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Eastern King Size Bed vs Other King Size Beds: Are They The Same?

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    February 2, 2023
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    King-size mattresses have many names. It can be confusing to keep up with the different names and what the differences are. 

    Although the names are different. An Eastern king bed is the same size as a standard king mattress. You can use the same bedding for both sizes. 

    However, not all king sizes are the same. Many customers browsing for large, luxurious mattress sizes have seen the terms "Eastern king-size mattress", “Western king”, and “European king.” Each of these terms refers to a different mattress size and has different pros and cons.

    What is an Eastern king-size bed, and how does it differ from other "king" beds? Keep reading to understand the key differences.

    What's An Eastern King Bed?

    An Eastern king bed is another name for the standard king bed. It has the same measurements as a traditional king bed, which is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Eastern king mattresses are roomy, so they're a popular choice for couples who co-sleep and share a bed with a child or pet.


    • Wide availability. King-size mattresses and sheets are easy to find, as the king is the largest mattress option of most mattress manufacturers.
    • Lots of space. A king-size bed has all the room a couple needs to stretch out during sleep. There's even enough room to share the bed with a pet or a child without the risk of any of them rolling off the mattress or feeling cramped.


    • Need more floor space vs a smaller mattress. Bed manufacturers recommend that master bedrooms measure at least 12 feet by 9 feet and 10 inches to fit a king bed. This minimum measure gives you approximately 30 inches around the bed to move freely. While you may be able to squeeze a king into a slightly smaller room, this will make it difficult to walk and do chores in your bedroom.
    • More size means more to move. Eastern king beds are bulky and large, so they're difficult to move between rooms. This extra heft also makes them harder to flip and clean.

    Eastern King vs King


    There is no size difference at all between king-size mattresses and Eastern king mattresses. Both mattresses are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

    How Lying Down Feels

    Lying down on an Eastern king mattress feels exactly the same as resting on a traditional king mattress. An active single sleeper will enjoy having additional space for stretching out and changing sleeping positions. This mattress is also the perfect choice for couples who want to co-sleep with a child or pet, or simply share a bed with lots of personal space.

    What's A California King Bed?

    A California king mattress, also known as a Western king, is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. This long, large bed is four inches narrower than an Eastern king bed, but its additional length has made it a popular choice for tall sleepers.


    • It has lots of room for co-sleeping. Couples who find queen-size mattresses just a little too cramped will prefer a California king bed's extra length and width. This additional room is a must if one or both co-sleepers toss and turn in their sleep, as it will keep them from accidentally waking the other person up.
    • Taller sleepers will rest more comfortably. Many taller sleepers find that they'll have to curl up on a traditional king bed so their feet won't dangle over the mattress edge while they sleep. This sleeping position may not be the best for their posture and spine alignment, which could lead to body pain in the morning. Western king mattresses are longer than a king or queen bed, making them more suitable for tall sleepers.


    • California king mattresses and bedding are pricier. Because of their larger size, California king mattresses and their bedding accessories are more expensive.
    • They’re not as common as other bed sizes. Not all mattress manufacturers offer California king mattresses. They're less common than a standard king-size mattress, narrowing your range of choices in this size.
    • They're also heavy and hard to move. There's not much difference between the Eastern and Western king's overall surface area. They're both hard to move through doors and assemble. Flipping them and cleaning them will take some effort.

    Eastern King vs California King


    There is a small difference between these two mattress sizes in terms of length and width. An Eastern king mattress is wider than a California king mattress, but a California king is longer than an Eastern king.

    These two mattress sizes are very similar in overall surface area. A traditional king-size bed has 6080 square inches of space compared to 6048 square inches for Western king mattresses.

    How Lying Down Feels

    Lying down on an Eastern king bed is a comfortable, roomy experience for both single sleepers and co-sleeping couples. A California king will have less space for moving side to side, but there's more room for stretching your legs out with ease.

    What's A European King Bed?

    A European king bed measures approximately 63 inches in width and 79 inches in length. This makes a European king bed wider and slightly shorter than a U.S. standard queen-size bed. Note that this is not the same as the standard U.S. king-size bed, so U.S. king-size sheets will not fit on a European king mattress and vice-versa.


    • There's ample sleeping space. A European king bed is only an inch shorter than a queen-size bed. Because it's three inches wider, it's a spacious choice for active single sleepers, couples, and those who co-sleep with a child or pet.
    • Sleep disruption is reduced. Because of the extra room, your tossing and turning is less likely to disturb your slumbering co-sleeper.


