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The Science Of Purple

How Do You Know It's Time For a New Mattress?

    Are you waking up every morning with back, shoulder or neck pain?
    Do you wake up hot and sweaty?
    Do your arms and legs feel numb when you wake up?
    Are you tossing and turning?
These common mattress problems lead to chronic sleep deprivation, which can significantly affect your health, focus, and your day-to-day life.

So we invented Purple, a new mattress technology that solves these problems so you can have a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Introducing Purple

Purple is the culmination of over 20 years of creating sleep products.
All of our research and all of our efforts have led to this moment!

“Still loving this mattress. Even after a couple months in still excited to climb into bed and relax on this mattress.”

~ Daniel P.

“My back stopped hurting (I think it’s helping my lower back posture). A+, it will change your life.”

~ Ju P.

How Hyper-Elastic Polymer™
Helps You Sleep Better?

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Purple is a pressure-releasing material. This material is organized in a grid formation, which creates walls that can support or fold, depending on how much pressure it receives.


Free Air Flow

Purple’s column design allows air to flow freely, preventing moisture trapping, extending the life of the mattress, and providing cleaner, more comfortable sleep.

Cool Temps

Sleeps Cool

Thanks to the free air flow design and patented polymer materials, Purple naturally sleeps much cooler than memory foam, latex, and other mattress technology.


Pressure-Releasing Comfort & Support

Purple’s patented technology provides spine support like a hard mattress and pressure relief like a soft mattress. This gives you deep, R.E.M. sleep all night long.


Durable, No-Feel Motion Transfer

It’s durable enough to last decades so you won’t develop a body impression. And it buckles under specific pressure, which provides excellent motion isolation so you don’t feel someone else move in the bed.


Allergen-Resistant & Non-Toxic

Our Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material is recyclable and made from food- and food-contact-grade ingredients. Our foam is CertiPUR-US­® Certified. You can sleep soundly knowing Purple products are made with safety in mind!


Equalized Pressure
Proper Spinal Alignment
Temperature Neutral =

Perfected Science of Sound Sleep
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