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3 Easy Ways to Put On a Duvet Cover

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    March 30, 2023
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    If you’ve never used a duvet cover, you might be wondering how to put it on. While it can be a bit tricky to put on your duvet, there are three easy methods you can use: the traditional method, the California roll, and the Nova method.

    Whether you’re using a duvet cover for the first time or have been a long-time duvet fan, keep reading to learn more about the different types of duvet covers and how to use them.

    The Traditional Method

    The traditional method is one of the more common when applying a duvet cover. Follow these tips:

    1. Lay the duvet — the fluffy insert that goes inside of the duvet cover — flat on top of your mattress. Smooth any wrinkles or bunched fabric so that the duvet is spread evenly.
    2. Take a moment to ensure you have turned your duvet cover inside out. Once you do, you should notice that the tag, seams and any corner ties are on the cover's outside.
    3. Place your inside-out duvet cover flat on top of the duvet.
    4. Line up each corner of the duvet cover with the corresponding corner of the duvet. Ensure that the duvet cover's flap opening is at the foot of your bed.
    5. Identify how to secure your duvet cover to your duvet. Secure the top two corners of the duvet insert using the ties, fasteners, or clips now on the outside of your duvet cover.
    6. Working from the foot of the bed, slide your hands inside the duvet cover and grasp its top corners. Flip the cover right-side out in one motion by grabbing both the duvet and duvet cover simultaneously.
    7. With the corners of the duvet and cover still in your hands, slide the rest of the duvet cover down over the rest of the insert. When you’re done, the insert should be fully within the cover.
    8. Tie the bottom corners of the duvet to the duvet cover. All four corners of the duvet insert should be attached to the duvet cover.
    9. Gently shake the duvet cover to distribute the duvet evenly inside and leave no space for air pockets.

    The California Roll Method

    This method offers an alternative approach to putting on a duvet cover. Also known as the “burrito method,” it requires that you tightly roll, then unroll, your duvet cover after working the insert inside.

    Consult the following steps for a more detailed approach to the California method:

    1. Turn the duvet cover inside out and lay it on your bed. Make sure that the opening of the duvet cover is facing away from the head of the bed.
    2. Place the duvet insert on top of the inside-out duvet cover.
    3. Align the insert's corners and edges with the duvet cover. The closer the edges and corners are aligned, the easier the rest of the process will be.
    4. If your duvet cover has ties or fasteners, connect each corner of the insert to the inside-out duvet corner.
    5. Start at the top of the bed — opposite the opening of the duvet cover — and roll the duvet insert and cover. Keep the roll tight and cohesive as you work your way down the bed. Make sure edges and corners stay aligned during the rolling process.
    6. After you have completed the rolling process, grab the ends of the “burrito” with the duvet cover opening.
    7. Load the duvet insert inside of the duvet cover, working your way from the open end up the roll.
    8. Slowly unroll the duvet cover and duvet insert after positioning the roll so that the top of the duvet cover is at the top of the bed.
    9. Shake the duvet once you fully unroll it to distribute the duvet evenly.

    The Nova Method

    To use the Nova duvet cover method, you’ll need specific bedding with zippers to simplify the duvet application process.

    While it may look complex, the Nova method helps you get the job done quicker than other methods. You’ll simply unzip your duvet cover and stuff the comforter inside, securing each corner before zipping the cover back up.

    Reference the below steps for a more in-depth Nova method explanation:

    1. Lay your duvet cover flat on top of your mattress. Ensure that the side of your duvet cover with the zipper faces up.
    2. Unzip the zipper on your duvet cover.
    3. Lay the duvet insert flat on top of the unzipped duvet cover.
    4. Work the duvet insert into the duvet cover one corner at a time. Make sure to fasten the duvet insert corners to the duvet cover if fasteners or ties are provided.
    5. After the duvet insert is completely inside the duvet cover and each corner is secured, give it a few shakes. This will evenly distribute the weight of the duvet insert.
    6. Zip the duvet cover back up.

    One of the easiest ways to put on a duvet cover, the Nova method replaces any difficult rolling or folding with easy-to-use zippers.

    How To Put On A Purple Duvet Cover

    Putting on a Purple duvet cover is a struggle-free experience. Thanks to its easy-to-open zipper pulls on all sides and Velcro fasteners, Purple duvet covers make everything easier.

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    Sleep Soundly With A Purple Duvet

    Duvets offer an easy solution to remove the cover, remove stains and wash without a dry cleaner. The key to sleeping soundly with a duvet is to wash it regularly and learn how to put a duvet cover on.

    If you need a Duvet, Purple has the perfect down-alternative duvet that gives you all the benefits of a down without the allergens and pokey feathers. Shop with us today to find the perfect duvet cover for your mattress.


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