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Is A Bunkie Board The Same As A Box Spring?

To start from the very beginning it is important to ask the question, what the heck is a bunkie board? And no, we are not talking about something created in Bunkie, Louisiana. We are talking about something that you can put under your mattress that is becoming a popular alternative to a box spring. As Mattress Warehouse describes a bunkie board, bunkie boards are usually about two inches thick and made of wood, and they offer support for the mattress without adding to the existing bulkiness or height of the bed, and is created to fit on the bed slats (the pieces of wood on the bed frame that run vertically to support the mattress and its foundation).

Basic History of the Bunkie Board

Bunkie boards (which is also spelled bunkie-board or bunky board) are traditionally made from a type of particleboard or plywood and are then covered in a layer of fabric. Originally, bunkie boards were made with one solid piece of wood to support the whole mattress, but modern day bunkie boards, according to a blog post on Cymax, are now made with wood chips or strips of wood that are formed to the desired length, width, or thickness. This saves money and makes bunkie boards quite affordable. The bunkie board is often sturdier than normal box springs and offers a strong supportive bed platform that takes up less space. The way bunkie boards are created today is more cost-effective than when they were first made, by employing pieces of wood rather than a whole plank. The use of bunkie boards has become more popular in recent years.

Do People Still Use Bunkie Boards?

The short answer to if people use bunkie boards is yes. Bunkie boards are readily available on most home decor websites or in your local big box store and have been growing in popularity as a good alternative to box springs. Bunkie boards come in every size for every bed imaginable. California king, king, queen, twin, twin xl or double. You name it and they make a bunkie board to fit it. Consumers are starting to realize that a box spring is really not as essential as they have always been told.

According to a blog post on Cat House Beds, the tradition of raising your bed up with box springs originates from the eighteen hundreds to elevate beds above cold drafts and unwanted pests, like rodents. Fortunately, due to our modern conveniences, we no longer have to worry about the same problems that people had over two hundred years ago, and, therefore, do not need to raise up our beds as high. More and more people are eliminating box springs from their beds because you can get the same amount of support from a bunkie board and we do not have to unnecessarily raise our beds.

What is Better Than a Bunkie Board?

So, by now you’re thinking, “Bunkie boards sound pretty good, but is there something better? How about a box spring?” The answer to this question all depends on what you are looking for in a bed. Bunkie boards are ideal to save space. Because a bunkie board adds support to your mattress without adding extra height, they are great for platform or foundation beds. Bunkie boards can also be ideal for kids beds or bunk beds.

Bunkie boards are ideal when it comes to foam mattresses, memory foam mattress, or latex mattresses. If your bed already has slats, it might seem silly to even invest in a bunkie board, however, the slats often do not offer a mattress with the proper support. A bunkie board will fit right on the bed’s slats and offer the proper support for a foam mattress. Box springs were specifically designed for spring mattresses to absorb the pushing of your body against the springs and help to add in that extra support. However, with the rise of foam mattress (including memory foam), box springs are not always the best option. Bunkie boards are the alternative for box springs that work best with foam mattresses and are created to support the extra weight of a foam mattress. Bunkie boards also tend to run cheaper than box springs, which also might be an incentive for those looking to save some extra money.

To determine which would be better for you (bunkie board or box spring) depends on what type of mattress you want. Are you a traditional spring mattress sort of person, or do you love your foam mattress and how it wraps around your body?

Though they are similar to box springs, they offer a different feel and style for your bed. When determining which is better for you (box spring or bunkie board) it helps to completely understand what a bunkie board is and how it works as a bed’s foundation.