Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust the height of the pillow?

You can adjust the height of your Purple Pillow with the included Boosters. Each pillow comes with 2 boosters - 1" and 1/2" in height. Simply unzip the cover on your pillow to insert the boosters, then mix and match until you've found your perfect height. Want even more height? You can order the Boosters by themselves!

What are the Purple Pillow Boosters made of?

Polyurethane Foam (10 ILD), Purple colored foam

What are the heights of the Purple Pillow Boosters?

The adjustable foam layers come in a 1" or 1/2" heights that you can mix and match to achieve the height that feels most comfortable to you.

What is the warranty for the Purple Pillow Boosters?

There is a one-year limited warranty for the Pillow Boosters. Click here for more information.