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How to Fold a Mattress: 3 Easy Steps

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    May 17, 2023
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    If you’re wondering whether or not you can fold a mattress in half to transport it or store it, you’ve come to the right place. But for starters, this answer depends upon the type of mattress. 

    Keep reading to learn which mattresses can or can’t be folded, the proper way to fold a mattress for transport, and how to keep it clean while moving it. 

    Can You Fold A Mattress?

    Yes, you can fold a mattress but it depends on the type of mattress. Thinner mattresses with one or two layers are typically foldable  however, we don’t recommend folding heavier, thicker mattresses as the construction typically will not maintain its integrity. 

     If you have a thick, sturdy innerspring mattress, attempting to fold it will not only be difficult but could also damage the internal springs. To ensure that you don't damage your mattress, it's always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before attempting to fold.

    Can You Fold A Purple Mattress?

    Yes, you can fold a Purple mattress. However, we only recommend folding mattresses for short periods of time such as for moving. 

    How To Fold A Mattress

    Now that you know which mattresses should or shouldn’t be folded, let’s dive into the best way to fold a mattress. 

    Start prepping your mattress by removing pillows and bedding then sliding your mattress onto the floor. Now that your mattress is prepped , follow these steps on how to fold your mattress. 


    1. Put The Mattress In A Bag

    Mattress bags are typically made of durable, waterproof plastic, and oftentimes come with handles to make transportation easier. Be sure to use one that fits your particular mattress (e.g., queen size, king size, etc.). Slide the bag over your mattress so it’s completely covered and sealed.

    2. Fold The Mattress Widthwise

    Fold your mattress in half widthwise (from one side of the mattress to the other). The side you sleep on should be on the inside to protect it. This step is easier if you have a friend's help to fold and sit on your mattress, holding it in place so you can secure it. 

    3. Use Ratchet Straps 

    A ratchet strap (otherwise known as a tie down, cargo, or lashing strap) is a thick strap with a ratcheting mechanism attached to one end. Using ratchet straps  is the easiest, safest way to secure a mattress since the cinching mechanism allows for the  appropriate tightness without putting stress on the material. Wrap the ratchet straps around your folded mattress and tighten.

    If you’re planning on storing your mattress, keep it airtight – this is crucial to preventing humidity from seeping in. Humidity could lead to mold on your mattress which compromises the integrity of your mattress and therefore your sleep. Learn more about the causes of mold on your mattress and how to treat it in our guide. 

    How Mattress Thickness Affects Folding A Mattress

    Thickness greatly impacts the foldability of a mattress.. There’s a direct correlation between mattress thickness, flexibility, and maneuverability. The thicker the mattress, the less flexible, the harder it will be to fold. Attempting to fold a thicker mattress with many layers may result in irreversible damage.  

    Shop Purple Mattresses Today

    Because of our proprietary GelFlex® Grid, Purple mattresses are flexible and adaptable meaning they’ll bounce back to shape after folding and transporting – no loss of integrity, support or comfort. Purple always offers a 100-night trial for new mattresses so that you can adjust to pressure-reliving, life-changing sleep. If you have questions about how to fold your Purple mattress, contact us – our experts are available anytime to answer any questions!

    Additional Considerations

    Are There Certain Types Of Mattresses You Can Or Can’t Fold?

    Yes, there are certain types of mattresses you can or can’t fold in half. This varies by mattress manufacturer. Generally mattresses have a higher  risk of being damaged when they have extra components such as coils or innersprings.

     Here’s a look at the different types of mattresses and their respective foldability:

    • Innerspring: Innersprings are at risk of damage when when folded. Check the manufacturer for more information. 
    • Foam: Memory foam mattresses are typically foldable but only for short periods. Be sure to only store for a maximum of two to three weeks. 
    • Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses combine foam and innerspring layers, the latter of which is at  risk of being damaged when folded. 
    • Latex: Latex mattresses may be folded. However, like memory foam, they shouldn’t be folded for long periods of time. 

    How To Roll A Mattress

    Rolling a mattress creates a smaller bundle than a folded mattress meaning easier to carry and transport. To roll a mattress, follow the same procedure described above. You’ll need ratchet straps or rope to secure it and plastic to keep it contained and clean while you move it. 

    If you are also transporting a mattress. Here are guides with best practices that may be helpful: moving a mattress and shipping a mattress.


    Folding A Mattress FAQs

    How do you compress and fold a mattress?

    You can compress and fold a mattress by using a vacuum bag. Just follow these steps:

    1. Place the mattress inside the bag and close it. 
    2. Connect the vacuum hose to the valve and remove as  much air as possible . 
    3. Fold the mattress in half, and secure it with ratchet straps or rope. 

    Is it okay to fold a memory foam mattress?

    Yes, memory foam mattresses  under six inches are generally foldable. If your mattress is over six inches, folding it could damage its responsiveness. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

    Will folding a mattress damage it? 

    Folding a mattress damages it only if it has internal springs, a metal frame or it’s too thick to be folded.  Leave a mattress  folded for too long could also result in irreversible damage. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines before folding, rolling or transporting a mattress. 


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