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Purple® Hybrid Mattress
Enhanced adaptive support and airflow

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Engineered for every body.

Take sleep to the next level. The combination of the Purple Grid and patented Responsive Support Coils augment the responsiveness and open airflow for even more adaptive cool, No Pressure® Support.
Premium StretchMax Cover

Premium StretchMax Cover

Everything is comfier stretchy. The soft, premium stretch allows you to feel the No Pressure Support of the Purple Grid, while the ultra-breathable side panels allow let the air flow freely so you sleep at the perfect temperature all night.

2" Purple Grid

2" Purple Grid

Dynamic No Pressure Support The Purple Grid is a flexible gel material that instantly adapts to your body and sleep position for personalized No Pressure support. It cradles your hips and shoulders while firmly supporting your back’s natural shape. In other words, it's soft where you want it and firm where you need it so you feel like you’re floating.

Responsive Support Coils

Responsive Support Coils

Purple’s proprietary 7.5” Responsive Support Coils aid the Purple Grid in dynamic pressure relief and support for the best sleep possible. They also add years of durability to your bed.

Transition Foam

Transition Foam

Thin layers of transition foam are used for added comfort and structure.

No Pressure Support

Absorbs pressure and supports your back’s natural alignment so you feel like you’re floating.

Sleeps cool all night

2500+ open air channels neutralize body heat to keep you at the optimal sleep temperature.







Born in the USA

Made in the USA

No-Pressure peace of mind.

Rest easy with Purple’s 100-night risk-free trial and premium 10-year warranty. If you don’t love it, we’ll pick it up and you’ll receive a full refund.

When you opt for white glove delivery, we’ll set it up so you don’t lift a finger.
*21-night minimum trial. Click here for details.
*Contiguous United States only. HI and AK shipping fees will be calculated at checkout.
100 Night Trial
100-Night trial
Free Shipping & returns
Free shipping & Returns
White Glove Delivery Available
White glove delivery available
10 Year Warranty
10-Year warranty

Why people love Purple.

Love Purple

Supports your curves.

The Purple Grid instantly adapts to to your body for No Pressure support.

Comfort for any body.

Purple is perfect for sleepers of all shapes and sizes. It simply treats you right.

Comfy in any position.

By reducing pressure points, Purple feels like floating in every sleeping position.

“This mattress is science at its best. I truly feel well rested after sleeping on this mattress.”
Mickey B.

Let’s Compare. May the best mattress win.

Relieves Pressure Points

Instant No Pressure Support

The Purple Grid is designed to dynamically flex under pressure so your shoulders and hips are cradled while your back is fully supported.

Aggravates Pressure Points

Heat Activated Compression

The more your body heat activates the cells, the more the memory foam warms up and collapses under pressure, and the less cushioning it can provide.

Sleeps Cool

Sleeps Cool

The Purple Grid has thousands of open air channels that feel cool as you lie down and neutralize your body heat through the night so you sleep comfortably cool all night long.

Sleeps Hot

Retains Heat

Famous for its heat-retaining abilities, memory foam is a closed-cell polyurethane foam that doesn’t allow easy airflow. This, in turn, can lead to an overly-warm sleeping experience.

Purple Material Lasts Forever

The Comfort That Keeps On Giving

Made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer®, the Purple Grid lasts at least as long as ordinary mattresses and is guaranteed for 10 years under Purple's full warranty.

Memory Foam Flattens Overnight

Breaks Down Over Time

Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer hasn’t even begun to break down over years of regular use. Can your friends say that about their memory foam mattress?

Read ‘em and sleep.

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10,314 five star reviews
Hybrid Reflection No Number

H-e-double hockey sticks - yeah.

I thought the Purple Mattress was the bees knees, but the Purple Hybrid, man that extra inch makes a BIG difference. Now if i can get my kids to stop sneaking into the room to sleep on it at night.

Nestor R.

Can't watch tv from bed again.

