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The Purple® Mattress

Supports your back and your budget


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Purple® Pillow

Goodbye neck pain and hot, sweaty nights. Meet the world's first bed for your head.


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PurpleTM Sheets

Don’t sweat the bed. Unlock the comfort of any mattress and stay comfortably cool all night.


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What is the Purple Grid?No Pressure® Support for Every Body.

The Purple Grid is the only comfort technology that instantly and intelligently adapts to your body to softly cradle your hips and shoulders and firmly support your back’s natural shape. All at once. Plus, the open air channels neutralize body heat so you don’t sleep hot. In other words, it’s the just-right-all-night feeling you’ve been dreaming of.

Harnessed Jimmy

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Love Purple

Purchased a purple mattress and sheet set six months ago and absolutely love it! When we go to hotels, our kids say that they wish we were home so that they could sleep on the Purple. And the sheets! So cool! Had to order a second set for my son's bed. Purple is awesome!


side sleeper

Great Sleep!

My husband and I are sleeping so much better since the purchase of our Purple bed! It’s soft but firm...hard to just have to try it for yourself!!!


back sleeper

Second Purple mattress!!!

Our 12 year old daughter wanted a bigger bed for her birthday...most 12 year olds want a new device, not her...she asked for a Queen size Purple Mattress! Not kidding! She LOVES ours and would have nothing else...well...I wouldn’t buy anything else either!! #PurpleForLife


side sleeper