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Mattress Types - What Are The Best (and Worst) Types of Mattresses?

How to make sure you pick the right type of mattress

It’s reasonable to assume that humans have been crafting their own mattress creations for as long as they’ve been laying their tired little heads down to sleep. Archaeologists have even discovered mattresses made of rushes and reeds that date back 77,000 years. Fortunately, mattress technology has evolved a bit since the days of waterside flora. Unfortunately, there are now an overwhelming number of options to choose from and mattress ads clog up your browser every time you try to do any research.

Every day you spend digging through countless contradictory mattress review sites leaves you frustrated and confused; where each night spent on your old mattress has you tossing and turning, desperately trying to figure out which new bed is best. You could go with the memory foam mattress, but nobody wants to drown in a sweat-filled crater. Maybe the inexpensive continuous spring mattress is the right option, but that means your nosey neighbors get to listen to all of your late-night adventures. Perhaps you should just throw in the towel and venture back to the ‘70s with a waterbed.

If only there was a no-frills review from within the mattress industry that compared comfort technology, rather than just brands. A bonafide mattress review that looked into the primary material used, not the result of a bunch of different things stacked on top of each other. Fortunately there is and it’s listed below.

air mattresses

Air Mattresses - The Most Portable Option

Air mattresses are inflatable beds that are uniquely portable. They’re easy to fold up and put away, since the filling disappears into thin air – literally – when deflated, and are simple to set up.

Innerspring - Mattress Tech From The 1800s

Innerspring mattresses have contiguous metal coils at their core and a comfortable top layer made of foam or fibers. This mattress is best for those looking for firmness and support.

innerspring mattress
futon mattress

Futons - Just For College Dorm Rooms?

Nope! Futons continue to be popular. Western culture turned the traditional Japanese quilted mattresses into a fold able mattress accompanied by a folding metal or wooden frame. Futons are similar to a sleeping sofa but without the required extra cushions.

Gel-Infused Foam - Do Cooling Gel Mattresses Work?

Gel mattresses combine memory foam and gel to create a comfortable mattress that’s quick to spring back and is cooler to sleep on than regular memory foam.

gel infused memory foam mattress
pocket coils

Pocket Coils - What Makes Fabric Encased Coils Unique

Pocket coil mattresses are the most popular type of innerspring mattress because they provide extra comfort and don’t transfer motion.

Latex - What Makes These Mattresses So Popular?

Latex mattresses are among the most popular types of mattress because of their durability and comfort. Latex conforms to your body more generally than memory foam, and bounces back quickly.

latex mattress
memory foam mattress

Memory Foam - Get To The Bottom of The Hype

Memory foam, otherwise known as viscoelastic, has been around for nearly 40 years. These mattresses are well-known for being comfortable and fitting snugly around your body.

Pillow-Top - What Are The Advantages of Pillow-Top Mattresses?

A pillow top mattress is usually an inner spring or coil mattress, which is typically firm, with a comfortable padded layer stitched to the top for added luxury.

pillow top mattress
purple smart comfort grid

Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™ - What Makes Purple Unique?

The new generation of mattress has the option of two, three, or four inches of Purple’s patented Smart Comfort Grid™, which is what gives Purple the scientifically magical soft-where-you-want-it-firm-where-you-need-it comfort.

What’s amazing is that no matter how thick the grid, it’s always going to be super comfy and ultra supportive.

Waterbeds - Do People Still Sleep On Them?

Yes! Waterbeds aren’t as popular as they used to be, but the ones that are sold these days are more comfortable and less wavy. You can still find waterbeds in some storefronts and online.

waterbeds - do people still sleep on them

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