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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress in 2024?

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    July 25, 2023
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    The best time to buy a mattress is around Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday, when discounts are at their highest.

    Are you no longer sleeping well? Is there a sad dip in your mattress that you roll into each night? Your mattress might be telling you it’s past its prime.

    Replacing your mattress can be a major purchase, but waiting for sales can save you a fair bit of money, no matter your preferred mattress type or size. 

    The best time to buy a mattress is between late winter into spring and then again in the fall. Mattresses are priced the lowest during big sales that often revolve around major federal and shopping holidays. Between those timeframes, mattress sales often happen before new product launches. You should have no problem snagging a deal if you plan it right. 

    The table below covers the best times and holidays to buy a mattress. Remember that sales vary by brand and even by model, though they often begin before the holiday and last from a few days to a couple of weeks.

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    Best Time To Buy a New Mattress



    What To Expect

    New Year’s Day

    January 1

    Retailers are motivated to offload older or retiring models.

    Presidents’ Day

    Third Monday in February

    Considered the first big mattress sale holiday of the year.

    Spring product launch

    March or April

    Look for discounts on older mattress models or gifts with a new model purchase.

    Memorial Day

    Last Monday in May

    A long weekend or several weeks of sales to make room for new products.

    Independence Day

    July 4

    A long weekend or several weeks of sales to make room for new products.

    Amazon Prime Day

    Two days within the first two weeks of July

    Mattresses on sale for Amazon Prime members, though big retailers may also hold sales.

    Labor Day

    First Monday in September

    One of the biggest holidays for mattress sales.

    Indigenous Peoples’ Day

    Second Monday in October

    A common time for sellers to kick off early Black Friday sales.

    Veterans Day

    November 11

    Some brands may offer sales for veterans only. Others use this holiday to kick off Black Friday early.

    Black Friday

    Day after Thanksgiving

    Historically for brick-and-mortar stores. It may continue throughout the long holiday weekend.

    Cyber Monday

    Monday after Thanksgiving

    Primarily for online sellers. Discounts may continue throughout the week.


    December 25

    Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, holiday shopping is high with discounts to match.


    seasons of year to buy a mattress

    Major Holidays

    Mattress companies — like many retailers — love to piggyback on holidays to launch sales. Here are some of the biggest holidays for mattress sales:

    • New Year’s Day: While New Year’s sales aren’t as big as Christmas sales, many big box brands tend to drop mattress prices to move old stock and encourage “new starts.” So, don’t worry if you missed those end-of-year holiday deals — there’s still time.
    • Presidents’ Day: This marks the end of winter and ushers in the spring mattress season, so shops start rotating their inventory and selling off leftovers at reduced rates. This also comes during a three-day weekend, so retailers list items at competitive prices.
    • Memorial Day: Memorial Day is one of the best holidays for mattress sales. The housing market and moving season typically trend upward throughout spring and summer, so many consumers replace home items — like mattresses — at this time.
    • Independence Day: Another federal holiday on our list is Independence Day. Online mattress companies can slash up to 60% off select beds and mattress protectors during a long weekend.
    • Labor Day: Labor Day is one of the biggest mattress sale holidays. That’s because it signals the end of summer when consumers are more likely to purchase home upgrades and plan to spend more time at home. Mattress companies are more likely to bundle pillows, sheets, and bases with your new bed.

    Shopping Holidays

    • Black Friday: All shoppers know how intense Black Friday can be for sales, and mattresses are no exception. This is a great time of year to think about your spare bedroom and ensure you have a comfy bed for holiday guests. 

      However, you may want to skip shopping in-store if you’re not too keen on pushing other shoppers out of the way for deep discounts. In recent years, many online retailers began to kick off Black Friday sales as early as October around Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 
    • Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday is Black Friday for online mattress companies, meaning you get access to low prices without having to fight for your new bed. However, this means that items sell out within seconds, so be ready to add to your cart long before the discounts go live.
    • Amazon Prime Day: While this is technically a “members-only” sale, many households now have an Amazon Prime subscription. If this is the case for you, this may be the best opportunity to deliver a cheap commodity mattress straight to your door.

