Sleep Technology
The latest technology

The GelFlex Grid is the best innovation in mattress technology in 30 years, surpassing foam and memory foam

Good in its time

Memory foam was a good sleep solution in its time, but doesn’t measure up to Purple’s newer technology

Instantly Responsive
Responds instantly

The GelFlex Grid’s design responds instantly to your body shape and movement, supporting you in any position

Responds slowly

Foam and memory foam interact with your body weight, so you sink in slowly and can take a while to adapt to your body

Pressure Reduction
Excellent pressure point cradling

The GelFlex Grid instantly adapts to your body, perfectly cradling pressure points for remarkably undisturbed sleep

Little pressure point cradling

Foam and memory foam can’t offer the remarkable level of pressure reduction that the GelFlex Grid delivers

All Over Support
Excellent support

The GelFlex Grid fully supports your body, compressing under heavier areas and gently supporting lighter areas

Little support

Foam and memory foam can’t deliver the all-over support that the GelFlex Grid does

Ease Of Movement
Easy to move

The GelFlex Grid makes it easy to change positions without disturbing your (or your partner’s) sleep

Difficult to move

Foam and memory foam make it hard to move around once your body has sunk in

Won't Sleep Hot
Won’t sleep hot

The GelFlex Grid naturally draws heat away from your body, so it doesn’t sleep hot, without any added cooling

Can sleep hot

Memory foam traps heat, while standard foam isn’t as bad, so you can sleep hot unless you buy a model with cooling material added

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