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Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Bed?

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    September 27, 2023
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    You don’t need a special mattress for an adjustable bed, but you do need a compatible one. As a general rule of thumb, your mattress should be latex, memory foam, or hybrid, and not too thick (typically 13 inches or less), though there are many exceptions. 

    So you’ve found the perfect adjustable bed frame, but prior to settling in, it’s important to know if your old mattress will work, or if you need a new one. 

    First thing’s first: do you need a special mattress for an adjustable bed? The short answer is no, but you do need a compatible one. For flexibility, your mattress should generally be latex, memory foam, or hybrid, and no thicker than 13 inches, though there are many exceptions. 

    Adjustable beds are a popular choice among couples, older adults, and sleepers with health conditions or specific requirements because they offer a custom sleep experience. Whether you’ve already purchased an adjustable bed or you’re in the market for one, we’ll walk you through the benefits of adjustable beds, which mattress types work best with adjustable bed frames, and how to choose the perfect combination for your lifestyle.

    Keep reading to find a mattress that makes you and your adjustable bed frame happy.

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    Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

    For those in the market for an adjustable mattress, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. Adjustable bed frames and mattresses are popular because they can be modified to support your upper and lower body as you desire. Some of the main benefits of an adjustable bed include:

    • Better sleep quality - Get the sleep you want by adjusting your bed to your needs. They’re an especially great option for side sleepers and back sleepers.
    • Improved daily comfort - The better your sleep, the better your overall comfort.
    • Custom sleep support - These beds are great for sleepers with sore muscles, arthritis, and other needs like when recovering from tough workouts or surgery. 
    • Alleviate sleep issues - Adjustable beds provide elevation that can help with snoring, heartburn, acid reflux, and related concerns.
    • Bedtime neck and back support - Many people love reading and watching TV in bed, and an adjustable bed can provide the upper body support to enjoy your pre-bedtime routine without neck or back strain. 

    You’re ready to enjoy the benefits of an adjustable bed. Now, it’s time to choose a mattress. Let’s explore the key considerations for choosing one, so you can get the best sleep possible.

    8 things you should consider when choosing a special mattress for an adjustable bed.

    What To Consider When Choosing Your Mattress

    After choosing an adjustable bed base, it’s time to start considering adjustable bed mattresses. Thankfully, these aren’t specialty items, and many popular mattresses are suitable for an adjustable bed frame. But what makes a mattress adjustable? 

    Here are some of the main considerations when considering a mattress for your adjustable bed base:

    1. Flexibility: Mattresses generally need enough flex to bend with your adjustable base, which makes few innerspring mattresses suitable. 
    2. Features: Your mattress should be more than just compatible with your bed base, it should offer features that enhance your sleep and wellness. For example, our Purple RestorePremier™ Hybrid Mattress is temperature-regulating, motion isolating, and works perfectly with our adjustable base.
    3. Thickness: The ideal mattress should generally be no thicker than 14 inches. This ensures that your mattress is flexible enough to bend as needed. There are some exceptions, however, where thicker mattresses are designed with adjustable bases in mind. 
    4. Weight: Ensure your mattress is no heavier than your base’s limits. Remember, your base’s weight capacity is the total of your mattress weight plus any pets, children, bedding, and other bed accessories. 
    5. Firmness: We all have different sleeping styles and preferences. Back sleepers prefer greater firmness, but side sleepers tend to prefer a soft to medium-firm mattress.
    6. Durability: This includes hyper-elastic polymer, latex, dense memory foam, and other durable materials. Instead of innerspring coils, find a solution with pocketed coils.
    7. Sleeping Partner: Consider your partner's sleeping preferences to find a mattress that suits you and your partner.
    8. Split Beds: For split-bed bases, you may also need a split-bed mattress if each sleeper wishes to customize their positioning. Otherwise, the purpose of split-bed bases is to ensure enough support for large or heavy mattresses.

    Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll spend a lot of time in bed, which makes mattresses important for your health. If you love your current mattress, let's see if it’s compatible with a new adjustable base.

    Can Any Mattress Go on an Adjustable Base?

    Not every mattress is suitable for an adjustable bed base, but many common types of mattresses can work with an adjustable base. We’ve created a list below to help get you started.



    Innerspring Coil




    Pillow Top




    Memory Foam




    Pocketed Coils


    *For general guidance only. Please keep in mind that manufacturer, thickness, and other features will impact compatibility.