This bed is just too comfy. I fall asleep. Trying to catch up on shows? Nope. Trying to read news articles from my phone? Nope. LOL

Homer R.

Slice of Heaven.

The perfect blend of support and comfort, and perhaps most importantly, I never get hot at night, which is something I’ve never been able to say about a mattress before.

Stan C.

Your mattress questions, answered

What is the Purple Hybrid Mattress made of?

The Purple Mattress is made with ultra-high-quality materials engineered for the perfect synergy of durability, luxury, and No Pressure Support.

  • Sleep Surface: 2” Hyper-Elastic Polymer material in the Purple Grid Non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating
  • Grid Support: Responsive Support Coils for enhanced No Pressure Support Coil Count (Queen*): 540 (20 x 27) Gauge: 13.75 Steel: 95% Recycled Steel
  • High-Density Structural Foam Border: ILD: 55 ILD, Density: 2.0
  • Base layer: Purple’s proprietary 7.5” Responsive Support Coils
  • Premium StretchMax cover: Knit Fabric: 29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, 4% Lycra (all +/- 5%). Weight: 450 g/m2 (+/- 10%). Non-Slip Bottom: 450 g/m2 (+/- 10%). Fire Retardant: Non-Toxic Knit Barrier (not chemically treated)

What makes Purple different than other mattress in a box brands?

Simple answer: the Purple Grid. Specially engineered to be softly cradle your hips and shoulders while totally supporting your back’s natural shape, Purple’s patented technology has been used and tested rigorously within medical and consumer applications for over 25 years. In that time, the inventors of Purple have researched the different mattress materials to know what pairs best with their life-changing technology. Here’s what they found:

  • Memory foam doesn't consistently give you the support you need throughout the night and generally sleeps hot.
  • Traditional spring mattresses don’t relieve pressure and cause a great deal of motion transfer, not to mention the squeaking.
  • The ultra-durable Purple Grid™ technology cradles your hips and shoulders while giving you the support your body needs and the comfort you crave. Pair it with dynamic, specially-designed fabric-encased coils, and you get complete, immersive comfort all night, every night.

What’s the difference between the Purple Mattress, the Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier?

The Purple Mattress: The bed that broke the internet — 2” Purple Grid over traditional high-density foam.
Purple Hybrid: Enhanced dynamic support — 2” Purple Grid over Responsive Support Coils.
Purple Hybrid Premier: The ultimate No Pressure mattress — 3” or 4” Purple Grid over Responsive Support Coils.

Thanks to The Purple Grid, all four mattress options will provide the No Pressure Support and comfort you expect.

So which mattress option is right for you? It all comes down to how you want it to feel. Simply put, the thicker the Purple Grid layer, the deeper pressure-cradling you’ll feel, giving you a more weightless feel – all while enjoying superior alignment and back support!

TLDR: The more Purple Grid you have, the more it feels like you’re floating.

Do Purple beds work with any foundation?

The Purple Bed will work great on any flat, sturdy foundation. Whether you put it on the Purple PowerBase or Platform, slats, box foundation, adjustable bed, or even the floor, your Purple Bed will sit pretty in any room. See the Purple Mattress warranty for more information.

How do I return the mattress for a full refund?

Because The Purple Grid supports the natural alignment of your body unlike any other mattress, it can take some time for your body to completely adjust to your new Purple Mattress. Similar to when you start fixing poor posture, it may feel odd or even uncomfortable at first, so we highly recommend you sleep on it for a few weeks to give your body a chance to adjust.

If you’re still unsatisfied after 21 nights, you can return it for a full refund.

**Helpful hint: Stretchy Purple Sheets and Mattress Protector let you feel the full comfort of The Purple Grid.

Better together.

Every product in the Purple Suite perfectly harmonizes with one another to give you the best sleep of your life.

You’ll spend 3,500 hours in bed this year. Make ‘em comfy.

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