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Fall asleep and stay asleep with a temperature balancing GelFlex® Grid mattress + base, now up to $800 off during the Memorial Day Sale.

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Upgrade to Hybrid
Restore mattress

Purple Restore™ Hybrid Mattress

Upgrade to the enhanced benefits of GelFlex®Grid with hybrid responsive pressure relief and cooling. 

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Purple RestorePlus™ Hybrid Mattress

Provides core body support plus extra comfort + cooling benefits, for uninterrupted sleep.

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#1 For Cooling
RestorePremier Mattress

Purple RestorePremier™ Hybrid Mattress

Sleep deeper with best-in-class cooling, superior pressure relief + aligning support for restorative sleep.

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Extra Comfort
Purple Plus Mattress

Purple Plus® Mattress

More support, fewer sleep disruptions. Instantly adaptive GelFlex® Grid with double the base support and breathable Ultra Comfort foam to isolate movement.

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Innovation Meets Luxury
Purple Rejuvenate Mattress

Purple Rejuvenate™ Mattress

Unlock next-level comfort with the GelFlex® Grid Plus, core body support + a luxurious Quilted Euro Top.

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Pillowy-Soft Comfort
rejuvenate plus mattress

Purple RejuvenatePlus™ Mattress

Upgrade to pillowy softness and minimize motion transfer with advanced, conforming layers + core body support.

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Ultimate Bliss

Purple RejuvenatePremier™ Mattress

The ultimate luxury sleeping experience — top-of-the-line stacked comfort layers + maximum full body support.

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Up to $300 off with mattress purchase

Custom comfort with an adjustable base

Elevate your sleep to new heights with our premium adjustable smart bases. Whether you prefer to read, work, or watch TV in bed, our smart bases allow you to find the perfect position for ultimate relaxation.

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Wake up refreshed now with financing options as low as 0% APR.



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softstretch sheets

Purple SoftStretch Sheet Set

Luxuriously soft, stretchy, and cool to optimize the true comfort and support of the GelFlex Grid.

four way stretch
Luxury Stretch Fabric
Silky Soft
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Purple Complete Comfort Sheet Set

The classic cotton feel you love, now with mattress-enhancing two-way stretch in the fitted sheet.

2 Way Stretch
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Purple TempBalance™ Duvet

Thoughtfully designed to insulate where you need it most and stay the perfect temperature all year long. Make it complete with the PerfectStay Duvet Cover.

machine washable
Machine Washable
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Find Purple in thousands of stores across the country and try out our beds in person.

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Our Sleep Geniuses are here to answer questions and help you find your dream mattress.

Bundle and Save

Harmony Anywhere™ Travel Bundle

Purple Harmony Anywhere Pillow + Travel Size SoftStretch Pillowcase + Anywhere Travel Case

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The best for your body

Our proprietary GelFlex® Grid delivers a life-changing sleep for all bodies and sleep positions. Its unparalleled comfort, cooling and support are the reasons you’ll love your answer every time someone asks, “how’d you sleep?”

Couple in bed with SoftStretch sheets

Unlike slow-to-respond memory foam, GelFlex® Grid instantly responds to movement, so you don’t feel stuck + reduce night disruptions by 21%.1

Grid showing heat disipation

Exclusive GelFlex® Grid doesn't trap heat so you sleep up to 4x cooler than on leading competitor mattresses.2

Raw egg cradled by grid

Only the GelFlex® Grid cradles pressure points while maintaining support, making it the only innovation to pass the Raw Egg Test.

Grid showing instant pressure relief

Durable, bounce-back GelFlex® Grid keeps back and limbs properly supported for ideal alignment + 40% less pain.3