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The Best Seat Cushions for Drivers

According to the FHWA, there are over 260 million registered passenger vehicles in the United State with an estimated average of 13,476 miles put on those cars in a year. That means Americans drive nearly 3.5 trillion miles a year. For perspective, that’s like driving to Pluto and back roughly 375 times annually.

For American drivers, that’s a lot of time sitting on your butt.

    The world's most comfortable seat cushion. Seriously.
    Relieves pressure and supports your glutes.
    Open airflow design keeps your keister cool and comfortable.
    Purple Seat Cushions keep their shape and never leave a booty impression.

Types of Drivers Who Need A Seat Cushion

While you may not be speeding down space ways in a rocket-car to Pluto, it’s still important to cruise in comfort regardless of where or what you’re driving. Fortunately, Purple has a seat cushion for you. Here’s what we recommend for your daily journey.

Daily Car Commuters

Nobody enjoys sitting, stopped, bumper to bumper when driving to or from work. Yet, most folks accept it as a necessary evil when heading down the highway. To alleviate annoyance and reduce road rage, we suggest sitting on a Simply Purple® Seat Cushion.

Delivery Drivers

Bringing goodies to doorsteps across the nation, delivery drivers make the journey through muck and mire to ensure your package arrives safe and sound. To avoid the hefty tuckus toll that comes from constantly jumping in and out of trucks, the Royal Purple® Seat Cushion is the delivery driver’s new best friend. Sorry Charlie, you’ve been replaced.

Taxi and Rideshare Drivers

As master navigators of urban byways, taxi, Lyft, and Uber drivers know how to get passengers from point A to point B free from pressure. One great way to guarantee that pressure relief extends to the their own rear – as well as their riders’ – would be to keep a Royal or few Simply Purple® Seat Cushions handy (be sure to tie them down so they don’t wander off).

Heavy Equipment Operators

Subject to constant abuse from bumps, rattles, and general vibrations; heavy equipment operators take a beating every time they drive. The Ultimate Purple® Seat Cushion could, quite literally, save their assets.

Truck Drivers

Putting nearly 500 miles on the road every day, truckers are the lifeblood of American commerce. If anybody deserves to be sitting pretty, it’s those stalwart Knights of the Road. That’s why we recommend the Ultimate Purple® Seat Cushion.

Are You A Driver With Butt Problems?

When I say butt problems, I mean does your derriere:

Pinching pain

Have a pinching in either cheek?

Back pain

Add to back tension through the day?

Poor circulation from sitting

Feel like circulation is being cut off?

Sweating when sitting

Feel like it has its own sauna?

The answer to your posterior problems has finally arrived!

Royal seat cushion

You Should Be Uncomfortable With Discomfort

If you have to endure the terrors of rush hour traffic, why put your body through the same misery? You need to step up your seat cushion game if you:

  • Drive more than 30 minutes a day
  • Have an aching in your back
  • Experience regular numbness in your legs
  • Suffer from pinching in your butt cheeks
  • Feel pressure bearing down on your tailbone or your ischial tuberosity (them sittin’ bones)

Purple – Lapping the Competition

Since the founders of Purple created the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Smart Comfort Grid™ in 1995, this miraculous technology has been used in wheelchair cushions, specialty medical mattresses, and a handful of high-end consumer products. Thanks to their innovation and the launch of Purple in 2016, that same technology has expanded into several new and exciting avenues – not the least of which being affordable seat cushions.

To better illustrate the key differences, we’ve broken it down below (you’re welcome).

Purple vs Memory Foam

While NASA may have created memory foam to improve safety (not comfort) of aircraft cushions, the technology is now widely available and frequently used to provide a little extra padding on the go. However, memory foam tends to bring on the butt sweats and compress to a solid brick after an hour of sitting.

Thanks to the genius of our own rocket scientist, Purple has seat cushion technology that keeps your keister cool and comfortable. The ultra-durable polymer grid formation relieves the pressure on your tailbone without uncomfortably compressing, regardless of how long you sit. With the cooling airflow design, you can say “goodbye” to overheated heinies.

Purple vs Gel

People wanting to ditch their overly-warm memory foam often turn to gel seat cushions. This is the equivalent of trading a hot brick for an open-backed robe on a doctor’s table. Even with the better temperature control, reviewers regularly complain about stiff seats and numb legs when sitting on gel cushions.

Purple® not only offers great temperature control, but lets you sit softly at the same time. Better able to support your weight and comfort needs, it’s the best companion to have by your side (or under your backside).

Purple vs Everyone Else

In a desperate search for a cushion to alleviate their discomfort, many people turn to cheap options like air or other various foams. Where the former will leave you deflated and irritated, the latter is as uncomfortable as it is unreliable.

Purple® Seat Cushion will never go flat and are made entirely of FDA-approved food- and food-contact-grade ingredients, is hypoallergenic, vegan, and non-toxic. That means you can rest your rear safely and comfortably for as long as you have a rear to rest!

What's Stopping You From Having the Happy Buns You Know You Deserve?

You can’t afford to sit in your chair any longer without the comfort of the Purple® Seat Cushion.

DO YOU miss the good old days when you could do something as simple as tie your shoes without huge amounts of discomfort?

PURPLE HELPS YOU Forget you were ever uncomfortable. Look out life (and untied shoes) Here you come!

DO YOU sometimes cry out from tushie twinges causing your peers to stare at you in confusion and wonder?

PURPLE HELPS YOU Give those heiney horrors a big ol' karate chop to the face. Hi-ya!

DO YOU have derriere discomfort that causes you to hobble around like someone twice your age?

PURPLE HELPS YOU bound through life with the energy of someone half your age.

DO YOUR legs, wazoo, or back go numb after sitting?

PURPLE HELPS YOU feel great, whether you are standing or sitting.

For desk jockeys, long haul drivers, globe trotters, and everyone in between that wants a more comfortable place to plop their rear.

Your Carefree Cushion Counselor

How Well Do Our Seat Cushions Work?

The Purple Seat Cushion is strong enough to support all your rump weight, yet it’s soft enough to keep an egg from breaking.

Why Do They Work So Well? Hint: Science

The secret is in the material and construction. Sit on your most unforgiving chairs and you will still have the happiest tail in town.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer™

The material that makes Purple® what it is. Who knew comfort could be so incredibly stretchy and incredibly durable?

Pressure-Releasing Comfort

The Purple® grid pattern is designed to fold and collapse under pressure. Comfortable even when you are sitting on your keys or your wallet.

Free Air Flow

The columnar design allows air to move freely, preventing heat and moisture form building up and keeping your tookus happy and relaxed all day long.

Cooling Comfort

With its excellent airflow design and being made of cooling material, your duff will always be the perfect temperature.

Make the Commitment to Comfort

In the race to treat tushie tenderness, Purple charges across the finish line a mile ahead of the rest. Now you can join with other highway heroes celebrating leaving derriere distress in the dust by sitting pretty on Purple.

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