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The Purple® Mattress

Supports Your Back & Your Budget

The mattress that started it all just got an upgrade. Now with added edge support and a cooler SoftFlex cover, the Purple® Mattress gives you the essential Purple comfort your body needs.

Purple® Hybrid

Enhanced Adaptive Support & Airflow

Take sleep to the next level. The combination of the Purple Grid and patented Responsive Support Coils make for extra-dynamic cool, No Pressure® Support.

Purple® Hybrid Premier

The Ultimate No Pressure® Mattress

Sleep in the lap of luxury. With a customizable Purple Grid layer for deeper No Pressure® Support and Responsive Support Coils, you get truly personalized cool, zero-gravity sleep experience.

All Purple Mattresses come with:

100 Night Free Trial

100-Night Trial

Free Shipping

Free Shipping & Returns

10 Year Warranty

10-Year Warranty

Born in the USA

Made in the USA

Why You Should Shop at Purple for the Best Black Friday Mattress Sale & Cyber Monday Mattress Deals

Reasons to Shop Purple on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Finding a great mattress sale shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. We want your Black Friday mattress shopping experience to feel like a dream. Here are nine reasons why you should shop Purple on Black Friday & Cyber Monday.
  • Avoid Long Lines
  • Have More Selection
  • Stay Away From Massive Crowds
  • Avoid Pushy Salespeople
  • Save Time
  • Buy Someone the Gift of Comfort
  • Forget the Confusing Coupon Sites
  • Spend More Time with Loved Ones
  • Get Better Sleep this Holiday Season

Avoid Long Lines
Local stores on Black Friday can feel like a madhouse. The lines start forming while the gravy and stuffing are still warm on the Thanksgiving table. Stores big and small open their doors to the wave of shoppers. The end result is a lot of long, long lines, especially for new releases and best deals on big-ticket items, like furniture, appliances, and — you guessed it — mattresses. Maybe you don’t mind waiting in line. Maybe you even like getting jostled and elbowed while you wait for your turn. But if you’re like most people, waiting in line can be a real drag. Fortunately, this can all be avoided. Check out Purple online Cyber Monday Mattress Deals to and save money and valuable time.

Have More Selection
One of the least enjoyable things about Black Friday is the lack of selection. You enter a store to finally get the black friday mattress sale of your dreams — only to find that the store is sold out of the model you wanted. Don’t be surprised if the mattress salesman says they are out of stock until after Christmas. You’re left with a mattress brand that doesn’t offer you the comfort and support you need for a restful sleep. You may feel tempted to settle for an average mattress, but you’ll be filled with regret later.

Why limit your seasonal joy to leftovers? You can find the perfect mattress at Purple. Between the Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier, there are plenty of variations and choices. You can find the Black Friday mattress deals you want — without settling for less.

You don’t even need to visit the mattress store to score the best Black Friday mattress. You can get the best deals online by visiting throughout the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

Stay Away From Massive Crowds
Long lines and lack of selection aren’t the only drawbacks to shopping in person on Black Friday. You’ll also have to contend with massive crowds on the prowl for sales and in-store deals.

It all starts when you have to hunt for a parking spot. After walking half a mile, you finally push your way into the mattress store in search of Black Friday deals … but there are simply too many people. Shoppers are crowded around the demo mattresses on the floor, making it hard to find a mattress deal you like. You want to lie down on a king size mattress and test it, but it’s hard to get comfortable knowing that 15 other people just lay in the same bed. Someone had something weird for lunch, and you can smell it in the air. You finally get a hold of a salesperson, who begins rattling off words like “adjustable” and “memory foam mattress” and “innerspring”—and you can barely pay attention because the noise of the crowd and blinking holiday lights are driving you into stimulation overload.

Black Friday’s massive crowds can be very unpleasant and stressful, and it’s a bad way to start the holiday season. If you need to do some mattress shopping, save yourself the stress and visit Purple online. You’ll love our amazing Black Friday mattress sale and our website offers plenty of free parking.

Avoid Pushy Salespeople
When it comes to buying larger furniture, like a mattress, you often need to make your purchase through a salesperson. Some salespeople are well-intentioned and do their best to help you find what you need. But many salespeople are driven by commissions and just want to close the sale, no matter what. For something as important as a mattress, you don’t want to be put in this kind of situation. If a salesperson convinces you to buy a mattress that doesn’t really work for you, it could result in years of bad sleep.

Avoid pushy salespeople who are just trying to make some extra “turkey” during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Everything you need to know about the best mattress sale is right here at Purple — including thousands of verified customer reviews. You can compare your own sleep needs to those of our happy customers and make a decision that’s best for you.

Save Time
It seems like we all have a million things to do during the holiday season. Decorating, buying gifts, holiday parties, travel plans—the point is we could all use a little more time in December. Why spend what little time you have bouncing around town trying to buy a mattress when you could do it in the click of a button sitting at home?

Purple’s Black Friday Mattress Sale makes mattress shopping simple and easy. Now, you can enjoy the luxurious comfort of a Purple mattress and spend the weekend doing more important holiday traditions.

Forget the Confusing Coupon Sites
Sometimes, shopping online for sales can be as confusing and stressful as driving to a store. For those who do their Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping online, one major source of frustration is all the online coupon sites. There are hundreds of these sites out there today. Some coupon sites are outright scams. Others may send you to online retailers with an outdated coupon code that never works. And if you do manage to find a deal, there could be hidden fees and charges that catch you by surprise. It’s hard to know who to believe, and the last thing you want is a poor-quality mattress that will leave you with sleeper’s remorse.

