory foam mattresses to see if they’re right for you.

Here are some of the main differences between memory foam vs. a hybrid mattress:

Hybrid Mattress

Memory Foam Bed

A hybrid mattress has several layers of different materials for maximum comfort regardless of sleep position

Memory foam beds are made exclusively from a base foam layer

It supports weight with pocket coil springs

It uses high-density foam for support, which may not be suitable for all body types

Pocket-wrapped coils in hybrid mattresses are evenly spaced for even support throughout the mattress

The best support is in the middle of the mattress, which tapers off toward the edges

We extensively cover the differences between these two types of mattresses in our article detailing the hot debate: memory foam vs. hybrid mattresses

Hybrid Mattress vs All-Foam Mattress

Hybrid Mattress vs All-Foam Mattress

As the name suggests, all foam mattresses rely on a foam structure from top to bottom. While both hybrid and all-foam mattresses depend on foam for support, there are a few differences all sleepers should keep in mind as they’re getting ready to purchase a mattress..

Here’s what to look out for:

Hybrid Mattress

All-Foam Mattress

A hybrid mattress is made of different materials and has thicker comfort layers

An all-foam mattress is made entirely of foam from top to bottom

Its base layer is made of pocket coil springs

It does not have  a pocket coil support layer

It has a moderate layer of bounce due to the extra layer of offset coils

Lacks a coil network and provides a denser feeling without much rebound or bounce

Do You Need A Box Spring With A Hybrid Mattress?

The short answer is no, you don’t need a box spring with a hybrid mattress in general nor with a Purple Hybrid mattress. This is because of the hybrid mattress’ advanced sleep technology that creates a solid infrastructure of layers working synergistically together to support. 

Instead of a box spring, we recommend a high-quality bed frame to elevate your sleeping experience.

How Much Does A Hybrid Mattress Cost?

Because of the advanced technology and the long-term span of their use,  queen hybrid mattresses range between $1,200 and $5,000.

Get Your Best Sleep With Purple

In contrast to many hybrid mattresses that depend solely on foam and innersprings, Purple hybrid models contain our proprietary GelFlex Grid top layer, which elevates the sleeping experience entirely. Our beds prioritize comfort and support while still ensuring minimal heat retention as you sleep creating the optimal sleep environment your mind and body will appreciate.