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October 27, 2021
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No matter what your pillow preference is, we have a pillow for you! Purple has four pillows to choose from - Purple Pillow, Purple Harmony Pillow, Purple Cloud Pillow, and Purple TwinCloud Pillow. Read on to find which pillow best suits your needs and sleep style.

1. Purple Pillow

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The Purple Pillow is what started it all. Made with 100% Purple GelFlex Grid, this pillow offers cool, ergonomic support. It is denser and flatter than most traditional pillows, but you can personalize the height with Purple Pillow Boosters. This pillow is great for back sleepers or people that prefer no pillow at all but still need neck support. We also made a smaller and lighter version for kids (our Kid Purple Pillow) so kids can get great sleep that is essential for their growing bodies.

2. Purple Harmony Pillow

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The Purple Harmony Pillow has been named “The Greatest Pillow Ever Invented.” and it has the accolades to back it up. The Harmony Pillow has won a Good Housekeeping’s Best Bedding Award, Prevention’s Healthy Home Award, Men’s Health Sleep Award, and Apartment Therapy’s Best Pillows for Sleeping Award.

The Purple Harmony Pillow is available in standard and king sizes, as well as three different heights – low, medium, and tall.

Why are there three heights, you may ask? The heights cater to different sleep styles, enabling the pillow to be enjoyed by all— no matter their preferred sleep position. See the image below for help finding which height is best for you.

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3. Purple Cloud Pillow

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The Purple Cloud Pillow is Purple’s take on the traditional down and down-alternative pillow. Purple upgraded the cloud-like comfort of down by filling our Purple Cloud Pillow with hypoallergenic, ultra-fine gel fibers that won’t clump, trap heat, or flatten over time. The result is plush cushioning that molds to support your head and neck. This pillow comes in standard and king sizes.

4. Purple TwinCloud Pillow

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The Purple TwinCloud Pillow is the sister to the Purple Cloud Pillow, in the sense that it is a classic down-alternative pillow. The difference between the two is that the Purple TwinCloud Pillow has been reinvented to be adaptable to different firmness preferences. The secret to this cushioning nirvana is the patented, reversible cotton-cover construction that literally makes the TwinCloud two pillows in one. Get softer or firmer support in just a matter of seconds without removing messy filling or struggling with inserts. Simply flip, zip, and sleep. This pillow comes in standard and king sizes.

This pillow has a fluffy, airy feel. The 100% gel-fiber fill mimics down but won’t trigger allergies. It’s perfect for someone who prefers a medium-to-tall height pillow. Enjoy a medium height in its “softer” position or transform it to a tall height in its “firmer” position. The medium and tall heights are great for side and stomach sleepers with average-to-larger frames.

Because of its customizable nature, it makes for a great pillow in a guest room. Different sleepers can switch between a softer, cushier feel and a firmer, more compact feel to best suit their preference.

As you can see, Purple has a pillow for every sleeper. If you’re still unsure of which pillow is right for you, feel free to stop by one of our 20+ showrooms to test the pillows out in person or message one of our sleep experts at purple.com to order a pillow online and try it out for 100 nights stress free.

You have a good head on your shoulders. Give it the innovative comfort it deserves with a pillow designed to properly support both the head and neck.