      Since Amazon Prime Day has gained so much traction recently, some bigger retailers hold competing sales on the same days.


    Mattress sales happen all year, but mattress retailers tend to drop prices more often in a few specific time frames. So if you're ready to start your mattress journey, mark your calendar for the following dates, days, and events:

    • February to May: The stretch between late winter to early spring is prime mattress buying time because brick-and-mortar stores and online brands are usually preparing to launch new product lines. 

    By March and April, brick-and-mortar locations usually start putting new products on the showroom floor. As a result, they tend to slash prices on old stock to incentivize buying.

    If you’d rather buy the latest models, this is a great time to get gifts like pillows and sheets with new mattress purchases. 

    • August and September: Many retailers introduce back-to-school sales in late summer, particularly on twin, twin XL, or full-size mattresses. However, some may only discount bedding at this time.
    • Weekdays: Since stores have lower foot traffic on weekdays, brick-and-mortar retailers and sales associates are more likely to offer sales Monday through Friday.

    Similar to the spring months, some mattress stores are more likely to offer free bedding accessories or electronic gifts on weekdays when traffic is lighter.

    • Online: Online brands tend to be freer with big discounts — especially towards the end of the month — because of their lower overhead costs. Some brands and retailers may hold annual sales related to special events, like an anniversary sale. Watch out for coupons, flash sales, and even midnight sales for big-ticket items.
    • Grand openings: If a local store has a big launch coming up, chances are they’ll also be offering a special price for a limited time. This can be an excellent opportunity to snag the latest sleep technology while saving yourself a bit of money.

    Tips For Mattress Shopping

    Deciding it’s time to replace your mattress is the first step to mattress shopping. Each mattress’s lifespan is different, but there are general signs to look for to tell you it’s time — from sagging to obvious wear.

    list of reasons to replace your mattress

    With so many options available, mattress shopping can feel overwhelming. The good news is that it doesn’t have to. If you know you need a new bed soon, start researching early. Knowing your must-haves beforehand is important to finding the best mattress for you. Here are the main factors to confirm ahead of time:

    • Determine your ideal bed size. Will you stick with your current bed frame or upgrade to a bigger mattress size?
    • Settle on a mattress type. All mattress materials have pros and cons, from memory foam to latex. Mattress materials also play a part in sleeping temperature and positions.
    • Decide your preferred firmness level. The mattress firmness scale ranges from extra soft to extra firm.
    • Determine if you need extra support in certain areas. If you have back pain, you may want to consider an adjustable bed frame for extra lumbar support. Not all mattresses work with adjustable bases.
    • Assess the trial period. Some sellers offer a month, while others allow several months.
    • Read the warranty. Warranties vary in length — from three years to 25, depending on the manufacturer. It may also only cover specific terms.
    • Sign up for white glove delivery. If it’s available, white glove delivery means the company sets up your new bed in your home and could include the removal of your old mattress. This may or may not be free, depending on the brand.
    • Set your budget. For sales, look at the price tag, not the sale percentage. But remember that a great night’s sleep can have a significant positive impact on your health, so consider budgeting more for it.

    How To Find Mattress Sales

    The best deals on mattresses can come from anywhere — they only require a little patience. Here are some ways you can snag larger discounts on that luxury mattress you’ve been eyeing.

    1. Watch For Store Ads

    Beyond big sale event displays, mattress sellers sometimes post large discounts on social media. This is doubly true if you’re interested in specific e-commerce mattress brands. We recommend signing up for email alerts and newsletters and following all your favorite brands for real-time updates on major discounts.

    2. Stop by Outlet Centers or Look For Overstock Sales

    When retailers want to clear out warehouses and old models from stockroom floors, they’ll promote overstock sales or sell to outlet centers. This is an excellent time to get competitive prices on expensive mattresses, and you can find them easily online. Keep your eyes peeled for an online sales event for the best prices. With outlet stores, you will likely have to transport the mattress home and set it up on your own.