Keep things simple and look to Purple for the best mattress deals in 2020. You can fall in love with a Purple mattress while enjoying free delivery and the lowest prices of the year. You’ll rest easy knowing you are covered by a 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty, and free return if you change your mind.

Spend More Time With Loved Ones
Spending time with friends and family is what makes the holidays so special. Thanksgiving just ended, but why break up the party so quickly? Spend a little more time together, whether it’s at home or going out somewhere fun. Who wants to spend time hunting for a parking spot, fighting the crowds, and waiting in long lines?

The holiday weekend is better spent relaxing with the important people in your life. You don’t have to worry about finding a Black Friday mattress sale or tracking down the best Cyber Monday mattress deals — everything you need is right here at Purple. All that’s left to do is break out the eggnog and sugar cookies!

Get Better Sleep This Holiday Season
Many people spend more time in bed during the winter. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the weather is colder. Sleeping on a worn-out mattress can give you some serious winter blues. Instead, treat yourself to a new mattress that can carry you through the frigid months of winter and into a life of comfort and sweet dreams. With a Purple Mattress, you can lay in bed and watch your favorite movies, read a good book, and hibernate in comfort.

The patented Purple Grid contours to your body much better than memory foam or traditional innerspring foam mattresses. Sleeping with a Purple can help you avoid common mattress issues, such as overheating and motion transfer, while supporting your back and cradling your pressure points. It’s so comfortable, you may just decide to stay in bed forever (actually, you have to go to work on Monday, so don’t forget to set your alarm).

What to Look for In a Mattress Buying Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Now that you see the benefits of shopping with Purple on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let’s talk about the best way to go about it.

Mattress Budget
The first thing you’ll want to do before shopping for anything is to figure out your budget. While you want to find a great deal on Black Friday, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and quality. It may be tempting to spend more than you have on a mattress with fancy gimmicks (do you really need a remote?), but stay focused on the mattress qualities that matter most. Be sure to consider the different mattress sizes as you’re deciding. While your bedroom may be able to fit a king size mattress, you may find that a queen mattress offers more value.

Financing Your Mattress
When considering your budget, you may want to explore financing options. Many mattress stores will allow you to make monthly payments. If you purchase a new mattress from Purple during our Black Friday sale, you may qualify for financing as low as 0% APR* with no hidden fees. We’ve partnered with Affirm so you can start sleeping on a new Purple mattress for an easy monthly payment that fits your budget.

Mattress Firmness
Before buying a mattress on a Black Friday mattress deal, it’s important to think about your preferred mattress firmness. Do you enjoy a firm mattress, or one that’s softer? When determining the right level of firmness, it’s important to take your body type into consideration. Heavier people need a firmer mattress, while smaller, lightweight sleepers may enjoy a mattress that’s softer.

Your sleeping position also affects how much support you need. Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to help support the natural curve of the spine. Back sleepers typically feel the most comfortable on a soft mattress. Side sleepers should choose a medium-firm mattress that can support the spine while cushioning the hip and shoulder joints.

It’s good to compare mattresses to see which ones are most likely to provide the best night’s rest. Purple mattresses are considered to be “universal” since they can support a variety of sleepers who prefer different levels of firmness. You can further adjust the firmness of your Purple mattress by customizing the thickness of the No Pressure Purple Grid.

Mattress Material
Mattress material is a major factor to consider when shopping for a new mattress during the Black Friday Mattress Sale. Some materials are better than others, it all depends on your sleep position and body temperature.

Some mattress materials sleep on the warm side. Your back sleeper friend may rave about their soft latex mattress, but that won’t help you if you’re a stomach sleeper who prefers a firm, cooling mattress.

Purple caters to a wide variety of sleepers, no matter their preferred sleep position or temperature. Our Purple Grid™ technology offers no-pressure body support and breathability, which is just a fancy way of saying it hugs in you all the right ways while keeping you cool and comfortable. Mattress Reviews
It’s helpful to read product reviews before making a purchase. You want to get a sense of how well a product has worked for most customers. One of the great things about shopping online is that people can leave reviews, and products can be ranked and rated based on customer satisfaction. Check out our mattress reviews, and see how Purple stacks up against other online mattress companies including Casper mattress, Nectar mattress or Amerisleep mattress.

Mattress Return Policy and Warranty
Of course, no online mattress review can compete with your own opinion. That’s why it’s important to consider a company’s return policy and warranty before buying a mattress. Before buying a mattress, you should consider the company’s return policy and warranty. If the mattress doesn’t work out and you decide to return it, you shouldn’t have to pay expensive shipping costs.

If you purchase a mattress from Purple, you never have to worry. Try your new Purple for up to 100 nights — if you’re not satisfied, you can return it for a refund. We’ll even pick it up for you at no charge. And you can you rest worry-free knowing each Purple mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Keep in mind that Purple recommends sleeping on your mattress for at least 21 days to get used to the new feeling, before initiating a return. Also, if you bought a Purple from one of our many partner mattress stores, you’ll need to contact the store for assistance.

Why Buy a Purple Mattress Today?

With all the Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday discounts happening this weekend, now is the perfect time to buy a mattress. While browsing sales on the latest phone, laptop, or in-home robot, don’t forget to take a look at one piece of furniture that really matters: your mattress. Avoid the Black Friday crowds and long lines and lock down the best mattress deals right here at Purple.

As you settle into the holiday season, spending long nights resting on your Purple mattress, you won’t regret your purchase. You’ll be glad you chose the No Pressure Purple Grid™ as you cozy up under the covers and enjoy the pressure relief it provides. You might even sleep so soundly that you miss the sound of reindeer hooves on your roof on Christmas Eve. Don’t let the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals slip away. Order your Purple today and get the best night’s sleep this holiday season!

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