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What Is A Daybed?

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    January 30, 2023
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    Are you curious about daybeds? Do you want to know how to use this multifunctional piece of furniture to maximize your space? Read on to learn more!

    What Is A Daybed? 

    A daybed is a piece of furniture that functions as both a sofa and a bed. Unlike a typical bed frame, a daybed has a headboard and a footboard, plus a third side that functions as the backrest, like a couch. It can be made from a wooden or metal frame and finished with upholstery.

    Depending on how you make the bed, it can mimic the appearance of a sofa during the day and can also be used as a regular bed at night. 

    What Is A Daybed Used For?

    A daybed can be used for lounging, reclining, seating, and sleeping. Because of that, they’re ideal for multifunctional spaces like guestrooms that double as home offices or dens. Daybeds can also work well in tiny studio apartments, where you don’t have space for both a bed and a sofa.

    Why Is It Called A Daybed?

    It’s called a daybed because it can be used for sitting during the day and sleeping at night. The term was first used in England to describe the function of this piece of furniture, although the French term “chaise longue” (long chair) better describes its appearance. 

    What size mattress does a daybed use? Most daybeds are twin size mattresses.  Check with your daybed manufacturer to ensure it is compatible with the mattress and size.

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    Different Types Of Daybed

    Daybeds can be made from different materials and come in various designs. Here are some types of daybeds available on the market:

    Daybed With Trundles

    A daybed with a trundle consists of two separate twin mattresses. The second mattress is stored underneath and can be pulled out to accommodate a guest. 

    Outdoor Daybed

    An outdoor daybed is made from hardy and stain-resistant materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. These include wrought iron, wicker, or rattan.


    An upholstered daybed is a versatile piece of furniture that looks similar to a regular sofa. Its headboards are covered with cushioned fabric for optimum comfort.


    A wooden daybed consists of a mattress and a wooden frame, usually made of wood from pine, mahogany, or oak.

    Advantages Of A Daybed

    Daybeds come with several advantages, such as:

    • Versatility: Daybeds are great for guestrooms or home offices. Aside from giving people a place to sleep, they can also provide extra storage or seating.
    • Space-saving: A daybed fulfills the functions of both a bed and a sofa in one, compact design. Some types of daybeds also have a second pull-out mattress, making them ideal for kids who share a room.
    • Stylish: The daybed frame can come in a wide variety of styles and designs. You can pick a sleek, modern daybed with clean lines if you have a contemporary-style home. You can also choose a more curvy, upholstered design if your house has a more traditional or rustic theme.

    How To Style A Daybed To Look Like A Couch

    Daybeds typically have three sides that make them resemble a couch. However, without proper styling, they can still have the appearance of a regular bed. Here are three tips on styling a daybed like a couch:

    • Add a slipcover or comforter: Cover the daybed mattress using a comforter, cooling sheets, or slipcover. Allow the comforter to cover the whole mattress so that it can better mimic the appearance of a couch.
    • Add decorative pillows: Style the daybed with a mix of square and rectangular throw pillows. Lay them against the backrest so that they face you or your guests.
    • Pair it with a coffee table: Put a coffee table next to your daybed so that it’s easier to transition from night to day.
    • Add a bed skirt: Conceal the base of the daybed using a bed skirt. This will make the furniture resemble a couch more than a bed.

    Daybed vs Futon

    The difference between a daybed and a futon is that the latter needs to be folded out into the bed position to be used for sleeping. A futon also doesn’t require bedding or pillows to get the appearance of a couch.

    Daybed vs Sleeper Sofa Beds

    The difference between a daybed and a sleeper sofa (a.k.a. A fold-out couch) is that the latter is a sofa with a mattress built under the seat. Sofa beds appear like traditional couches from the outside but can transform into a bed once the cushions are removed and the mattress is unfolded.

    Daybed vs Twin Bed

    The difference between a twin bed and a daybed is that a twin bed only has a headboard and a footboard on each side. In comparison, a daybed has a backrest running along the length of the mattress. However, both of these bed frames can fit a standard twin-size mattress.

    Daybed vs Trundle Bed

    The difference between a daybed and a trundle bed is that trundle beds are designed to hold two separate twin mattresses. The second mattress rolls out from under the standard-height bed so that it can sleep two people. In terms of design, most trundle beds appear bulkier and heavier than a regular daybed.

    Does A Daybed Need A Box Spring?

    Typically, daybeds don’t need a box spring because the bed frame should provide enough support for your mattress. Moreover, the lower section of a daybed is usually used as extra space for storage drawers or an additional mattress.

    Upgrade Your Daybed With Purple

    A daybed is a versatile and space-saving piece of furniture that’s commonly used in studio apartments, children’s rooms, and guestrooms. Since daybeds can be styled like a couch during the day, they’re also perfect for home offices or dens. If you have limited space in your home, a daybed can be a perfect choice.

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    What Is A Daybed FAQs

    Can You Use A Memory Foam Mattress On A Daybed?

    Yes, a standard daybed should fit a twin-size memory foam mattress. Just be sure to consult your bedframe’s manufacturer beforehand since some types of memory foam mattresses can make your daybed too tall and heavy.

    Why is a daybed called a daybed?

    The daybed got its name because of its multi-functionality. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for lounging throughout the day and sleeping at night.

    Do people use daybeds as couches?

    Yes, daybeds can be styled and used as an extra deep couch during the day. Style them with throw pillows or blankets to make them look like a regular couch.

    What size mattress is a daybed?

    Most daybeds are made to fit twin-size mattresses (38” x 75”) and bed sheets. However, you can also find special ones that can fit full, queen, or king-size mattresses.


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