    3. Find Stores That Are Closing

    While sales are sometimes unpredictable, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find deals at closing stores. You can snag the sales floor model at a staggeringly low price if you are lucky enough. Beyond seeing your mattress in person before making the purchase, you’ll probably be able to purchase a few pillows and sheets at great prices, too.

    4. Talk to a Store Manager

    When shopping in person, speak with a store manager to better understand the available options. This way, you’ll be able to learn of upcoming sales long before the email newsletter subscribers, making you the first in line at their brick-and-mortar location. Some store managers may be able to negotiate prices or offer deals on accessories.

    5. Check Out Online Sellers

    Online mattress brands tend to offer some of the biggest discounts on the market, although you won’t be able to see or test your hybrid mattress in person first.

    However, one distinct advantage to shopping at online stores is reviews. With all the information on the internet at your fingertips, it’s easy to make the right choice. If you’re unsure whether shopping for a mattress online is right for you, analyze the pros and cons of both mattress shopping experiences here:

    Shopping Online vs. In-store



    Comfort to shop from your own home whenever you want.

    Ability to feel the mattress before committing. 

    Many online stores offer sleep trials with free returns.

    You may need to visit several stores to find the right mattress.

    Gain access to a wider variety of mattress types and prices without physically shopping around.

    Knowledgeable floor staff.

    Access to customer support when needed.

    Many stores offer free, fast white glove delivery.

    Many offer free white glove delivery.

    Ability to negotiate price (sometimes) or accessories. 

    6. Check With Your Job and Health Insurance

    There are a few ways you could potentially save money on a new mattress through your job and benefits, such as:

    • Your job title: Certain professionals may qualify for coupons at any point throughout the year with valid proof of employment. This often includes healthcare workers, military members, first responders, students, and teachers. 
    • Your health insurance: If a new or special mattress is deemed medically necessary and “prescribed” to you by your doctor, your insurance may cover some of the purchase. Some common insurance providers with this benefit are Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, they hold stipulations on the exact mattresses you can buy.

    Some brands are even HSA or FSA eligible, though you should double-check with your insurance provider and the retailer first.

    • Employee benefits marketplace: You may have access to a marketplace of special perks, rewards, and discounts through your employer or third-party benefits provider. Check with your human resources specialist to see if your company offers this.

    7. Bundle With Other Purchases

    Many online and in-store retailers offer bundling deals on mattresses and other products. So if it’s time to buy a new mattress and you’re still using furniture from your college days, pick out a new bed frame along with a dresser and a pair of nightstands to pull it all together and get the best deal.

    How Much Does a New Mattress Cost?

    As with any major purchase, price is one of the main deciding factors when buying a mattress. Prices for queen mattresses range from $300 to $8,000 before taxes — a broad spectrum that truly depends on the features and quality of the mattress. 

    No golden rule says how much you should spend on a mattress. But remember, most mattresses below $1,000 are commodity-level products with very few supportive attributes. That said, you should determine your budget by the features you require. These can include:

    • Materials 
    • Thickness
    • Support
    • Smart features
    • Durability
    • Reliability
    • Warranty terms
    • Sleeping temperature

    The bottom line is you need to do your research before purchasing. Make a list of the mattress qualities you can't live without, along with any additional features you’d ideally like to have. It's easy to be seduced by the comfiest, fanciest mattress, so this list will help you stay focused.


    February, May, September, and November are the best months to buy a mattress. Mattresses are least expensive at these times of the year because of sales around Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

    Chances are there will be a sale at some point in each month of the year, so there is no wrong time to buy a mattress.

    If you buy at a time when there happen to be no sales, there may be other ways to save. Some retailers offer discounts for certain professionals, or your favorite influencer may even have a promo code.

    Mattresses sell the most during long periods of sales. This often occurs during late winter through spring and then again in the fall.

    Like any other mattress company, Purple mattresses go on sale occasionally — online and at mattress stores. But the best time to buy a Purple Mattress is during a holiday sale, like Labor Day.

    The best deals happen right here on our website all year round. Be sure to sign up for our online newsletter or check our Facebook page for regular updates about deals, sales, and promos.

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