    • It will need a custom frame and bedding. Using a European king mattress can be pricier than springing for a standard king-size one. Because European king-size bed frames and bedding are not typically stocked by U.S. manufacturers, you'll have to spend extra for custom sheets and frames that fit well.
    • Decorating choices are limited. A European king mattress' dimensions fall somewhere between a U.S. queen and a U.S. king. U.S. queen sheets won't cover a European king mattress at all, while using U.S. king sheets will leave a bunch of extra fabric. If you like changing up your bedroom interiors, you'll have a hard time finding bedding for this mattress size.

    Eastern King vs European King


    An Eastern king a.k.a. a traditional U.S. king-size bed is much larger than a European king bed. The Eastern king is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a European king mattress is 63 inches wide and 79 inches long.

    How Lying Down Feels

    Lying down on an Eastern king bed is a more luxurious experience than lying down on a European king bed simply because of their big size difference. While snuggly couples can cozily sleep together on a European king bed, those who want more personal space might not enjoy sharing this bed size.

    How To Choose Between Eastern King Size Beds vs Other King Size Beds

    Bed size

    Measurements (in inches)

    Comfortably fits

    Eastern king

    76" X 80"

    Two co-sleepers who want extra space, with room for a small child or a pet

    King (a.k.a. standard king)

    76" X 80"

    Two co-sleepers who want extra space, with room for a small child or a pet

    Western king

    72" X 84"

    Two tall co-sleepers

    California king

    72" X 84"

    Two tall co-sleepers

    European king

    63” x 79”

    Two co-sleepers who don’t mind snuggling

    Eastern king-size mattresses can make sleepers feel like royalty on their large surfaces. But taller sleepers may find that sharing a traditional king-size bed gets cramped over time. Couples who have smaller bedrooms may also find their bed choices limited by their floor space.

    Not sure which mattress size is best for you? Here's a quick guide to the different factors that you should keep in mind before choosing between different king-size beds.

    Room Size

    Mattress companies recommend that bedrooms should have at least 30 inches of free space around a bed's perimeter. Bedrooms should measure at least 12 feet by 9 feet and 10 inches to comfortably accommodate an Eastern king-size bed or split king bed.

    Note that while a California king bed may fit in a narrower bedroom, it still needs a minimum room size of 10 feet by 12 feet. If you want to leave room for additional furniture like floor lamps or nightstands, you'll need an even larger room.

    Bed Size

    For many buyers, both an Eastern king and a California king are incredibly spacious, even if co-sleepers shift sleep positions throughout the night. A California king will be a slightly tighter fit for couples because it's narrower. An Eastern king will give couples more personal space. 

    If neither of you is tall, your choice depends on whether you prefer to cuddle up or sleep with extra room.


    Tall people will prefer sleeping on a California king over a regular king-size mattress. While a California king is narrower than a regular king mattress, it's also longer. This extra length helps people who are six feet in height or taller sleep more comfortably.

    A regular king-size mattress may have more wiggle room if you need to move side to side, but it won't keep taller sleepers' feet from dangling off the edge of the bed. If you're shorter than this height, an Eastern king is just the right mattress size for stretching out.


    For couples that want a lot of space without breaking the bank, the standard king mattress is a popular choice. Because it's a standard mattress size for most manufacturers, it's easy to find bedding and other accessories for it as well at reasonable price points.

    Western king beds, sheets, and other accessories are pricier because this bed size isn't as common. This also holds true for a split king mattress and oversized options like the Texas king or Wyoming king. This can limit your interior decorating choices and cost you more money.

    Who's Going To Use It

    Co-sleepers who want to have plenty of space while they're sleeping will both have a lot of extra space on Eastern or Western king mattresses. There's even enough room on both these mattress sizes to comfortably accommodate a child or a pet!

    However, if one or both co-sleepers are very tall, they should spring for the longer Western king beds. This will help them stretch their legs out comfortably at night without going over the mattress edge.

    Eastern King Size Bed vs Other King Size Beds FAQs

    Is an Eastern king the same as a king?

    Yes, an Eastern king is the same as a standard king mattress. They have the same measurements, so king-size sheets will fit perfectly on an Eastern king mattress, and vice-versa.

    Is a California king bigger than an Eastern king?

    No, a California king is not bigger than an Eastern king. Also known as Western king mattresses, California king mattresses are longer and narrower than standard king-size mattresses. 

    Is there a bigger bed than a king?

    Yes, there are bigger beds than a regular king-size mattresses. Here are several mattresses known as oversized mattresses and their respective dimensions.

    Note that not all manufacturers provide these sizes, so you'll have to check with them first if you want an oversized alternative to king-size.

    Alaskan king

    108 inches x 108 inches

    Alberta king

    96 inches x 96 inches

    Wyoming king

    84 inches x 84 inches

    Texas king (a.k.a. athletic king,

    grand king, or super king)

    80 inches by 98 inches


    144 inches by 80 inches, or;

    120 inches by 80 inches

    Family XL

    144 inches by 84 inches

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