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Full-Size Bed Frame Dimensions: Everything You Need To Know

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    November 30, 2022
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    Are you in the market for a new bed frame but aren't sure what size to get? Here, we explain full-size bed frame dimensions and how they compare to other popular bed frame sizes.

    What Are The Dimensions Of A Full-Size Bed Frame?

    A full-size bed frame measures 56 to 59 inches by 77 to 80 inches. It is important to note that bed frames are usually a half inch to two inches bigger than their corresponding mattress. So, if a full-size mattress measures 54 by 75 inches, a full-size bed frame should measure anywhere from 54.5 to 56 inches wide and 75.5 to 77 inches long.

    That said, if you choose a bed frame with a bulkier design or embellishments, it could be slightly larger than that approximation.

    Compare Full-Size Bed Frame Dimensions With Other Popular Bed Sizes

    How does a full-size compare to other popular bed sizes? Let’s find out with this bed size chart.

    Bed Frame

    Bed Frame Size

    Bed Frame Dimensions

    Minimum Room Size


    38 in x 74 in

    40 - 43 in x 77 - 80 in

    7 ft x 10 ft

    Twin XL

    38 in x 80 in

    40 - 43 in x 82 - 85 in

    7 ft x 10.5 ft


    54 in x 75 in

    56 - 59 in x 77 - 80 in

    9.5 ft x 10.5 ft


    60 in x 80 in

    62 - 65 in x 82 - 85 x

    10 ft x 10 ft


    76 in x 80 in

    78 - 81 in x 82 - 85 in

    12 ft x 12 ft

    California King

    72 in x 84 in

    74 - 77 in x 86 - 89 in

    12 ft x 12 ft

    Full-Size Bed vs Twin-Size Bed

    The difference between a full-size bed and a twin-size bed is that a full bed can fit bigger single sleepers or couples who don’t mind being cramped in bed, while the latter can only fit single sleepers. This is because twin-size beds only measure about 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, and full-size beds are roughly 16 inches wider than twin beds.

    Make sure not to confuse twin beds for double beds, another term for full-size beds.

    Full-Size Bed vs Twin XL Bed

    The differences between full-size beds and twin XL beds lie in both length and width. 

    Twin XL beds measure 38 x 80 inches. Given the longer length compared to twin and full beds, twin XL beds are a great option for taller sleepers who want extra space to stretch out their legs.

    When you put two twin XL beds together, you get a split king bed – a unique type of bed that can be connected by a metal bar or fabric/elastic attachments. Some manufacturers offer special bed frames for split king beds, which allow two sleepers to customize their own sides of the bed. 

    Full-Size Bed vs Queen-Size Bed

    The difference between a full-size bed and a queen-size bed is that the latter can comfortably fit couples while the former might leave them feeling cramped. Queen-size bed frames accommodate mattresses that measure roughly 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length, while full beds only measure 53 x 75 inches. 

    Full-size beds are recommended for single sleepers who want to make a step up from narrow twin beds but don’t want to give up too much floor space. Thus, full-size beds are often a popular choice among young adults who are living independently for the first time. 

    Couples who enjoy cuddling in bed and don’t mind sleeping close together may find that a full bed is just what they need. But for those who like having some personal space in bed – particularly those who may run hot in their sleep or restless sleepers who don’t want to disturb their partners – queen beds may be the better option. 

    Full-Size Bed vs King-Size Bed

    The main difference between a full bed and a king bed is that the former can comfortably fit single sleepers while the latter can accommodate two adults and one child with a bit of room to spare. King-size bed frames measure a little over 76 x 80 inches – making them a whopping 22 inches wider than full beds. 

    King-size beds are recommended for use in master suites that are at least 12 x 12 feet. For slightly smaller bedrooms, the better option would be a queen bed. For bedrooms that are smaller than 10 x 10 feet, your best bet would be a full-size bed.

    Who Is A Full-Size Bed For?

    Full-size beds are a great option for first-time renters or homeowners who want to graduate from small twin beds but don’t want to sacrifice too much floor space. And while queen beds are the most popular choice for couples, it is still possible to enjoy a full-size bed with a companion – that is, if you don’t mind sleeping close.


    • Provides single sleepers enough room to stretch out
    • A space-saving way to move up from a twin bed
    • Relatively inexpensive
    • Lighter and easier to haul and unpack


    • Not always comfortable for two sleepers
    • Takes up more floor space than twin and twin XL beds 

    Types Of Bed Frames For Full-Size Beds

    If you are concerned about saving space, size is not the only thing you should consider. The type of bed frame you choose – whether platform, panel, sleigh, or otherwise – can change the look and feel of your bedroom.

    Panel Beds

    Panel beds come with wooden slats or metal bars also known as panels. They’re made to be used with a box spring or a mattress foundation – otherwise, your mattress could sag prematurely and leave you with an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

    The panels help mattresses “breathe” and improve airflow to keep sleepers cool on warm nights. This type of bed usually comes in a more “traditional” style with a headboard, footboard, and side railings.

    Platform Beds

    Unlike panel beds, platform beds can be used with or without a mattress foundation or box spring. Platform beds are usually simpler in design and built to provide your mattress with a singular solid surface rather than slats or panels to rest on. In that sense, platform beds perform the function of both a bed frame and base for your mattress.

    With a platform bed, you get a sturdy, firm base and, more often than not, a more minimalist design compared to most panel beds. A lot of platform beds come with built-in headboards and footboards, but you can also find platform beds that don’t have any bells and whistles.

    Trundle Bed

    A trundle bed is a bed frame with another bed you can slide out from underneath. If you like having company over, trundle beds are a great option – especially if you don’t have a spare bedroom for guests. Instead of relegating guests to your sofa – which might not be comfortable for tall or heavyweight sleepers – you can let them sleep soundly on a trundle bed.

    The biggest drawback to trundle beds is stability. The bottom bunk on these types of beds won’t be as firm or stable as the attached bed.

    Sleigh Bed

    With extra-high headboards and lower footboards, these beds look like, well, sleighs. These beds are often bulky and come in ornate designs, so if you want a lighter, more minimalist look in your bedroom, this may not be the bed for you. But if you have the extra space and you enjoy reading or working in bed, this type of bed frame may be appropriate.


    Daybeds function as both a bed and sofa and often have a backboard running the entire length of the bed. Most daybeds measure about the same length and width as a twin-size bed, but you can always have a custom-built full-size daybed if you want something more versatile in your room. Since daybeds are often designed to look like sofas, they’re also great for guest bedrooms or living rooms.

    Loft Bed

    If you really want to save floor space and have high ceilings, a loft bed may be right for you. Loft bed frames come with high support beams so that users have enough space to walk around underneath. This gives you enough space for a desk, sofa, shelving, or whatever else you might not have room for otherwise. The biggest drawback to this type of bed is the risk of falling, especially if you are a restless sleeper.

    Get A Full Night’s Rest With A Full-Size Bed

    A full-size bed frame is a great option for people who want plenty of sleeping space without having to invest in a king or queen size bed. Purple offers full size bed frames for a variety of wants and needs. 

    The Purple Bed Frame: Easy addition to any style of bedroom with easy set up and a solid base to support your mattress.

    Platform Bed Frame: Holds up to 2,000 pounds, yet is easy to set up and lightweight. 


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