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The Biggest Lie The Mattress Industry Has Been Telling You

You’ve been sleeping on a lie. That lie is hurting your wallet and putting your sleep, comfort and health at risk!

This lie starts with major manufacturers, and it flows down to the sales people pressuring you to buy extremely overpriced, mediocre mattresses. And there’s more …

The lie is made up of two main points:

  1. You’re getting ripped off when you buy a mattress from a retail store.
  2. Most mattress materials are all the same!

The Financial Scam

Pick a mattress store, any mattress store, and right up front you’ll see price tags similar to the costs of a used car!

What on earth do these people think these mattresses are made of!? Phoenix feathers and unicorn hair?

The truth of the matter is this: You aren’t paying for just a mattress when you buy it in the store. You pay for sales people, marketing, overhead, store rent, management, etc. 

Have you ever wondered why salespeople are able to offer off-the-cuff “massive” discounts during negotiation? When you finally get a salesperson to knock 10% off the sale price, you feel like you scored a great deal.

But when you realize that those mattresses have been marked up over 100%, you’re actually losing. That store is still making a 90% profit off that sale. Sometimes, markup can be as high as 500%!

Counting money

So, that $2,500 mattress in your room right now is actually worth around $900. And when you realize the same mattress only cost about $300 to make, you start feeling like a victim of fraud.

But don’t worry, we got your back! Purple doesn’t use those freeloaders. Our$999 queen would likely be $3-5k in a store.

What are you actually paying for (in most mattress stores)?

Let’s take another look at that $2,500 mattress in your bedroom. $900 went to pay for the mattress itself. Where did the other $1,600 go?

Pie Chart

Surprising isn’t it? Your money goes to pay for so much more than just your mattress. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s what you’ve been accepting as reality for years now.

There’s more to the scam than you realize

If you’re already feeling like you want to kick down the door of your mattress retailer, I’m sorry, but we’ve got more bad news for you.

*WARNING* You may experience feelings of loathing and deep regret while reading this

The best way to make educated purchasing decisions is by comparison shopping. But the mattress industry is doing everything it can to prevent that!

  • Most mattresses brands are manufactured in the same factory and are all the same few mattresses — just a different combination of foam, latex, air or springs.
  • But when they’re shipped out to different retailers, the factory puts different names on them. This keeps customers from comparing the same brand names in different stores.
  • When you hear a salesperson talk about an “exclusive” or “personalized” line of mattresses that are only available in their store, it’s a lie.

They are all the same mattress – often the only thing changed is the name and/or bar code.

Watch out for fluff terms

Don’t let yourself get sucked in by slick sales terms like “super-soft cell” or “medical grade foam.”Those terms don’t mean anything.

A salesperson is trying to make their “exclusive” mattress lines look different than other retail store mattresses. Remember, they’re all the same mattress because they come from the same factory.

Here are some other terms that should send up red flags when mattress shopping:

Pocketed coils

Wrapped coils

 Encased coils

 Marshall coils

 Microtek foundations


 Silk damask ticking

Money back guarantees are not what they seem

To get you out the door with a new mattress as easily and as fast as possible, salespeople often present you with a “money back guarantee.” If you don’t like it, they say, you can bring the mattress back for a refund.

The truth is, you NEVER really get your money back.

Instead, you are offered store credit. Or they’ll let you switch your mattress out for a different one. Great, you get to choose another overpriced, mediocre foam, spring or air mattress …

Many salespeople will do just about anything to close a deal so that they can make a commission.

What’s the solution to all of this?

Purple™ is the answer!

“We wanted everyone to be able to afford the world’s best mattress,” said co-founder Terry Pearce.

  • Purple™ doesn’t have any ridiculous sales markups because all of our sales are online directly from us, the manufacturer, to your doorstep.
  • Purple™ doesn’t put pressure on you from pushy sales people because we have no sales people.
  • Purple™’s 100 Night No Pressure Guarantee is actually what it sounds like. Try a
  • Purple™ mattress for 100 nights. If you don’t love it, we’ll take it back and give you a FULL refund!

In addition to putting no pressure on your wallets, Purple™ uses the latest innovation in sleep and comfort technology to eliminate pressure on your body.

Purple™ does not have:

 Springs that poke and prod your pressure points

⇒ Memory foam to trap your body heat and leave you sweating through the night

⇒ Deflating air pockets to cause back pain and discomfort

 ⇒ Bad smelling off-gas from toxic chemicals in the foam

Purple™ is made of a pressure-releasing hyper-elastic polymer™ material. It is organized in a smart-comfort grid formation, in which the cell walls will stand firm or release, depending on where your weight is hitting it. See more about the science of Purple here.

Purple™ is the ultimate no-compromise mattress and is poised to completely revolutionize the mattress industry!

Bypass the freeloaders and stop wasting your money on the same old mattress.

Check out Purple™, the newest advancement in mattress technology in the last 80 years. And bypass the freeloaders at the same time!

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