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Do You Need A Bed Frame For Your Mattress?

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    March 30, 2023
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    Wondering if you need a bed frame for your mattress and which bed frame is best for your mattress type? You need a bed frame because it will improve your mattress's longevity. A bed frame also positively impacts your sleep quality, giving your body support while you sleep. 

    Keep reading this article to find out more about the other benefits of bed frames. We’ll walk you through the different types of bed frames, and what happens when you use a mattress without one.

    What Is A Bed Frame?

    Generally speaking, a bed frame or bed foundation is anything that supports your mattress. Just like all other sleepy time accessories, they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials – it’s all down to your personal preference. You can learn more about the different types of bed frames in our comprehensive guide, each with different designs, features, and construction.

    Different bed frame types have their respective pros and cons, such as the amount of storage space and temperature control. Learn more about the benefits of each type in our “what is a bed frame?” guide.

    What Is The Purpose Of A Bed Frame?

    The point of a bed frame is to give your mattress elevation and better support. By supporting your mattress, a bed frame helps prevent sagging and  more even weight distribution while you sleep. This, in turn, supports your body and improves your comfort throughout the night.

    Different bed frame types also improve temperature control, add storage space, and protect your mattress from damage due to dust mites and mildew. Because your sleep quality has such a significant impact on your physical and mental health, getting a quality bed frame is a solid investment in your overall well-being.

    Does Your Mattress Need A Bed Frame?

    Now you know all about bed frames and the different types they come in, but the question remains: Is it a requirement? The short answer is that a bed frame is not necessary, but the benefits vastly outweigh the cost-saving of not having one. 

    You’ll probably be able to get a perfectly pleasant night sleeping on a regular mattress without a bed frame or box spring, but there are a few reasons why you might want to get one anyway. 

    Wondering if a box spring is a must for your mattress or if you’re better off using an alternative foundation? Read our guide to find out if you need a box spring and what its benefits are.

    Reasons Why You Need To Use A Bed Frame

    The best decisions are well-informed ones, so reading up on the benefits of having a bed frame is integral to your purchasing process. Here are some of the most commonly cited benefits of having a bed frame. 

    Mold Prevention

    The underside of your sleeping surface is a hotbed for mold growth and mildewKeeping your bed off of the ground helps prevent moisture from being trapped in your mattress, and keeps mildew at bay therefore improving your mattress's longevity. 

    Mattress Support

    The thing about mattresses is that they tend to sag and warp over time. That means your body won’t always get the support it needs for pain-free sleep. However, a high-quality bed frame can accommodate a bit of flex as you toss and turn in bed, alleviating the back pain and morning aches commonly associated with substandard support. 

    As a bonus, bed frames also prevent your mattress from getting damaged and scuffed up, which can sometimes void its warranty. In the long run, a proper bed foundation is an investment that can support your back and your budget. Check out our guide to finding the right bed foundation if you need help choosing one for your purposes.

    Storage Space

    Some bed bases come with built-in drawers and storage boxes, which can be a welcome addition to homes of all sizes. You can toss sheets, pillows, or even shoes into a mattress base’s various compartments.

    Temperature Control

    Ventilation is key to staying cool overnight, but sleeping on a mattress on the floor greatly reduces ventilation. Most people run hotter when they hit the hay, which means they’ll be sweating and transferring their body heat to their mattresses. This lack of ventilation becomes an even bigger concern if your mattress is made with materials that trap body heat, such as memory foam mattresses.

    Putting a little lift in your sleep surface means air flows freely throughout the night, which prevents your bed from getting too hot. A panel bed frame’s slatted base promotes better airflow, while a platform bed frame has a solid surface that tends to keep you warmer. Read our guide to find out the differences between a panel bed and a platform bed, and learn which type is best for you.


    Having a beautiful bedroom is important, and bed frames can make any bedroom go from drab to fab in a few seconds. Crafty folks can decorate even the most plain-looking bed headboard and footboard with fairy lights and ribbons, while others choose sleek wooden foundations with rails to complement their modern aesthetic.

    There are many stylish options to choose from depending on your personal style and home decor. One of the general rules of thumb is to consider how your choice will complement your linens and flooring, so your beddings and frame don’t clash.

    Is Having No Bed Frame Bad?

    It can be bad not to have a bed frame if you’re sensitive to dust, need support for your mattress, or get sweaty in your sleep. Some folks prefer the stiff support sleeping on the floor can give you, and that’s totally normal. 

    But one thing you may want to consider when sleeping on a frameless mattress? Getting out of bed might be more challenging in the morning because you’re so close to the ground. This factor is especially important for heavier bodies and those who sleep with a partner. So if you want to be able to get in and out of your bed with ease, get a frame for your mattress. Side rails are especially recommended for those who need help getting in and out of bed as well or for those who tend to roll off the bed at night.

    Another important consideration is that it’s easier for pests like insects or rodents to access your mattress without a bed frame to elevate it. A frame not only protects you from these creepy crawlies, but several types also prevent dust and dust mites from accumulating. This is a big plus for sensitive sleepers who may get allergic reactions triggered by mites

    Upgrade Your Sleep With Purple

    Purple makes a variety of highly supportive, comfortable mattresses that may help a variety of sleeper types get a good night’s rest. To complement Purple mattresses, Purple also has a line of high-quality frames in sizes ranging from twin XL to California king. Check out our guide to different bed frame sizes to help you pick the best fit for your mattress.

    Here’s a look at Purple’s different bed bases and their key features:

    • Ascent Adjustable Base: The Ascent Adjustable Base can be personalized for different positions, helping you stay comfortable whether you’re sleeping, relaxing while watching TV, or sitting up to work. If you already have an existing bed frame, this can still be added for the customizable elevation of different pressure points. It even comes with built-in USB ports so you can easily charge your mobile devices.
    • Purple Bed Frame: The classic Purple Bed Frame is easy to assemble without using major tools, and it’s durable and stylish to boot. Designed to support any mattress type, this base is incredibly strong, with the queen-size version capable of holding up to 2,000 pounds.
    • Platform Bed Frame: Lightweight but capable of bearing a 2,000-pound load, the Platform Bed Frame offers 13 inches of under-bed space. Its minimalist design complements many interior decor motifs, with polypropylene joint buffers designed to reduce squeaking.


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