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The Complete Purple Pillow Comparison Guide [2024]

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    January 16, 2024
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    The one thing standing between you and a great night’s sleep? Your pillow. 

    While the answer is easy, finding the right pillow type isn’t. Because each person has distinct sleep needs and preferences, it’s important to ask the right questions.

    “Our goal is to create innovative pillows that deliver the gift of restful sleep,” says Judith Palmer, the director of product management (accessories) at Purple. “With this variety, regardless of whether you favor sleeping on your back, side, or front, you can discover the ideal pillow for your needs.”

    This Purple Pillow Comparison Guide describes each pillow’s unique features so you can choose the pillow that best matches your needs.

    Purple Pillows

    Pillows for every type of sleeper. Choose from distinct feels and features, all with the latest technology.

    A Purple pillow comparison guide.

    1. Purple Harmony™ Pillow

    Best for: Sleepers that prefer buoyant, responsive comfort

    Price: $199 for standard, $239 for king

    The Purple Harmony™ Pillow showing the exposed honeycomb GelFlex® Grid.

    Meet the Greatest Pillow Ever Invented™. The Purple Harmony™ cooling pillow provides the ultimate cooling sleep experience along with a harmonious blend of pressure relief and support that lives up to the pillow’s name. 

    The Purple Harmony™ Pillow features a 360-degree wrap of our temperature-balancing Honeycomb GelFlex® Grid that surrounds a ventilated Talalay latex core. This best-in-class combination not only keeps cool throughout the night, but also strikes an ideal balance of softness and support that instantly conforms to the shape of your head for a weightless, floating feel. 

    The moisture-wicking, breathable mesh cover enhances the airy breathability this pillow is known for while also flexing with the pillow to ensure maximum comfort. The Purple Harmony® Pillow will never fall flat, maintaining responsiveness, bounce, and support for years. 

    Don’t just take our word for it – the Harmony™ Pillow has earned numerous awards, including:

    Purple Harmony™ Pillow reviews tell a similar story. One reviewer, Stephanie D., says, “We ordered two Harmony pillows, one regular height and one tall. These are the best pillows we have ever tried to date. They keep us cool and don't lose their shape, so you don't have to continually fluff them back up.”

    The Purple Harmony™ Pillow is available in two sizes (standard and king) and three pillow heights (low, medium, and tall), making it a great option for any sleeping position.

    2. Purple Harmony™ Anywhere Pillow

    Best for: Travelers & sleepers who want additional, responsive comfort + support 

    Price: $149

    The Purple Harmony™ Anywhere Pillow partially showing the honeycomb GelFlex® Grid.

    The best in pillow tech, in a take-anywhere size. The Purple Harmony™ Anywhere Pillow is the same cult-favorite Purple Harmony™ Pillow designed in a compact size that adds cooling, cradling comfort to the couch, the bed, or wherever you rest. 

    Our Purple Harmony™ Anywhere Pillow features the same 360-degree wrap of our Honeycomb GelFlex® Grid, ventilated Talalay latex core, and breathable mesh cover combination that keeps sleepers cool and supported. Its small, lightweight design brings five-star sleep wherever you roam — whether as a knee pillow for a midday nap on the couch or a deep-sleep-inducing travel pillow.

    Our innovative Purple Harmony Anywhere Travel Case features a compression design that makes for easier packing, a clip that securely attaches to your bag, and a trolley sleeve to slide over your luggage handle for added convenience on-the-go.

    3. Freeform™ Pillow

    Best for: All sleepers looking for personalized support

    Price: $199 for standard, $239 for king

    Purple’s Freeform™ Pillow showing the honeycomb GelFlex® Grid and MicroFlex Moon Foam fill.

    The ultimate pillow in adjustable comfort. Meet the Purple Freeform™ Pillow, our first shapeable pillow made of our MicroFlex™ Moon Foam and a 360-degree wrap of GelFlex® Grid. Adjust the amount of MicroFlex™ Moon Foam in the pillow’s core and targeted neck roll chambers at the long sides of the pillow to fully customize height, firmness, and support exactly to your liking. 