    This is a general guide to help your decision-making process. Remember, the construction and thickness of your mattress will also impact whether it’s compatible with an adjustable bed base. For example, an innerspring coil mattress with a pillow top is not recommended.

    Best Mattresses for Adjustable Bases

    Choosing the right mattress will help you get the most out of your adjustable base and even prolong its lifespan. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean sacrificing your comfort for the correct mattress. Some of the best mattresses for adjustable bed bases include popular mattress types like latex, memory foam, and hybrid.

    An illustration of some of the best mattresses for adjustable beds.


    Latex mattresses provide the flexibility your adjustable base needs. Additionally, they provide superior durability. For these reasons, they can be a great option for an adjustable bed.

    There are many different options for latex mattresses. Natural latex material can provide breathability and temperature regulation. The downside is that these are generally more expensive than other options, like memory foam.

    Even though your latex mattress may be flexible and durable, you must ensure it meets all other compatibility criteria. Some latex mattresses may be too thick, for example. Others come with an innerspring layer. Be sure to avoid this, and instead, look for pocketed coils.

    Memory Foam

    Like latex, memory foam mattresses tend to be quite flexible, which makes them a good companion to an adjustable bed. An added benefit is that memory foam tends to be more affordable than latex, making memory foam a more budget-friendly option.

    Memory foam can be quite dense, and these mattresses can be heavy. Make sure your adjustable base can accommodate your memory foam mattress’s total weight and the weight of its occupants.

    Hot sleepers should know that memory foam mattresses retain heat, but you can solve this by getting a mattress topper made with temperature-regulating materials. There are also hybrid mattress options that provide the best of both worlds.


    Hybrid mattresses are one of the best options for an adjustable bed setup. They use foam or latex in combination with durable metal coils. This works well because they most commonly use pocketed coils, which can work with an adjustable base.

    Since they combine memory foam and coils, hybrid mattresses can be heavier to transport. But many new adjustable bases are capable of handling weight. 

    Hybrid mattresses are great for all sleepers, so both hot and cool sleepers can get the temperature regulation they need. Plus, their combination of pocketed springs and elastic materials can provide superior support for your body. That’s why hospitals have used the Purple Gelflex® Grid for over 20 years.


    Your sleep matters, so we don’t want to miss a thing. Discover answers to more popular questions about adjustable beds.

    Can I Use a Regular Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

    Many popular types of mattresses work on adjustable beds, but you should always check the specifications of your base to be sure. The manufacturer of your adjustable base should clearly note its total weight capacity, but you can contact them for more information.

    Hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses generally work well with adjustable beds. Pocketed coils can work well, but it’s best to avoid innerspring mattresses. For flexibility, choose a mattress that isn’t overly thick. Models greater than 13 inches thick may not be the best choice for an adjustable base. 

    How Do I Know if My Mattress Will Work With an Adjustable Base?

    Straight away, waterbed and inflatable mattresses will not work with any brand of adjustable base. But if your mattress is memory foam, latex, or hybrid, there is a good chance it can work with your base of choice. To know if your mattress will work with an adjustable base, check the following for detailed compatibility specifications:

    • Mattress tag
    • Adjustable base (sticker or packaging)
    • Manufacturers 

    What Are the Disadvantages of an Adjustable Bed?

    There aren’t many disadvantages to an adjustable bed. They work with many types of mattresses and provide extra support. But they do have some limitations. The main disadvantages of an adjustable bed are:

    • Mattresses must be compatible
    • Can be more expensive than a regular bed
    • Not all adjustable bases will work in your current bedframe

    Many bases adjust the entire mattress, but it's not the only option. Couples should opt for a split-base that gives everybody control. Purple’s Split King mattress is designed for our split adjustable base, so all sleepers can adjust to their preference.

    Do You Have to Flip a Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

    Typically, you do not have to flip a mattress on an adjustable bed, but rotating mattresses can help extend their life. By rotating the mattress, you help more evenly distribute daily use. 

    Purple mattresses do not need to be rotated at all, and they should never be flipped.

    Position Yourself for a Good Night’s Sleep

    So, do you really need a special mattress for an adjustable bed? No –– you just need a compatible option. Most of these are easy to find and you don’t need to break the bank to get one.


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