The Best Sleep Trackers For A Restful 2022

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March 1, 2022
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Sleep is incredibly important. It’s so important that our sleep habits directly impact our cognitive function, emotional stability, and overall health.

As sleep medicine evolves alongside our understanding of our sleep cycles and their profound effect on our bodies, people have become more mindful of their sleep quality and duration. The result? More folks have started tracking their sleep with accessories and apps.

Because of this increased demand, the market has been flooded with bracelets, rings, watches, and tracking pads – making it difficult for newbies to make an informed decision. Luckily, we know what to look for. Here are some of the best sleep trackers for 2022.

What Do Sleep Trackers Monitor?

Most wearable devices usually track a standard set of sleep-related metrics. In particular, sleep stages have become an area of great interest for consumers. This is essential knowledge because our sleep time directly impacts how refreshed we feel the next day.

Most trackers usually split the wearer’s sleep stages into “light sleep” and “deep” REM sleep. More advanced devices might give users more detailed metrics, like heart rate and body temperature. They might also weigh your sleep patterns and present you with a “sleep score” of the previous night.

If you don’t need all the fancy extras, there are simpler options on the market, too.

How To Choose The Best Sleep Tracker

Whether you’re struggling with a sleep disorder or just want to get more rest in general, choosing the right tracker is vital. Here are a few things you need to consider when faced with a wide variety of sleep trackers.


Are you in the market for wearable trackers or non-wearable sleep trackers? There are plenty of options for both, but all of them measure your sleep duration and quality.

If you’d like something that keeps track of all your vital statistics throughout the day, you may be better off purchasing a wearable tracker. But if sleep is the only thing you’re concerned about, then specialized, non-wearable sleep trackers might be for you.

Result Accuracy

Accuracy is essential when you’re trying to learn about your sleep trends, and some trackers just don’t do the job as well as others. We recommend doing a little bit of research into each potential purchase by checking out user reviews. This will give you an idea of the general sleep tracking experience and whether you’re getting an accurate sleep analysis.

Comfort Level

This next consideration is exclusive to people looking to purchase a wrist-worn device or other wearable tracker.

While it may seem obvious, you shouldn’t purchase something that isn’t comfortable to use. Maybe it’s too bulky, or the wrist band irritates your skin – either way, if it’s hindering your comfort, it’s not worth it.

Additional Features

Are you in the market for advanced sleep trackers that measure more than just your sleep efficiency? If so, there are devices for almost any use case. For example, you could purchase an incredibly sophisticated tracker used in sleep medicine studies that measures brain activity, your blood oxygen saturation level, or even stress levels while you’re sleeping.

But for most people, “additional features” usually just means a built-in alarm or activity tracker. It all depends on your specific needs.

4 Best Sleep Trackers In 2022

1. Best Wearable Sleep Tracker: Fitbit Sense

Fitbit has been in the tracking game for a long time, and the Fitbit Sense is the most advanced in a long line of wearables. While these watches are generally used for exercise and activity tracking, they’re also very capable sleep phase trackers.

The Sense, in particular, is equipped with blood oxygen monitoring technology and can measure your stress levels via the tiny electrical changes in your skin. Its robust feature set and near week-long battery life make it an excellent choice for most people.

2. Best Sleep Tracker Ring: Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is an exciting addition to the ever-growing lineup of trackers. It boasts an incredibly accurate heart rate sensor alongside a sophisticated body temperature sensor – both working together to inform users of stress levels, potential illness, and even menstrual cycle changes.

This data, alongside your quality of sleep, is used to give users a “readiness score”, which supposedly rates a person’s physical readiness for the day. Results like these can be an interesting source of information if you’re the type of person who likes optimizing their days.

3. Best Smartwatch Tracker: Apple Watch

While not primarily a sleep tracker, the Apple Watch has a varied selection of smart features that earns it a place on this list. With this watch, you can set sleep goals, silence notifications, and monitor how much rest you’re actually getting through its built-in movement sensor. As a result, users can move through the different stages of sleep without being jolted awake by a random call or message.

While its capability for tracking isn’t quite as sophisticated as other options on this list, many people already own one, making it very accessible for most folks. As a result, you can expect a simple sleep analysis over the last 14 days and a more regulated sleep schedule.

4. Best Sleep Tracker Pad: Withings Sleep Tracker Pad

The Withings Sleep Tracker Pad is a unique one. Instead of being worn on your wrist like a regular watch, users put this pad under their mattress – making it reasonably unobtrusive to daily life. These pads can track a number of things, from basic stats like your time in bed to sleep disturbances and signs of sleep apnea. This technological marvel is also compatible with most mattress types, so you won’t need to make any big adjustments.

All detailed sleep tracking statistics are accessible on the companion Withings Health Mate sleep app, which works with any smartphone. Like other sleep tracker apps, you’ll find all the pertinent information on your circadian rhythms, like your time asleep, REM cycles, and light sleep phase length.

Final Thoughts On Sleep Trackers

Sleep trackers can offer valuable insight into our sleep health and habits, which can be an immense help for folks who struggle with rest in general.

But beyond just recording your hours of sleep, some trackers can identify specific sleep-related issues and make suggestions to improve your overall quality of life. The information you get can inform your next steps and help you take better care of your body, making it a worthy investment.