    Keep the personalization process mess-free with an included Throw Pillow Case that stores excess fill, then use it as decor, a knee spacer pillow, or extra support where you need it most. The Freeform™ Pillow is available in two sizes (standard and king), and, due to its fine-tuned adjustability, is made for sleepers of all positions and preferences. 

    This pillow doesn’t stop at adjustability when it comes to benefits. A mineral-infused cover stays cool to the touch throughout the night, which amplifies the cooling benefits of the GelFlex® Grid and the airy MicroFlex™ Moon Foam. Made-for-you comfort that stays cool and sleeps deeper.

    4. DreamLayer™ Pillow

    Best for: Sleepers that prefer a conforming feel

    Price: $199 for standard

    The Purple DreamLayer™ Pillow partially shows the GelFlex® Grid, MicroAir™ Foam, and booster inserts.

    The conforming comfort of memory foam without the heat or delay. Meet the DreamLayer™ Pillow, made with MicroAir™ Foam and GelFlex® Grid for a medium-soft feel that gently molds to your shape with conforming, cradling comfort. 

    What makes the DreamLayer™ Pillow different? Unlike memory foam, GelFlex® Grid and MicroAir™ Foam instantly conform, regardless of temperature, to ensure soft, adaptive comfort without trapping heat.

    Palmer says, “If you want to melt into heavenly softness that gently conforms and molds to your shape without the heat and delay of traditional memory foam, this pillow is for you.”

    The DreamLayer™ Pillow is available in one size (standard), and two complimentary Booster Layers equip each pillow with three heights that make it ideal for all sleeping positions.

    5. Purple Pillow®

    Best for: Sleepers that prefer firm yet adaptable support

    Price: $249

    The Purple Pillow® partially shows the GelFlex® Grid and Purple Pillow Boosters.

    The Purple Pillow® is what started it all — our original 100% GelFlex® Grid pillow made with 3 inches of our proprietary sleep innovation that provides stable, ergonomic support, a no-fluff, feel, and firm, yet instantly adaptive comfort.

    Named the best gel pillow by GQ, the Purple Pillow® offers a cooling sleep experience thanks to maximum airflow provided by the ventilated Grid. This pillow never needs to be fluffed and holds its shape for years to come. 

    In one of over 8,500 five-star Purple Pillow® reviews, Nakiesha M. says, “I just love my Purple Pillow. Although it is a bit heavy, I have not had a better night’s sleep since I bought it. I love low profile pillows because I’m a side sleeper, and this cradles my head and neck comfortably, I do not wake up with a stiff shoulder or sore neck, and I sleep peacefully throughout the night.”

    The Purple Pillow® is available in one standard size, and two complimentary Booster Layers equip each pillow with low to tall height adjustability. For additional height, you can purchase Purple Pillow Boosters® separately. We recommend the Purple® Pillow for back and stomach sleepers or those who prefer sleeping without a pillow but still need neck support. 

    6. Kids Purple Pillow®

    Best for: Little sleepers

    Price: $99

    The Kids Purple Pillow®.

    The Kids Purple Pillow® is a smaller, lighter version of the original Purple Pillow®. Made entirely of an extra-soft GelFlex® Grid formulation, it provides just the right amount of gentle support to cradle little heads. 

    Made with parents in mind, the Purple Pillow® is ultra-durable and designed to last the entirety of childhood. It’s also made of non-toxic materials, ensuring safe sleep for the most precious of sleepers.

    Madelein B.’s review of the Kids Purple Pillow® says, “This pillow is worth every penny! My daughter is two, and this is her first pillow. She loves it as much as she loves her Purple Kids Mattress. Her sleep quality has improved so much, I’m not even kidding. Children deserve comfort just as much as we do!”

