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How To Make A Bed The Right Way

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    January 30, 2023
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    To make a bed the right way, cover the mattress with the fitted bottom sheet while making sure that there are no wrinkles in between. Then, lay the top flat sheet down and tuck the corners of the flat sheet underneath the foot of the mattress – this should make your bed feel extra crisp and comfortable to sleep in.

    Do you want to know the benefits of proper bed-making? Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to how to set up a bed? Read on!

    Understand The Layers Of A Bed

    layers of making a bed

    Before we discuss the best way to make a bed, we need to talk about the various layers involved. Below are the different types of bed sheets and blankets that make up a bed:

    • Base layers: The base layer is made up of three optional sections: 
      • A bed skirt, which goes around the box spring and conceals the area under the bed.
      • mattress protector, which defends the mattress from stains, dander, and dust mites. If you have allergies, you need a mattress protector.
      • A mattress pad, which changes the mattress's overall feel.
    • Fitted bottom sheet: The fitted bottom sheet provides a clean and comfortable space to sleep. It has elastic edges, allowing it to “grip” the mattress so it won’t shift around. Some bottom sheets are made out of cooling materials to prevent night sweats.
    • Top sheet: The top sheet is the layer that’s exposed once you peel away the blankets and duvet. Pick a design that matches the bottom sheet, as well as your bedroom decor.
    • Blankets: Depending on your personal preference, you could place a light blanket between the top sheet or top layer. 
    • Top layer: The top layer consists of the comforter, duvet, or quilt. It provides extra warmth depending on the season.
    • Pillows: Most beds have two to four rectangular pillows for sleeping, as well as decorative pillows. Interior decorators recommend that you should have an odd number of pillows for better visual impact.

    How To Make Your Own Bed

    There are many ways to make a bed depending on the bed sheets you choose, but if you want to make your bed look extra neat and professional, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Clear The Surface

    With newly washed and disinfected hands, remove everything from the bed’s surface. Put the pillows and other layers of the bed on top of another piece of furniture. Avoid placing them on the floor. 

    Step 2: Add The Bed Skirt

    Lay the bed skirt underneath the mattress. This is a decoration piece that conceals the bottom part of the bed. It’s also useful for keeping dust away.

    Step 3: Put The Fitted Sheet

    Find the side of the fitted sheet that goes along the width of the bed. Then, hook the sheet on the upper right corner of the mattress. Once that’s done, spread the fitted sheet along the top of the mattress and cover the upper left corner. Continue in a clockwise direction until you’ve tucked all mattress corners in. Finally, stretch the corners to even out any wrinkles. 

    Step 4: Put The Flat Sheet

    Place the flat sheet over the mattress, making sure that the “excess” on both sides are equal. Then, tuck the sheet under the mattress.

    Step 5: Make Hospital Corners

    hospital corners

    If you want your bed to look and feel extra crisp and well-made, consider adding hospital corners. The term is taken from how hospital beds are made, though the same process is used in the hotel industry and the military.

    To make hospital corners, follow these steps:

    1. Place the top sheet on the mattress, making sure that an even amount of material hangs from both sides.
    2. Fold the bed sheet into the foot of the bed, securing it between the mattress and the bed frame or box spring. Pull the sheet as tight as you can to smooth wrinkles out.
    3. Move to one side of the bed, then take hold of one edge. Pull the edge up so it forms a 45-degree angle. Let the rest of the fabric drape down.
    4. Tuck the overhanging sheet while holding the crease in place.
    5. Pull the folded section down and tuck it under the mattress, creating a neat fold.
    6. Smooth all creases out.

    Step 6: Place The Duvet Cover Or Comforter

    Once you’re done laying the top sheet down, top it off with the duvet cover, comforter, or blanket. Make sure that it’s placed in the center of the bed, with an equal amount of material draping on both sides. Since the comforter is thick, there’s no need to fold it down under the mattress.

    Still not sure? Read how to put on a duvet cover.

    Step 7: Add Sleeping Pillows

    A stylish and well-made bed needs to have a fluffy and organized set of pillows. Lay your standard rectangular pillows on each side. Then, grab both ends of each pillow and press them together to fluff them up. If you have a long and narrow body pillow, place it in the middle of the mattress, then “chop” it in the center with your hand to give it extra fluff and texture.

    Step 8: Add Finishing Touches And Decorative Shams

    Having only two pillows on the bed can make it seem bare. Consider doubling the number of pillows, adding throw pillows, or using an odd number of pillows to create visual interest. 

    Benefits Of Bed Making

    If you’re rushing to work or school every morning, you might be wondering why you need to make your bed after waking up. While it can take five to ten minutes away from your precious time, there are a few reasons you should tidy up your bed:

    • It can boost your mood: Starting your day by accomplishing a small task can boost your mood. Plus, studies have shown that seeing a neat and decluttered environment can help you feel accomplished and in control.
    • It can lead to a more restful night’s sleep: A survey from the National Sleep Foundation found that people who make their beds every day or almost every day often enjoy better sleep quality.
    • It encourages a neat and tidy home: Seeing a neat and uncluttered space in the morning can inspire you to tidy up other parts of the home. 

    Upgrade Your Bedding With Purple

    Learning how to properly make a bed can enhance the appearance of your room and promote a restful night’s sleep. Follow the steps above, and your bed will look and feel as nice as one from a five-star hotel!

    Great sleep takes more than just a mattress. fortunately, We put the same care into designing our bedding and pillows. See how Purple’s bedding and pillows can upgrade your sleep.

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    How To Make A Bed FAQs

    How do you make a bed professionally?

    To make a bed professionally, take the extra time to add neat hospital corners and make sure that your comforter is crisp and flat. Also, fluff and style your pillows so that they complement your bedroom’s decor.

    How do you make a bed like a hotel?

    You can make your bed like they do in hotels by using hospital corners when tucking your sheets in. See the image and directions above for more details.





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