    The Kids Purple Pillow® comes in one standard children’s size with four cover color options. As your child enters their teen years, upgrade their bedroom and switch to a pillow that fits their new sleep needs. 

    7. Purple Cloud™ Pillow

    Best for: Sleepers that prefer the classic plush feel of down 

    Price: $69 for standard, $89 for king

    The Purple Cloud™ Pillow.

    The Purple Cloud™ Pillow is our version of a classic down alternative pillow, made of an ultra-fine silky fiber fill that won’t clump, trap heat, or flatten over time. The pillow offers a plush, cloud-like feel while molding to support the head and neck. Like our other pillows, it features a breathable cotton shell to keep sleepers cool throughout the night.

    In a review, Annely B. wrote, “I am impressed because up to this point, no pillow had been able to keep me happy for more than a week. Other pillows always kept clumping up and made me miserable. I am hopeful that this bliss will continue. Thank you, Purple!!!”

    The Purple Cloud™ Pillow is available in two sizes (standard and king) and one height (medium).

    8. Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow

    Best for: Combination sleepers that prefer the classic down feel

    Price: $99 for standard, $119 for king

    The Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow.

    Two pillows, in one. The Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow is a down alternative pillow that features the same ultra-fine silky fiber fill as the Purple Cloud™ Pillow but separated into our patented two-chamber cover. This innovative design delivers firmer and softer settings in one zip-and-flip. 

    Purple’s Palmer says, “If you love that fluffy feeling and want an extra level of airy puff, this pillow features an innovative adjustable feature with a softer and firmer setting.”

    The chambered construction lets you choose between a low, softer feel or a medium, firmer feel just by unzipping and flipping and rezipping. The zipping design allows for endless uses of this pillow, too.

    The Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow is available in two sizes (standard and king).


    Purple Harmony™ Pillow

    Purple Harmony™ Anywhere Pillow

    Freeform™ Pillow

    DreamLayer™ Pillow

    Purple Pillow™

    TwinCloud™ Pillow

    Cloud™ Pillow


    Weightless, springy feel + medium firmness Weightless, springy feel + medium firmness Shapeable, moldable feel + adjustable firmness Conforming feel + medium-soft firmness Supportive, flexible gel with firm feel Extra-fluffy with softer + firmer options Fluffy, down-like soft firmness feel

    Sleep Position

    3 height options for all sleep positions Medium height for side & combination sleepers Adjustable height for all sleep positions Adjustable height for all sleep positions Adjustable height for all sleep positions Softer + firmer options accommodate all sleep positions Lower height for stomach and back sleepers

    Best for

    Hot sleepers Hot sleepers Warm sleepers

    Warm/neutral sleepers

    Warm/neutral sleepers Neutral sleepers Neutral sleepers

    GelFlex® Grid Technology

    360 wrap of Honeycomb GelFlex® Grid 360 wrap of Honeycomb GelFlex® Grid 360 wrap of Honeycomb GelFlex® Grid Top layer of GleFlex® Grid 100% GelFlex® Grid Down-alt, no GelFlex® Grid Down-alt, no GelFlex® Grid


    Talalay Latex Talalay Latex Adjustable MicroFlex™ Moon Foam MicroAir™ Foam 100% GelFlex® Grid Premium silicon-coated fibers Premium silicon-coated fibers


    Cool++ Cool++ Cool+ Cool Cool    

    Height options

    Low, Med, High options Medium Removable fill for fully adjustable height 2 removable layers for 3-in-1 adjustable height 2 removable layers for 3-in-1 adjustable height    

    Washable cover

    X X X X X Washable pillow Washable pillow


    Standard, King Travel size Standard, King Standard Standard Standard, King Standard, King

    Why Are Pillows Important?

    While sleep statistics show that sleep plays a critical role in one’s health and happiness, about one-third of Americans report only “poor” or “fair” sleep quality and satisfaction.

    “Pillow support is crucial for maintaining proper alignment of the neck and spine,” says Palmer. “When lying down, the head and neck should be in a neutral position to reduce strain on the muscles and joints. A supportive pillow helps achieve this alignment.”

    On the other hand, not using a pillow — or using the wrong one — may cause you to toss and turn throughout the night or wake up in pain due to discomfort and misalignment. By investing in a quality pillow, you’re improving your quality of sleep and day-to-day life.

    4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Pillow

    The pillow you find most comfortable might not be the same one your partner prefers. Additionally, your own pillow preferences may change over time. For this reason, pillow quality is of the utmost importance.

    “The quality of a pillow is defined by its design and materials,” says Palmer. “Ensure you choose a pillow made of high-quality materials that offer a smart design that provides you with excellent support, comfort, and features so you can sleep deeply.”

    Four considerations for buying a pillow.

    Here are the key factors to consider when shopping and replacing your pillow:

    1. Feel: Determine what feel you prefer. Generally speaking, there are five types of pillows and feels: 
      • Down or down alternative for a soft, plush feel
      • Foam or memory foam for a medium to firmer feel, conforming support
      • Latex for a buoyant, responsive feel
      • Adjustable or shapeable for customizing feel and/or height
      • Ergonomically shaped for precise support
    2. Features: Size, shape, and other design elements can impact the sleeping experience. Many sleepers like to adjust the height, add extra support, or have enhanced cooling options that fit specific needs. 
    3. Sleeping position: Your sleep position may influence the features and height you prefer. Typically, a medium or tall loft is best for side sleepers.  Medium is also generally preferred by combination sleepers, while low pillows most often work well for back or stomach sleepers and those with smaller frames.
    4. Price: Be willing to invest in a quality pillow, as you will be sleeping with this pillow every night for the next couple of years. 

    What Makes Purple Pillows So Good?

    Since day one, Purple has been at the forefront of sleep innovation, changing the future of deep sleep with the GelFlex ® Grid. Our pillow innovation follows the same caliber and dedication to better sleep. In this Purple Pillow Comparison Guide, we detail all eight of our pillows with a description of benefits and sleeper suitability. 

    In addition, Purple’s pillows feature:

    • 100-night return policy
    • One-year warranty
    • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials
    • Durability 
    • Financing with Affirm
    • Free shipping

    “We engineer our pillows with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they deliver all the key attributes that are needed for a great night’s sleep,” says Palmer. “All while correcting for the downfalls of other pillows in the market by innovating solutions to create pillows in feels that the customers love without any of the drawbacks.”


    Purple Pillow Comparison FAQ

    Purple makes eight pillows. They are:

    • Purple Harmony™ Pillow
    • Purple Harmony™ Anywhere Pillow
    • Freeform™ Pillow
    • DreamLayer™ Pillow
    • Purple Pillow®
    • Kids Purple Pillow®
    • Purple Cloud™ Pillow
    • Purple TwinCloud™ Pillow

    Purple offers a wide range of feels, from soft to firm.

    You can buy all Purple pillows online at Purple.com and enjoy free shipping on all orders. Our pillows are also available at a Purple retail location near you and Amazon.

    Occasionally, Purple offers sales and discounts on our pillows, and prices are subject to change without notice.

    Most pillow covers can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle in cold water and then laid flat to dry. For directions about your specific pillow, consult our product care guide.

    Most Purple pillows fit the size pillowcase that matches the pillow’s size. For example, a king Purple Harmony™ Pillow fits a king-size pillowcase. However, some of our pillows require smaller pillowcases.

    • Kids Purple Pillow®: a twin/standard-size case or the specially-designed Purple SoftStretch® Travel Pillowcase
    • Purple Harmony™ Anywhere Pillow: the specially-designed Purple SoftStretch® Travel Pillowcase

    Remember that breathability is one of the premier features of our pillows and their covers. Make sure you cover your Purple pillows with an equally breathable and super-stretchy pillowcase so that you don’t lose the benefits of Purple’s innovative technology.

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